How Education became today’s wedge issue?

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Education is the key to changing the perspective of the whole world. It is a process of gaining and sharing knowledge.

It improves the understanding and perspective regarding everything. It is very much important in developing intellectual understanding.

Education In today’s world education has become a wedge issue. It helps us to understand the issues of our society and what are our responsibilities towards society.

Every education system has some political motive. It prepares people for life experiences.


What is a wedge issue?

A wedge issue is a kind of social issue that splits two groups. It is an issue in which political parties try to divide the opposing party to shake loose voters.

Wedge issues give rise to wedge politics. It is an attempt to strengthen the unity of a population.

Education has become a Business in today’s world. It has become a business for political parties.

Political parties are using education as a medium for softening tension within a targeted population. In every private Institute, some seats are reserved by political parties.

This has created a severe problem for meritorious students. Due to huge donations, they are not able to get their desired college

Education has now become the most important need in the field of politics. If a person is not educated, he/she will not be able to understand the problems and situations of people as education develops intellectual understanding.

Many people saw education as a business. Having the right educational background is very much important.

Education is the foundation for the implementation of policies. If people are educated, then only they can provide solutions to all kinds of problems that are necessary for the growth and development of any country.

Authentic and equal education is necessary for everyone. But because of huge donations and politics in educational institutions, economically weaker students are not able to get an education.

It is the key to a successful future. That’s why Education has become a wedge education in today’s modern world.



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