Future Of AI

AI is growing rapidly and effectively, and the future of AI will be defined by its success. The first generation of AI was designed to work with humans in a highly structured environment. It had to learn from humans, which meant that it had to be abl...

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Twitter Pauses Official Label On Accounts impersonation Underway

Twitter is prohibiting impersonation, the practice of creating a fake account with the intent to deceive, on its platform.   The company announced Thursday that it would suspend accounts that violate its rules, which prohibit users from re...

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US Always Ranks In Weather Satellites and Technology

The first of two weather satellites that will be launched into space by NASA has been successfully deployed. Whether it's satellite or technology-related issues, the US surely comes forward.   The US Weather Satellite, Test Payload La...

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Twitter's Pared-Down Staff Struggles With Misinformation

The misinformation campaign that's been running on the platform since last fall has been a challenge for Twitter. But it's also been a wake-up call for the company, which has a huge stake in making sure its platform is not used as a political...

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Dubai's BitOasis Signs Deal With Mastercard For Crypto-Linked Cards

Dubai's BitOasis has signed a deal with Mastercard to launch crypto-linked cards for users. The new cards will be available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific, with the latter two regions becoming operational later this year. The partnershi...

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In today’s days, everyone knows about stocks and trading, and it has now become a trend to invest in stocks for your future safety! GTE technology stocks are also one of those stocks which are registered in the market. Let’s first underst...

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Food That Are Good For Your Eyes

When it comes to your eyes, there are some food items that can help you achieve the perfect eye appearance.  There are many foods that are good for your eyes and can help you prevent eye problems...

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Is GTE tokenization ready to lead the world?

So many claims in the market suggest that GTE tokenization will be more powerful and significant than the internet itself; many claim that GTE will lead the market better than Crypto. One of the most...

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Care of Business

Taking Care of the Family Business

A family business operates similarly to any other small firm. There are, however, some challenges that are unique to running a family business.   The following are some of the most typical...

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We've all struggled with being pleased at work at some point in our lives. Work is stressful, difficult, and something we do just to make a living for many of us.   Do you realise how m...

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