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Sheri Atwood

The coronavirus outbreak has put a lot of parents that pay support for their kids out of job. They wish to change their child support arrangements as a consequence. If you don't pay your kid's support, you risk being found in violation of court, having your driver's license revoked, having your passport restricted, having to pay extra interest on late payments, and in severe situations, going to jail.

The ideal leader is one who can rise from the embers of their past struggles and turn them into an incredible triumph. Sheri Atwood, the woman who founded of SupportPay, represents a passionate and forceful leader who has depicted it admirably. She is able to keep ahead of other companies stems from her results-oriented attitude and field expertise, which stabilize income for her firm.

Her empathy for her customers aids her in putting customer-focused initiatives into practice for the thriving market. Her aptitude for market analysis has aided her in meeting several milestones and comprehending the demands of the industry.

What is SupportPay?

SupportPay assists parents in tracking and sharing all documentation and receipts associated with their shared settlements, managing child support and sharing expenditures, and resolving disagreements about payments.

This platform reduces stress and conflict by giving parents a simple, impartial, and open method to manage payments, exchange paperwork for reimbursement, and look after their shared offspring all in one location.

About the CEO

After separating from the child's father, the chief executive officer and creator, Sheri Atwood, raised her child alone and enjoyed a prosperous career within Silicon Valley.

She handled the divorce procedure on her own and discovered that it was extremely difficult to keep track of payments for child support and costs, particularly when it included supplemental costs like medical care and schooling.

She wanted an automated system to manage her monitoring & reminders, giving her former spouse visibility and evidence of her out-of-pocket costs. She found that many parents throughout the world were dealing with similar issues while raising their kids in non-nuclear families.

Sheri took a huge risk when she founded her own firm and worked in technological fields for 12 years. She quickly became an authority in front-end design after teaching herself for coding and never looked back.

Tim Draper,, Aspect Ventures, along with other prominent venture capitalists gained over $7 million in venture finance for her initial business, Ittavi, Inc., which developed SupportPay. She was growing coherently with her firm. Sheri needed a way to keep track of and handle her child's shared costs and support for kids, so she created SupportPay.

She discovered that it's preferable to identify an issue and then design a solution to meet that need as opposed to developing an item and then looking for a customer base. She gained a lot of knowledge about developing products and, naturally, advertising in the marketing jobs and other tasks.

When she began developing the SupportPay framework, she had trouble finding people who shared her enthusiasm for the project. She also learnt how to code on her own since she couldn't afford to employ someone to handle it all for her, and after that she created the SupportPay framework.

The most important thing she told aspiring business owners is to be ready for a long, difficult journey. Starting your own business is a significant endeavor with unanticipated challenges, but provided you have the tenacity and resolve to persevere, the trip will be very fulfilling.

Though it could seem apparent, She also encouraged business owners to keep their attention on showcasing and producing outcomes in an interview. Results are unquestionable, thus achieving them will define your success.

Coming up with a novel solution

The first computerized child support payment system, SupportPay was introduced in 2011 and has the potential to revolutionize the difficult, time-consuming, and stressful procedure that affects about 300 million parents and exchanges over $900 billion for kid support and child costs globally.

With SupportPay, contemporary families are able to spend more of their time on parenting kids who are healthy and happy instead of wasting time on keeping track of and fighting over child support, bills, and alimony.

Supportpay fills the void by enabling all separated, split up, or widowed parents to directly handle child support as well as share expenditures with one another. It functions as a centralized location that helps co-parents split the costs associated with raising their kids.

How Your Company Will Gain from SupportPay

Reduce staff distractions and workplace mistakes throughout the workday to help minimize productivity losses. Minimize absenteeism brought on by co-parenting and caregiving-related financial, legal, and health issues

Use solutions that keep visible communications off business servers to safeguard company safety. The company's aim is deeply ingrained because its founders either witnessed comparable circumstances in their own youth or battled to give their children equal financial assistance.

A few other advantages are :

  • Caregiving, support for kids, alimony, and additional shared costs should be paid for and received.
  • Plan, oversee, and adjust custody, visitation, and parenting time with ease.
  • Using your smartphone, you may keep, share, inspection, and upload invoices.
  • Engage in dialogue with other relatives and record it.
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