In 2022, there are five personal branding trends to keep an eye on.

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five personal branding trends

If you want to invest in your personal brand in 2022, you'll need a solid investment strategy. You can quickly deplete your resources by chasing the next bright object, just as you might with stock market or cryptocurrency investments. Instead, keep an eye out for these five key trends for the coming year.


  • New social platforms are becoming increasingly popular.

From the iconic Facebook blackout in October 2021 to court proceedings involving Instagram's top executives and escalating censorship issues affecting all leading platforms, 2021 proved that the holy trinity of Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube is not as indestructible as we imagined. New social platforms are gaining traction in 2021. Some were fueled by a specific community, such as Discord, which grew in popularity thanks to the NFT crowd. Others, like as Parler, became a meeting place for persons with certain political beliefs. If we talked about micro-influencers within "old" social-media platforms in past years, the year 2021 accelerated this trend, and now we're talking about micro-platforms for specialized groups.

We can only expect this tendency to continue in 2022, with news like Rumble preparing to go public and Donald Trump intending to build his own social-media site. However, this does not necessitate double your marketing staff and attempting to be everywhere. Find the platform and immerse yourself in it, creating unique material that suits the platform's framework.


  • It's past time to take fun seriously.

Your content strategy should mix important educational information with pleasure and inspiration, according to the golden marketing guideline. Some experts might go so far as to calculate the proportions of all three factors. Then there are TikTok users, who blow these numbers out of the water with ridiculous challenges like barking at your dog.


While all of the dancing and challenges may seem a little ridiculous, Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri stated that the network is embracing a paradigm shift in which consumers are demanding more entertaining video content.

To return to the idea of treating your personal brand as an investment, consider the following: You want to put your money into a place that is growing naturally. At the present, those are Tiktok movies and Instagram reels, which are both entertaining.


You don't need to enroll in dance classes; simply take a fresh look at the items and services you provide. Make short videos out of enjoyable comedy scenarios that your target audience encounters. And there's good news: they're designed to be built on the fly, and imperfections are viewed as a plus.


  • Make room for more in-depth (and longer) discussions.

Clubhouse's early users would spend hours and days on the site, forgetting to eat and shower, when it originally launched in late 2019. Despite the fact that interest in the platform waned rapidly, Clubhouse identified a significant market need: the internet need a space for lengthier conversations, and audio appears to be an excellent medium for this.


Since the start of the pandemic, Facebook has been establishing audio rooms, Twitter has added Spaces, and the number of podcast listeners has been steadily increasing. We're used to hearing that people's attention spans are shortening, yet styles that allow for a larger dialogue seem to be gaining traction. If you're planning a personal brand strategy for 2022, make sure you leave room for deeper dialogues with your audience. It may be a weekly Instagram live, a podcast, or a Facebook group.


  • Substitute "relatable" for "inspiring."

Instagram stories take precedence over postings. Facebook groups discussions take precedence over page posts. The pendulum is swinging away from the perfectly polished image and inspirational content and toward real-world problem-solving with community support. Even social-media formats that are gaining traction speak to a shift in public opinion. Examine the thoughts and messages you offer, regardless of the medium you use.


Being an opinion leader does not imply that you have everything figured out and can show your perfect "after" photo. The world is changing at a breakneck pace, and it's up to you to ask the right questions and be open about the challenges you and your company are currently facing. In 2022, you'll earn more brownie points by showing your audience the "behind the scenes" of your outcomes or even starting open debates with your community.


  • Bring people together around a common cause and set of ideals.

Your personal views on social matters have nothing to do with your professional skills as, say, a photographer twenty years ago. Today, they can easily become a decisive element that turns some potential consumers into loyal fans while repelling others. According to studies, four out of five customers choose brands that reflect their personal values. The same is true for your personal brand's followers.

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