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5 Questions to Guide You to the Perfect Pitch Before contacting the media, hone your pitch with these pointers

The term "storytelling" may seem tame. That's something the marketing team or writers of fiction should handle, right? Actually, no. According to content specialist Steph Patterson, the...

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What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a type of intelligence that is developed in computers and machines by which they are able to do tasks that require human intelligence. It is a very powerful and impactfu...

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How Metaverse Will Change Marketing?

Metaverse is a virtual space that has a network of 3D virtual worlds and is focused on social connections. It is a type of Digital world. It is a form of the digital envi...

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New Money vs Old Money. Should you care?

Money is an essential need in every human being's life. Without money, we can’t survive in this world. For fulfilling our basic requirements money is important. It is the principal measu...

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