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Taylor L. Randolph

Taylor Randolph is an expert in representing people and organisations in legal and financial situations, helping customers solve their money and debt issues.

Taylor L. Randolph, the founder, and partner of the Randolph Law Firm is a private wealth manager who started the business to serve his clients better.

The Randolph Law Firm offers individualized, practical, and realistic answers for all types of tax-related problems. Because tax law is intricate and challenging, you should never face the IRS alone. Our team of tax attorneys, former IRS workers, agents, and support personnel offers impartial legal and tax assistance for both individuals and corporations.

Our in-depth understanding of tax law and vast courtroom expertise can assist you in getting the best result for your circumstance.

Who are we?

Over $500 million in IRS debt has been settled and dismissed by the Randolph Law Firm. We are the only law practice in Nevada using every available avenue to resolve your IRS obligation fully. You’re never just a number at the Randolph Law Firm—we have the sophistication of considerable practice and the personal service of a small firm.

You are a person, so we consider your problems and worries to be problems and concerns of our own. We work to relieve your anxiety and give you the hope of one day being free of IRS and other creditors’ debts. We know every option accessible to bring you the assistance you need, regardless of your income, because we have former IRS employees on staff.

Our Mission

Our goal is to swiftly and effectively solve your IRS issues so that people, businesses, and families globally can enjoy better financial futures.

Our Vision

We approach your case as though it were our own because we think everyone has the right to an equitable IRS resolution. At the Randolph Law Firm, we place the highest priority on you. Since no answer works for everyone, we customize our strategy for each unique situation.

Our History

We are prepared to battle for you because of our combined experience of more than 50 years, the countless hours we have spent resolving IRS tax issues, and the more than $500 million in IRS debt we have discharged and settled on behalf of our customers.


We customize each solution to your specific needs to protect you, your family, and your possessions from the IRS. Everywhere we go, we work to create better financial futures for people, families, and businesses.


We can stop the IRS from taking legal action against you if your bank account is being levied or a lien has been filed on your property. Tax attorney Taylor Randolph has assisted many people in regaining control of their financial condition by negotiating with the agency on their behalf and securing agreements that prohibit levies and other intrusive procedures.


When interacting with the IRS on your behalf, we can advocate your interests if you feel overpowered by collection or audit techniques.

We can assist you in creating and carrying out a strategy to pay off, settle, contest, or postpone your tax liability. In addition, we are knowledgeable about tax alternatives like:

• Compromise offers and payment arrangements

• Arrangements for hardship and non-collectible status

• Contesting IRS collection efforts

• Filing a tax court petition on your behalf and appealing a tax audit

• Representing you at proceedings related to collection due process.


Debt can harm your job, relationships, and physical and emotional health. Even with your best efforts, if you and your family are overburdened by debt and cannot afford to pay it off, declaring bankruptcy may be a huge relief. Federal legislation provides bankruptcy protection to all citizens who need it and meet the requirements.

At the Randolph Law Firm in Las Vegas, we assist individuals and families with debt relief that significantly raises their standard of living.

Call us right away to talk about your particular circumstance. Our clients are spread out across Nevada.


Having the help of an experienced attorney might help you discover a suitable solution if you are being pressured to pay back taxes. We at the Randolph Law Firm can assist you by:

• Make sure your Offer in Compromise has the best possibility of being accepted by the IRS before submitting it.

• Arranging acceptable IRS payment plans that will enable you to pay off what you owe (or less than what you owe) over time

• Assisting you in utilizing the innocent spouse provision, which some taxpayers can use to avoid being held accountable for a spouse’s tax debt.

• Assisting you in tax disputes involving tax relief


There may be several ways to stop a foreclosure from happening to you and your house. At the Randolph Law Firm, we have extensive expertise assisting homeowners in locating solutions that address their unique issues with the least amount of harm and money. In addition, we can help you in looking into options that will keep your house from going into foreclosure, such as:

1. LoanModification

2. Foreclosure Mediation

3. Short Sales

4. Loan Litigation


At the Randolph Law Firm, we help locals in Las Vegas, Nevada, with various legal issues, including litigation, estate planning, business law, and personal injury.

Have an adept tax lawyer on your side

• Complete tax assistance, including resolution of any IRS concerns and bankruptcy resolutions

• On-staff ex-IRS agents

• An expert in tax law with a graduate degree in taxation

• Selected as a Super Lawyer by colleagues

• Yelp’s top-rated tax lawyer!

• A tax strategy created specifically for you and your needs.

• There are affordable payment options.



We will address any IRS-related queries during your initial tax consultation and provide you with a rundown of potential solutions.


We’ll examine your financial and IRS data together to find the best possible solution.


Whether it’s removing tax liens and levies, stopping wage garnishments, negotiating offers in compromise, or discharging your IRS debt in bankruptcy, we’ll develop a strategy specifically catered to your individual needs and particular circumstances.


You can relax knowing that we are looking into your issue. The threatening calls and letters will stop as soon as we care for your problems. Knowing that we are on your side will give you peace of mind.


Our goal is to create better financial futures for everyone, including families, businesses, and individuals. With more than 50 years of combined expertise in the tax field, our team will battle to obtain you the best result possible.

Taylor Randolph, a tax lawyer in Las Vegas, is a highly skilled tax advisor with a thorough knowledge of IRS guidelines. Get in touch with us for a free consultation on your tax position.

The Randolph Law Firm offers legal assistance in all IRS-related disputes. In addition, our organization provides clients with realistic financial relief by assisting them in resolving their IRS tax debt and issues since our mission is to end your IRS concerns.

We operate a debt relief business. We assist people in applying for bankruptcy relief by the bankruptcy code.

Randolph Law Firm, Nevada’s premier tax and bankruptcy law firm, can assist you in getting your financial life back on track. Call us at 702-757-7777 right away to schedule a free consultation.

"Randolph Law Firm was second to none! They were professional from start to finish. I’ve filed with others”.


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