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Google has launched its own artificial intelligence (AI) tool to compete with the most popular chat-based customer service platform – ChatGPT.

The announcement was made by Google on its blog, where it announced the launch of a new tool called BardAi, which stands for "Google Assistant."

According to Google, the new AI tool will improve upon ChatGPT's capabilities by allowing businesses to automate their customer service interactions using natural language processing (NLP).

The product was first developed in 2020 as  an internal tool for Google employees to use while collaborating on projects. It was later released to the public in 2023.

The conversational interface is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and can understand users’ questions, queries and suggestions by analysing their speech patterns and context. The AI is trained with millions of human conversations to learn how people naturally interact with each other when they talk about anything from work to sports or politics.

Google claims that its bardAi tool helps people communicate better by using natural language processing techniques combined with machine learning algorithms that analyse the content of the conversation and respond accordingly. The conversational interface also predicts how people will respond based on past conversations they have had with each other, according to Google.

The new AI face recognition system is a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to make it easier for users to find information about the internet.

The new AI face recognition system can be used by any website owner or publisher who wants to get detailed information about their visitors as well as their interests, whether they are male or female and how they use the site.

The bardAi tool has been launched with an iOS app that allows users to take photos of their faces and upload them onto the web site in order to identify them. This can be done by simply taking a picture of yourself on your phone or tablet. The app also comes with a feature that allows users to preview how their face will look when uploaded into Google Photos. It also has an option where you can choose what kind of age range you want it to identify people under or over as well as if you want it only for males or females.

Which Is Better

It can be said that it’s very controversial to say which artificial intelligence tool is better! As of now most of the people are using chatGPT as it was launched earlier, but now as a bard AI tool is launched by Google so it will definitely bring a lot of more users and attractions . It’s very difficult to say which one is better as both of them have their own pros and cons. You can directly use chatGPT or bard AI with your facebook account or you can create your own chatbot.

ChatGPT is more popular because it’s easier to create a chatbot than a bard AI. ChatGPT has a nice interface that allows you to easily develop your chatbot without having any programming knowledge. You can also add features like emotions and humour in your chatbot using this program. ChatGPT and bard AI both tools can help you in copywriting or to create anything you want!

Bard AI has more features than ChatGPT but it’s a little more difficult for beginners to use. You need a lot of coding experience and knowledge about Artificial Intelligence in order to use Bard AI effectively. Bard AI has a higher chance of getting lucky and rolling high in its skill checks than ChatGPT does. Bard AI also has access to the Lore skill, which doesn’t exist in ChatGPT.

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