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Simple Fractal is a privately held corporation, established in 2013. The firm is currently focused on computer software. Its headquarters are in New York, United States. The software industry is thriving with more people joining in. It has a massive amount of large, small, & cross-functional team members in a wide range of industries around the world. Its user-friendly interface and customizability make it ideal for any firm or project.

Purpose of Simple Fractal

Corporations are employing humans as machines, to the disadvantage of both employees and businesses. The world is full of grunt labor - tasks that must be completed for a business to function, such as billing, scheduling, payment processing, data input, compliance, and much more. So far, most firms have thrown bodies at the problem, which isn’t working very well. And this has become a problem in some businesses. Businesses cannot expand without increasing costs, and people have a low quality of life at work, as indicated by the Great Resignation. Simple Fractal solves for the $1T healthcare administration problem by developing and managing bespoke software robots to carry out these tedious but important business tasks with superhuman speed, precision, and scalability. This is something most employees were waiting for. Similar to the speed and precision their service gives, the clients have come up in the queue to get the service.

The main motive of this business is to elevate human work by giving companies a boost and let people take care of other things instead of billing and logging transcripts on the computer. With a big mass of committed clients, it has been providing customized bots to them. The happy customers have different stories of their encounters with Simple Fractal but today we will look into the business success ourselves.

Impact of their Work

As tempting as the technology sounds, it is much better to use. From the beginning, they gave their best and worked their way up the ladder of success. Their success is meaningful as it has positively impacted people’s lives. They have generated up to a 13X ROI for their clients through operational savings, revenue growth, increased staff engagement, and low employee turnover. Yes, this is how much they have achieved and we believe they will have many more clients coming up to them soon. While the traditional ROI objective for technology is three years, they find that the majority of the bots pay for themselves in the first year.

While many ignore the mental effort employees put into the mundane work of filing information, Simple Fractal has given a way to improve things. The bots have made employees achieve work-life balance. Hundreds of workers’ lives have been enhanced emotionally as a result of our efforts. “My favorite thing about my employment is that a bot is taking over my job so I can perform my job,” one employee stated. This phrase encapsulates the core of how most people are stifled by tedious labor and how our bots improve human work by freeing them of mindless, repetitive duties.

What is their “Keep the Clients Coming back” Strategy

With a proven track record of good and sophisticated bots in use, they have achieved a mass of clients. There are complications without a question but even though many use cases are quite complicated, they have produced 100% of their bot solutions with a solid lifespan so far. The commitment to service is amazing. They have the finest solution and a variety of options which makes them a perfect one-stop-shop for businesses wishing to embrace automation to grow.

We are happy to announce that they have established long-term connections with all of their clients. Being in a business isn’t possible without committed clients and for them, when it comes to clients, it has been a positive experience. Instead of leaving, they return for more. The initial customer is still going strong which is an amazing thing to accomplish, and they have created bots for over 50 different use cases for them.

The mission of Simple Fractal

Simple Fractal specializes in providing an end-to-end, customizable, and flexible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) approach to manage digital processes and increase efficiency. Regularly, their bespoke software robots have freed huge amounts of money for global healthcare providers and other organizations.

They have provided a lot of clients with customized cases like healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Robotic process automation (RPA) is indeed a cutting-edge technique that employs software bots to pace and standardize commercial operations. RPA eliminates bottlenecks, boosts your bottom line, and increases employee productivity and satisfaction. In the end, their objective is to elevate human work. They feel that using humans like robots wastes their minds and hearts. This is something many of us have been fighting for. Some employees just go to work and become robots, doing the same task every day which can be draining. This has psychological impacts like frustration and depression. When employees do not enjoy the job they eventually prepared for, the consequences impact both the company and the person.

Values that Keep Simple Fractal Going

Trust, meritocracy, growth, and ownership - are the values they adhere to for this business to succeed. They win their clients’ and employees’ confidence by being truthful and keeping their commitments. The atmosphere is a very important part of growth and success and to produce the effective performance they promote a meritocracy culture in which good performances are rewarded with promotions and increased responsibility.

The emphasis on ownership extends to all of their work, including accomplishments and failures. As we know, failures are a part of everyone’s life and we cannot escape them altogether. The firm has a positive attitude towards failure. They believe that if you make no mistakes, you are not progressing quickly enough. They exemplify the growth mindset, which means they are confident in the capacity to learn, adapt, and evolve in order to overcome the obstacles they confront in this mission-driven quest.

The journey hasn’t been easy for this corporation but their teamwork is something that has contributed more than the expectations. Teamwork and cooperation don’t come so easily, in order to gain the confidence and respect of the employees, the employer has to give them respect and a good environment to work in.

Simple Fractal is a wonderful place to work for driven people that share their key beliefs. They have a track history of actually caring about their team members’ performance and well-being because they understand that it is the employees that drive this organization.

Goals of Simple Fractal

Because humans are still exploited as robots in most firms, the potential for development is enormous. They aim to adopt a deliberate approach to sustainable expansion in order to assist more people and organizations without sacrificing the quality of the work.

So far their work has given great benefits to the users. The customized bot can work with a variety of software programs, databases, and cloud platforms. To make judgments, it uses heuristics and optimization techniques. The technology integrates closed systems without the use of APIs. Spreadsheets, PDFs, and scanned documents can all be imported with its help. This isn’t all. They have given a platform to help return humans to a normal pace of work.

The main advantage of being a client at Simple Fractal is that it reduces operating expenses and you can grow your business practically endlessly with minimum extra overhead. It even improves income by discovering gaps and avoiding items from falling through the cracks, and as we all know, it boosts staff morale and retention by decreasing tedious/painful manual tasks. 

Simple Fractal is a solution that has been working for the best interest of employees and businesses. Their work pays off itself and many clients have saved up from their first bots to reinvest into subsequent bots. Simple fractal has given work a boost and even saved money. Before every human becomes a robot, we have to change this. Thus, Simple Fractal began this at an affordable rate. 

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