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Yusuke Asano

“A global startup engaged in marketing and sales of “PieceX”.

Businesses must continue to operate and innovate to survive. However, Software development firms are capable of providing this crucial resource. 

The software has made life easier and more enjoyable for everyone. It could be a person or a company from any industry, including those related to education, transportation, electrical grids, or nuclear power plants. The unique and feature-rich software development solution helps a firm establish its brand recognition and visibility while providing a better user experience.

The world’s first source code marketplace with dynamic pricing powered by AI, “PieceX,” is a web service we create and maintain. One Act is an international startup working on AI and software development. It was founded in 2013 by Yusuke Asano. Then One Act US was founded in 2021. Its US-based corporate headquarters with other business centers in Japan, France, India, and the UK.

Yusuke Asano began his career at Keyence, a business with the third-largest capital in Japan after Sony and Toyota, where he worked for eight years in sales and management. Before starting One Act in 2013, Asano oversaw the founding of two IT startups after that. He frequently encountered difficulties in software development, such as excessive development time and cost, as well as a shortage of IT engineers, when managing the launch of two IT companies.

At his previous job, he dealt with industrial parts and soon understood that by creating software parts in the same way that hardware parts are made, he could simultaneously solve every problem. Because of this, he founded “One Act” to develop a top-grade service called “PieceX,” a marketplace for buying and selling source code.

Through the global exchange of software components, PieceX enables Seller businesses to generate new revenue from the source code itself and Buyer businesses to cut costs and time associated with software development by over 80% by acquiring guaranteed, ready-to-use source codes.

With a history of transactions in more than 170 nations, PieceX wants to build a web infrastructure that will enable anyone to launch new services and build a new economy quickly. In addition, anyone in the globe can easily develop new services thanks to the online infrastructure that PieceX creates.

Strength Of One Act US

The service currently has users in 220 different nations and has a history of transactions in 170 different nations. Since the company’s founding, multiple nations, including France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have added a list of locations. One Act US team members come from 12 different nations.

One Act US’s customers are businesses that require new software. Today, software is required in practically every industry. Thus the clientele includes almost every business. They include business owners wishing to launch their services swiftly and software development organizations that need to develop their software quickly.

Wide Range Of Experience and in-depth knowledge

To further enter the worldwide market, One Act US intends to create relationships in all relevant geographical areas. Contact from businesses interested in working with One Act US is always welcome. All nations are welcome here.

Skilled engineers worldwide who have worked for organizations like IBM, Oracle, and Deloitte make up the professional team. Of course, One Act US also has professionals from 12 different nations who are experts in sales, design, and marketing. Everyone who is using this platform can enjoy helpful services. If you are looking for the best Web App development services provider, then One Act US is the one for you.

The world’s first platform for producing high-quality source code is the One Act US initiative. According to the One Act US, PieceX should be used immediately in the development process. Then, once you have a concept for the service you want to build, pieces to see what design, coding, and testing tasks you can delegate.

Top-Notch Services Of One Act US

Using One Act US’s AI technology, the market is more trustworthy. It is regarded as the most modern and reliable marketplace in the world. It is responsible for the trust’s crucial duties, such as efficient price management, copyright protection, and quality control.

AI development provides fair value to the market while also playing a significant role in the market’s price and quality management. The professionals constantly endeavour to spread and supply those technologies to anyone who may require them and have enormous expertise in a broad range of technology. One Act US is attempting to harness the vast amount of data we have on creating software to automate software development using artificial intelligence.

One Act is working to establish a sizable worldwide infrastructure so that we can lead the development of the first marketplace for high-quality source code. The “PieceX” marketplace currently operates in 220 nations and has a history of transactions in 170 nations.

One Act wants to improve the world by fostering a community where anyone may use PieceX to develop original services. We also concentrate on complex automatic source code creation to realize that efficiently. To put it another way, people who want to create any project need only manually generate the source code that links a collection of software components to it.

One Act US help to boost your company’s success

One Act produces multiple web-based digital products and solutions for its clients. And they all are customized according to the client’s requirements. As a reputable software company with in-depth knowledge and aptitude in various software industries, One Act helps customers deal with every tricky tech challenge and leads to business expansion.

One Act’s target audience is everyone who plans to construct something utilizing software, whether they are a CEO/business owner or an ICT company. The marketing and sales team has engaged in a wide range of market analysis research to understand the market thoroughly.

All areas and industries will continue to rely heavily on technology, so PieceX has all those covered in software and support.

Great Mission

While One Act organization has significantly evolved and grown into a much more powerful version of itself, our aims have remained constant and have always been evident.

● One Act has a mission to use cutting-edge technologies to benefit society.

● The vision of work is to establish a society in which anybody, regardless of identity or location, can develop novel services.

● One Act’s primary value proposition is that of PieceX, a cutting-edge service positioned to emerge as a new social infrastructure for software development.

Ruler Of The Software Industry

One Act created the world’s first AI-powered source code marketplace and made it available in over 220 nations. We continue to be the only platform that offers high-end source code trade. We also have a community of more than 70,000 software organizations and businesses working to enhance the software development process.

One Act Future Goals For Great Success

One Act wants to positively impact the world by fostering an environment where anybody can develop cutting-edge services using the most extensive online infrastructure. We also focus on testing automatic source code generation to make it run more smoothly. People don’t have to do anything to design something by mixing elements and automatically creating the code to connect them.

High-quality source code will be made widely available, serving as the foundation for technical innovation on a global scale and enabling the development of new and creative services everywhere. This will significantly contribute to the ICT sector’s sharing economy. Additionally, One Act US aims to provide software developers with a new platform to profit directly from the source code, which was previously impossible with open-source software.

Although One Act aims to simplify things for its clients and provide multiple top-notch benefits associated with using the One Act services.


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