Climate Change and Environmental Issues: Extreme weather events (2023)

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Climate Change and Environmental Issues

One of the most important issues facing our generation is climate change. Extreme weather events happening more frequently, rising sea levels, and melting glaciers are just a few of the effects of climate change that are already being felt on a global scale. Governments and official teams must be ready with conservation planning in case acute climatic changes cause floods and other problematic events.


Incidents Caused By Bad Or Severe Weather


The increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events is one of the most obvious effects of climate change. Hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, floods, and wildfires are just a few examples of these occurrences.


Several extreme weather events that broke records have recently occurred there. in 2018 ,for instance, the warmest year on record for California, with highs of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Over 1.8 million acres were burned during the most destructive wildfire season in American history that same year.


Both people and the environment are suffering greatly as a result of these extreme weather events. They have the ability to endanger lives, destroy property, and ruin the economy. They could also result in a lack of food, water, or illness.


Escalating Sea Levels


Major consequences of climate change include sea level rise. When the ice caps and glaciers melt due to an increase in Earth's temperature, water is released into the oceans. Sea levels have risen globally as a result of this.


Coastal communities are already suffering greatly as a result of rising sea levels. They all cause erosion, flooding, and saltwater intrusion. Additional effects include infrastructure damage and evictions.


Glaciers That Are Running


There are many effects of glacier melting. For both people and wildlife, glaciers are important sources of freshwater. They disappear, lowering the amount of available freshwater.


The climate of the Earth is also affected by glaciers.

In order to keep the planet cool, they reflect solar energy back into space. They hasten climate change by increasing the amount of heat in the atmosphere as they melt.


Renewable Energy Source


Switching to renewable energy sources is one way to combat climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are not produced by renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy. Thus, they may be able to lessen the effects of climate change and our reliance on fossil fuels.


Both the availability and affordability of renewable energy are growing. Thus, it becomes more viable for both businesses and customers. In recent years, the use of renewable energy has increased significantly on a global scale.


Safeguarding The Environment


Another tactic to combat climate change is resource and energy conservation.

We can achieve this by altering our lifestyles, such as reducing how much we drive, use electricity, and recycle. Additionally, more extensive conservation efforts can be made. For instance, governments might decide to fund initiatives that support energy-saving and renewable technologies.

Businesses can alter their practices to have a less negative impact on the environment.


What Citizenship Activities Are Available?


There are many more things we can do to fight climate change in addition to the previously mentioned actions. They include the following.


  • Taking action to promote climate change.


  • Spreading knowledge about climate change.


  • Supporting ecologically responsible behaviour.


  • Putting money into environmentally friendly technology.


We can all contribute to the fight against climate change and environmental protection by partaking in these activities.




An immediate solution is necessary for the serious issue of climate change. Energy conservation measures, a switch to renewable energy sources, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are all necessary. By making these changes, you can lessen climate change's effects and safeguard the environment for future generations.


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