Global Operation Takes Down Dark Web Drug Marketplace

In a major victory for law enforcement agencies around the world, a recent operation took down one of the largest dark web drug marketplaces, disrupting a major source of illegal drug distribution. The operation, which was led by the Federal Bureau o...

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Legal Clashes against U.S companies for covering up the worker’s abortion costs

The US Supreme Court overturned the landmark judgment of 1973 Roe V Wade on June 24 that gave access to the U.S states to ban abortion for women. This decision is also faulted by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. U.S companies have also...

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Legal Clashes await U.S companies covering worker’s abortion costs

On June 24, The US Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe V Wade, which enables U.S states to ban abortion of women. The decision is condemned by President Joe Biden. This will have a huge impact on life’s of millions of women...

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Are you planning to start a business in the USA? While you are on a tourist visa, you can’t get a business loan, and therefore can’t open a bank account. So, how can you legally get started without getting in trouble? For many, the...

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The Rise of E-commerce Titans: How Online Retailers are Redefining the Shopping Experience 2023

The emergence of e-commerce behemoths has fundamentally altered the retail landscape over the last 20 years, changing how we shop. These digital powerhouses have fiercely competed against tradition...

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Everything About Robotics

Robotics has been around for decades, but its use in manufacturing is only now becoming widespread. Robots can be used to perform tasks that humans would find boring or difficult, such as repetitive a...

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Food That Are Good For Your Eyes

When it comes to your eyes, there are some food items that can help you achieve the perfect eye appearance.  There are many foods that are good for your eyes and can help you prevent eye problems...

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Is GTE tokenization ready to lead the world?

So many claims in the market suggest that GTE tokenization will be more powerful and significant than the internet itself; many claim that GTE will lead the market better than Crypto. One of the most...

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