Onecare. Inc (Reinventing continuous Care) | The Revolutionary Care-as-a Service Platform that Helps Take Care of Others

Onecare. Inc

OneCare is a revolutionary care-as-a service platform that helps take care of others. They are promoting a lifestyle of caring. Its primary mission is to promote taking care of each other, improving quality of life and becoming a cornerstone of the caring economy. This company was founded in 2019.

Their main aim is to transform lives with their intuitive and cost-effective products.

EXCLUSIVE:- We got into a conversation with Tom Glaser, the Chief Executive Officer of Onecare.Inc to learn more about the company and how its sensing solutions serve their customer better and more impactful!

1. Give us a brief description of your company?

Once.Inc is a care-service provider platform based in Batesville, Indiana. We are passionate about caring for one another. We are providing a lifestyle of caring. Our primary purpose is to make it easier and more effective.

We are continuously putting efforts into connecting and engaging with older vulnerable populations. Our company is based on the principle of taking care of each other. Our vision is to provide a platform within connectivity. Connecting people to people, devices, and devices to devices is our main aim.


2. What kind of team do you have? How are they contributing to the success of your company?

We have a dedicated team of healthcare experts, hardware and firmware designers, project developers, data scientists, software engineers, app developers, and supply chain professionals.

We are continuously making efforts to live our intuitive and cost-effective lives. A million miracles are needed to build and commercialize a very complex and complicated service. We are lucky to have a group of accomplished, battle-tested and vigorous teams. We are inspired by finding intersecting points of software and service.


3. Tell us the features of your Carewatch application? How is it beneficial for all?

Our platform is called a Care-as-a-service, including the Carewatch application and One care Pro. It is designed to allow continuous information to flow between the caregiver and Carewatch.

This app monitors the wrist, heart rate, steps, sleep location ( including geofencing), intelligent fall detection, medication reminders, and other notifications. Other notifications include both audible and text information. This app also allows for continuous visibility.


4. Tell us the core principles of your company? Please give a brief description?

Our beliefs are based on the power of two simple questions. Who can I, and How can I help?. Our goal is not just limited to wellness but to wellbeing, connectivity + engagement + data/ information.


5. What are the main objectives of your platform? We have two main objectives:-

● First, we think it is essential to make the distinction between “wearer centric “, mass market and smartwatches.

● And providing a caregiver centric platform like Onecare, where there is the flow of continuous information.


6. Tell us about the initial markets in which you are penetrating?

We are penetrating three markets

● Retail consumers ( Caregivers, Older and vulnerable populations)

● Employers

● Enterprise health ( RRM, CCM RTM physician practices hospitals, senior living and home care)


7. What are the three central values of Care-as-a service ( Cars)?

The three central values of Care-as-a service ( Cars) are as follows:-

● Frictionless Connecting at all times and at any time:- This platform is mainly disintermediating the traditional inefficient ways of staying in contact.

● Engagement- Many research outcomes clearly show that when family members and caregivers are active together, outcomes and quality of life are greatly enriched.

● Data / Information:- Carewatch is a generation in the age of data collection. It is a data collection portal. It is combined with our AI.


8. What are the unique features of your company? What makes you the best of others?

Our unique features are:-

● True Caregiver Centric

● Specific end-user founded

● Direct Cellular data handling

● Carewatch is a gateway

● We own the entire solution.


9. Tell us something about the history of your company?

I had a horrendous experience while taking care of my parents. I was introduced to Sammy Sum, president of Yinuo technology ( award-winning). It’s Apolo 13. People, chemistry, and trust, are unified by a single goal.


10. What are the visions of your company?

Our vision is :-

● To become a working stone of the burgeoning caring economy.

● We ask ourselves two questions every day, i.e. who and how?

● Early to bed, early to rise, work live, sell and advertise ( by Ted Turner)


11. What is the main focus of the Care-as-a service platform?

The primary purpose of Care-as-a service is to focus on providing all our elderly age group people with dignity and independence as they transition into the golden years of their life.


12. Tell us something about your OneCare guardian app?

OneCare guardian app is designed to connect families and physicians to their loved ones and patients through sharing near–real–time health and wellness information through Verson’s LTEM connection of Wi-Fi. Improving the quality of life, Independent living and creating confidence is our main aim.


13. What are your future goals and vision?

We have an evident vision: Mr Tom Glaser and his whole team are highly dedicated and sincere towards their work.

The company’s primary aim is always to serve and understand the need of our customers by providing the most advanced ways to connect, engage, and share information. However, moving from monitoring, detection, and diagnosis…to prevention is the golden brick road…and we are well underway with that roadmap.


14. How your Care – Club membership is beneficial for other people?

Our membership is beneficial for other people in several ways. A community is a place where other people share their views and come in contact with other people.

It is a place where a variety of a community is anchored by a revolutionary service within the dynamics of current and future demographics… Third, our club membership is compelling and beneficial for people in improving their wellness and lifestyle.


15. Tell us something about the OneCare family charity?

The essential part of OneCare is charity. We have a personal connection with many charities. Examples include Lazarus, Habitat for Humanity, St.jude children’s research and hospital, and many more.

What do we have to say?

Mr Tom Glaser and his whole team are highly dedicated and sincere towards their work. They think it is critical to own the primary technology, platform ecosystem and data continuum.

Their main aim is to improve the quality of life of people with the help of their intuitive and pocketfriendly products. Their Clue membership program is also beneficial, especially for older adults. They are taking the initiative to improve the quality of life of other people.

Their Care-as-a service platform is also doing many wonders in enhancing the health and vitality of people. Their goal is not limited to just wellness. They have a good combination of connectivity, engagement, data and information. They will surely raise more in future also. Their goals and objectives are also inspiring—a perfect platform for improving your health and lifestyle.


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