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David Drai

The digital era we are living in businesses from small scale local shops to the big fortune companies are stored in the data online. Massive amounts of data production if noted down on physical form can be hard to keep up the track with. But analyzing data with artificial intelligence is the new capability of the internet that intensifies the procedure with maximum speed and accuracy. Anodot Ltd is one such platform providing industrial leading services across the globe to support your business with the power of AI.

Anodot Ltd

AI powered softwares of the Anodot Ltd accurated to analyze the data from any source and deliver valuable insights automatically. This analyzed data can be used to track various brand strategies and their implementations and how they are influencing product developments improving team performance by allowing the company to understand what works for them and what does not.

Anodot allows the organization to use the exceptional power of AI in their favor by optimizing their businesses. The AI driven platform of Anodot lets users monitor their businesses solution by identifying revenue critical incidence in real time. Anodot offers affordable solutions by enabling businesses to maximize their resources and cost usage across Azure, AWS, Kuberneter, and GCP.

Skilled and experienced AI developers came together in 2014 to found the platform of Anodot. The goal behind the company was to take analytics and business monitoring to the next level. Companies that struggle in scaling the metrics pose an urgent requirement of real time monitoring solutions for data collection. Anodot provides services that empower businesses with advanced technology and cutting-edge cloud cost management offering streamlined experience and cost saving opportunities.

David Drai

A thought leader, influencer, successful entrepreneur, and a visionary, David Drai brings the energy and spirit forward for the leading company Anodot Ltd. Incorporating AI to monitor the business performance and providing performance based statistics, forecasts, and alerts in real time, David Drai has created a strong and impactful platform. The platform provides faster services for detection of the company’s policies with resolution that drives revenue.

David believes that the amount of data that is untapped is due to the reason that current analytics tools do not meet the requirements of the market and therefore, companies are collecting data using artificial intelligence. Intelligence provides advanced algorithms to allow computers to learn independently and uniquely according to the unique business requirement.

Bringing the team forward David leads Anodot as a customer-oriented firm helping them leverage that technology in their benefits by expanding their companies to the worldwide level. Providing visibility and direction to the team David forwards all the credit of the company’s success on the motivation and dedication of their teammates to fulfill the mission of the company.

Quality services of Anodot Ltd


Smartly curated software of Anodot accelerates the detection of payment issues by monitoring of the data and optimizing approval rates. It provides 100% correlation of your payment data with continuous insights of the life cycle of payments so you get spot on alerts when payments fail.


To monitor granular revenue data across the enterprise Anodot platform allows you to identify problems and opportunities resulting in better understanding of changes in subscription revenue.

Cloud costs

Anodot lets your platform get connected to the various clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud so that you can easily monitor the multicloud and Kubernetes spend in real time with proper management if required. You get full freedom to monitor your cloud metrics in addition to your revenue and business metric so SaaS customers, features, engineering teams, and more can be easily integrated with your innovative strategies.

Ad Campaigns

Optimize your ad campaigns for targeting, conversion, bidding, placements, creative, and scale with Anodot platform which allows you to monitor granular digital ad metrics by identifying their correlation to each other. Resolve ad and auction performance incidents with the fast and adaptive AI software of Anodot.

Digital Experience

Anodot offers the digital experience monitoring feature which allows you to fix uncertain digital experience incidents before giving a bad impression of your brand to the customers and other businesses.

Core values behind the success of the company Anodot Ltd thrives on the core values that make it stronger and powerful to stand against the competition and beat it. The foundations of the core values of the team at Anodot Ltd includes how they treat their customers, how they empower the work environment and employees to take collaborative interest towards success to keep the company agile and resilient.

● The business success is marked by their belief that employees bring the best out of a company. With a warm and welcoming approach to be the anomaly and celebrate unique contributions of every person and individual that has to offer, Anodot celebrates their people.

● A supportive and nurturing environment promotes new ideas and drives innovation that focuses on finding unique solutions that can be impactful and life changing results.

● A collaborative team encourages everyone from the highest to lowest job titles to come forward and share ideas that can promote the company towards betterment. A strict policy of no ego rule with everyone is followed by the Anodot team that allows them to have respect in partnerships for successful operations.

● The capsule sized team working in the organization leads the most agile, fast, and improved task management.

Final Remarks

AI guided systems of Anodot provide data analysis of your business and allows cleaning, analyzing, explaining, and visualizing your data in an organized manner automatically without the requirements of human or physical force and effort. The working of AI integrated systems are different from the traditional softwares and their working processes as AI streamlines the input and speeds up the entire procedure of Data collection.

Standard software requires manual data inputs that not only takes a huge amount of time but also exploits the human forces and prevents them from working to their potential level. With integrity AI softwares of Anodot, customisation can be done to program the software to work in favor of your company and generate greater revenue by manipulating techniques and strategies for implementation.

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