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KitelyTech is a trusted partner for your company’s tech needs. The KitelyTech team consists of highly skilled developers, designers, SEO specialists, writers, bloggers, and analysts that are available to exceed your expectations. Their development professionals are mastered in a plethora of programming languages - there’s is no coding challenge that the KitelyTech team can’t overcome.

KitelyTech’s current services include:

  • Custom software development
  • UI/UX
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Analytics, reporting, and data analysis
  • Graphic design
  • SEO
  • Branding

By interviewing the CEO and founder of KitelyTech, Jason White, we got a more in-depth look into the organization.

Q. What is the organization all about? Tell us about it from the very start.

When I founded the company in 2009, I had a great position in a family-owned business that paid well. Yet, I always had this idea that I wanted to go off and do something on my own. As I learned about the shortcomings in the technology industry in terms of transparency, communication, and meeting milestones, I knew I could apply my knowledge and passion to benefit other businesses.

I decided to develop a small team to build IT projects. I drove improvements and initiatives to improve service quality and communication. There were many hurdles and moving pieces that needed to come together, as the tech and the creative teams needed to work alongside each other. Piece by piece, we created a team of skilled professionals that drive our organization and lead us to where we are now.

At KitelyTech, we provide custom software development, UI/UX, web development and design, web and mobile applications, analytics, reporting, data analysis, graphic design, SEO, and branding services. Our team of experts collaborates and works with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Q. How would you like to elaborate on the internal processes that support teamwork, and how have you been able to create a balanced environment and keep everything so connected and put together during the scattered projects? Was maintaining quality a big task for you, and how did you manage that?

According to what I believe, it is all about being process-driven. A replicable process helps you maintain consistency and ensures quality. It also enables you to rehearse and improve your work and services. All members of our team are keen to work on themselves to improve their performances. When you are in the proper growth mindset, it keeps the company evolving and motivates us to improve your processes.

Q. In every review that I read, KitelyTech’s clients seem to appreciate how transparent and smooth the communication process goes. How has that contributed to the reach and growth of the company? How has that increased your reputation for being a trustworthy partner?

Every team member has their expected roles and responsibilities toward client communication. If we have something to get done, we do it in a way that no one is excluded from the process. I believe titles are overrated and I would remove them if I could. I might be the company’s owner, but I am just another employee as far as our team is concerned.

Q. How many cities do you have office locations in the United States?

Over its 13 years, KitelyTech has grown its presence in the US and beyond. We have offices in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte, Phoenix, and Miami.

Q. Lastly, I would like to know the qualities an employee must have to thrive in a workplace like yours.

To think independently and put forward ideas is a must-have trait for our team. Ideally, a top employee for our team is a person who has a balance of independent thinking and a capacity to be coached. We want an environment where people have a growth mindset rather than a fixed one that helps us thrive for perfection and forces us to evolve.

I want the people who are not just going to keep checking for 5:00 pm to arrive. Our team members consist of people ready to work and who go all in. People tend to focus on the work-life balance, but I am more focused on how to better integrate both to make things more achievable and manageable. I focus on coaching our team to make work and life more integrated.


Twenty years before he started his career as the CEO of KitelyTech, Jason White became an electrician for a construction company in Detroit, Michigan. The company was a family business that his father owned. He still holds 10+ accreditations as an electrician.

With high aims, he decided to leave the family business. In 2009, Jason White entered the business world by launching his first company. His business overcame many hurdles other startups faces. During this time, he encountered so many confused people he hired from a development company.

The development company he hired had an inappropriate work environment with delayed launches, inefficient project management, and unskilled team members who did not have enough technical know-how to complete the project. This irritated Jason. He decided to do something about it. In 2009, Jason launched a technology company intending to provide quality services to the people like him out there who are struggling to find a reliable development team to help them.

He created a team of highly skilled professionals who aspired to raise and set the bar high for all other development companies by giving the best-in-class services with complete transparency and effective communication. He found the best people in their field capable of doing complex software-related engineering and developing a beautiful interface for the users.

Now, Jason is the CEO of KitelyTech. KitelyTech has become a nationally ranked development powerhouse that completes projects in various industries, from gas and oil to healthcare, CPG, and beyond. KitelyTech’s management team is entirely focused on setting up both startups and established corporate cultures for success.

KitelyTech’s team thrives on the reliability, consistency, and perfection of technology to improve efficiency to solve client problems in the quickest and most novel ways.

While the company succeeds in helping clients make their work more effective, Jason White has his own goals to keep growing and expanding.

In his free time, Jason sharpened his entrepreneurial skills by discussing startup methodologies with Northwestern and Loyola University students.

KitelyTech offers a wide range of services. Some of its most popular services include:

1. WEB DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN. At KitelyTech, a skilled team of professionals helps you out with high-quality web development services. Get the most beautiful web designs with a user-friendly interface that can turn your visitors into your customers.

2. CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. With the increasing technology, there is a high demand for efficient and high-performing software development services. Finding the right software developer could be a hassle. KitelyTech makes it effortless to find skilled developers to deliver customized software solutions, with a focus on critical UI/UX throughout.

3. WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS. A growing business requires a user-friendly approach that makes your brand accessible to customers everywhere, and a mobile application is the best way to spread your brand and publicize it. The mobile application can help you in the vast expansion of your network in the world. With KitelyTech, you get the best app strategy, marketing, app developing and designing, and support and maintenance, so what are you waiting for? Contact now!

4. SEO AND BRANDING. SEO and branding are important to every company with an online presence. SEO helps in driving engagement and traffic. To excel with SEO best practices, you have to hire the right company to help you measure and implement SEO strategies that will help you grow your business. KitelyTech can couple its branding services with its SEO strategies to help develop the real personality of the company and highlight its uniqueness.


In the ever-changing world of technology, new issues come up. KitelyTech was created to deal with and solve issues related to the tech industry. The company provides top-notch services more efficiently than its competitors with a team of professionals focused on excellence and professional development.

With their high motivation and skills, KitelyTech’s services include custom software development, web, and mobile applications, web development and design, SEO, branding, telemedicine services, e-learning, LMS, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain development, and online marketing.

With constant support and regular communication, KitelyTech has taken engagement to the next level. If you want to experience such an out-of-the-world experience, do not waste your time further and check out to access the best team of professionals to help you with your needs.


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