Desha Jackson Law Group LLC: A reputed Law firm in New Jersey

Desha Jackson Law Group, LLC

During our recent conversation, we interviewed Desha Jackson Law Group LLC and were impressed by the Desha Jackson Law Group’s professionalism and commitment to their clients. Their professional legal staff was thoroughly aware of the legal system and offered wise counsel on various legal issues.

Launching a law company requires meticulous planning and preparation, including choosing a business structure, acquiring required licenses and permits, drafting a business plan, putting financial systems in place, and building up a clientele. The target market and strategies for setting the company apart from its industry rivals are crucial factors to consider. It was as The Desha Jackson Law Group LLC put it

Founded in 2012, Desha Jackson Law Group LLC is a law firm based in Freehold, New Jersey. During an interview with the firm’s founder and principal attorney, Desha Jackson, she shared insights into the firm’s mission and services.


Desha Jackson Law Group LLC provides legal representation in employment and labor law with a specialty in race discrimination, civil rights, business and civil litigation. The firm aims to serve individuals wronged by corporations or government entities.

Ms. Jackson highlighted the importance of personalized attention and care for clients, stating that every client is treated with compassion and respect. She emphasized the importance of client communication, stating that clients are kept informed throughout the legal process.

The firm’s mission is to provide the highest legal representation while fighting for justice and fair compensation for clients. Ms. Jackson emphasized the firm’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of clients and their families.

The motivation to create Desha Jackson Law Group LLC came from the founder’s need to change the law and contribute to the eradication of discrimination one case at a time.

When asked about the company’s USP, they said they are almost always approachable, honest, and regularly stay in touch. The quality of giving every client their all gives them an edge over other legal firms.


This success did not come magically. They faced obstacles like managing clients’ expectations. They feel it is one of the major difficulties in private practice. This is because, despite their best efforts, no lawyer can guarantee a positive outcome. The clients must learn to accept defeat when it occurs.

Sharing a particularly difficult matter that her law firm had to handle, she said, “After my client was called a “nigger,” we settled a case against a business with its headquarters in Las Vegas. Prelitigation settlement discussions broke down, so we filed a complaint, and the issue was remedied. It was difficult to navigate that matter with the lawyer, client, legal issues, difficulties, etc. We worked hard to demonstrate the legal issues, the evidence of bias, and how outstanding a witness the Plaintiff was”.

Secrets to Success

Ms. Desha shared with us certain instances and little doses of her secrets and how she successfully managed her roles in the company.

She responded cleverly, saying she manages the people who work well with her. She credited her administrative assistant as her lifesaver and an intern who conducts all the research and writing for her to use.

The legal landscape is a rapidly changing scenario. Staying current in such circumstances becomes a task, especially if you are a competent authority with a million things in your hand. However, examining the concerns in the case, searching for new laws, and evaluating various legal periodicals email is how this company aces it.

It is also important for a leader to foster a happy and successful workplace for their team. Ms. Desha Jackson does this by giving as many public compliments to my staff as possible. If people believe their labor is valued and they are respected as human beings, they will work harder and more intelligently. This is what she believes and lives by.

Talking about the management of client expectations and the skill of client communication, she says that she leaves it to the clients to choose what they feel is best. “I am detailed in explaining the court process and whatever step we are on,” she claims. I answer queries, and I make sure my clients know there is no foolish inquiry. I’m there to advise them on the law and their options”.

Finally, her perspective on the changing nature of the legal sector was also discussed. She plans to keep using online platforms for conducting important meetings. She also thinks it is a viable option because of its various benefits, like decreased travel time. With platforms like Microsoft Teams being utilized to help lawyers and clients, she predicts that technology will continue to play a big part in the legal industry in the future. More law firms are expected to adopt new technologies as technology develops to streamline their operations and offer clients better services.

Advice for budding lawyers

She advises aspiring lawyers and entrepreneurs looking to start their law firms to prioritize putting God first, saving money to help with tough times, and selecting a field of law they enjoy working in. It is also important to find your purpose in life and take action to ensure the success of their firm, according to Ms. Desha Jackson.

CSR and philanthropy

According to Ms. Jackson, the law practice prioritizes giving back to the community, which includes doing pro bono work and collaborating with neighborhood organizations. The significance of this work stems from the conviction that it is everyone’s responsibility to do good deeds and improve the world. About 20 additional groups that significantly impact people’s lives have benefited from donations made through the company’s foundation, Give to Live. This dedication to giving back is crucial to the company’s goal.

The law company prioritizes inclusion, equity, and diversity. The company has hired varied people to foster a more inclusive workplace, and its founder has sought to broaden diversity in the legal profession by supporting the nomination of diverse applicants and implementing programs. These values are demonstrated in the business’s work for its clients, ensuring that all clients— regardless of their background—are treated with respect and that their requirements are satisfied.

Ms. Jackson explains that aiding clients in need, especially those who do not have the financial means to pay for legal services, is a priority for the law practice; it also prioritizes operating a viable business. Even though most of its clients pay, the company must take on one pro gratis case each year. The company also offers high-quality services, even if they are not included in the amount charged, because doing so is essential to finishing the job and helping those in need. The firm is dedicated to balancing its commitment to aiding clients in need with its desire to be profitable.


The interview revealed that Desha Jackson Law Group LLC is a law firm dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation to individuals who have suffered harm. The firm’s commitment to justice, personalized attention, and client communication set it apart in the legal industry.

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