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Tim Hamilton

Today there are a lot of applications and services flooding the web and app stores. Most of them are very comparable to each other. However, it is the design and quality that separates a product from its competitors. Praxent is a company that helps you modernize, rather than rebuild, your outdated customer-facing software applications so you can remain relevant and compete with confidence. Their proven process prioritizes smaller, more doable development "sprints" that leverage investments you've already made. And you can see a return within weeks instead of months. Praxent is an award-winning team of expert digital strategists, human-centered designers, and software developers, working continuously to create value.

Fintech Software Design and Development

In the fast-paced world of Fintech, the expectations of products are constantly increasing. The problem is that between an ever-growing product roadmap, increasing UX requirements, worsening technical debt, and a backlog of client integrations, companies struggle to manage them all. Financial institutions are quickly coming to realize that the secret to improving conversion rates, customer engagement, and product utilization lies in an intuitive, personalized, and entirely seamless customer experience. With a feature backlog as long as your arm and customers that increasingly demand a differentiated CX, you can't afford a misstep. Your company needs fintech software development experts who can prioritize your customer experience.

A common pain point for fintech companies is scaling high-quality software development teams that understand the unique challenges of integrations across the financial services ecosystem. Without deep industry understanding, it is hard to bring new team members up to speed. Companies can also extend their team almost immediately with similar domain knowledge and cost-competitive A-players who have the right experience with complex integrations. But for this, they need a specialized team of fintech integration specialists.

Since the year 2000, Praxent has helped clients transform with technology. They have excelled in design and software development for various financial services companies, gaining deep fintech domain expertise along the way. A few of the benefits offered by the company are:

  • Financial services engineering expertise and focus ensures you get the highest levels of security and compliance in design, development, and delivery.
  • Transparent and consistent delivery practices honed over 20 years that adapt to your practices and requirements.
  • Deliver on time and on budget with a transparent engagement and delivery process—relentless mitigation of risk in development, integration, and deployment.

Insurance Software Development Services

From broker- and agent-driven sales to educating prospects to supporting policyholders, improving the customer experience of software for insurance companies is a tall order. Insurance companies face big blockers between great ideas and great customer experiences. The way to get moving is to think smaller. Praxent helps insurance companies align stakeholders on software development plans, set aside big blockers, and map out incremental innovations that build positive momentum.

Insurance companies have under-invested in digital customer experience for more than a decade. The good news is that even small experience upgrades can make your insurance brand stand out. In Praxent, you gain a digital innovation partner that understands the complexities of the insurance industry. Praxent can help you map out digital strategies that:

  • Attract and win new policyholders
  • Better serve existing policyholders
  • Attract and motivate agents to drive profits

Digital innovation experts for today's lending products

To sell a loan product, trust is critical. Today's borrowers research online — and every detail of the online experience has to be just right. If not, prospective borrowers simply bounce. Getting a loan has come a long way online. Today, your lending product faces stiff competition from brands that offer simple, streamlined digital lending experiences.

When it comes to lending products, online trust is easily broken. Mapping the customer journey can reveal new ways to educate prospects, empower applicants, and motivate borrowers from consideration to closure. Praxent can help you develop digital strategies to attract and win new lending prospects, facilitate loan pre-qualification and application, engage loan applicants to up loan conversion rates.

Digital innovation for today's wealth management products

Wealth management firms face stiff competition. Today's advisors and investors expect to do everything online — and every detail of their experience must be just right. Today, your funds compete with brands offering sophisticated digital investing and investor education experiences online. To win, wealth management firms must find new ways to create investor preference and build competitive advantage.

When it comes to securities products, online trust is easily broken. Mapping the customer journey can reveal new ways to educate prospects and empower them to become lifelong investors. Praxent can help you develop digital strategies to attract and win new investors, facilitate investor education and consideration, serve financial advisors and leverage their expertise. In Praxent, you gain a digital innovation partner that understands the wealth management environment.

About the CEO

Tim Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Praxent. He founded the company 19 years ago on the belief that technology has the power to unlock human potential. Over that time, he has worked to build a service-minded team of designers and technologists who have delivered over 300 digital innovation projects for clients such as Sysco Foods, NRG, Keller Williams, and many more.

Tim is actively involved in the strategy and operation of the firm with a passion for perfecting the process of software development and building a world-class culture. With degrees in MIS and Economics from UT Austin, Tim has extensive experience with digital innovation and business management.

"Praxent is an award-winning team of expert digital strategists, human-centered designers, and software developers all highly motivated by challenge."

"Our passion is to look holistically, see clearly, and act continuously to create value with you."


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