When education is not liberating

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Education is like a weapon for improving our way of living and understanding things. It plays a very significant role in our lives. 

It is a key to improving our knowledge, personality, perspectives, and development of the right attitude. Education is very much important for everyone.

There’s no age for learning. It is the process of sharing and gaining knowledge. Educated individuals are a valuable asset to our society. 

Liberation is very much important in education. Liberating education helps societies to have a structure that is liberating.  

If learners get the kind of education that will liberate them from all the political and social constraints, then only this world will become a better place to live in. 

Education helps in creation of a better society and for creating this we need liberation in education. 


What is liberation? 

Liberation means letting someone free from all kinds of oppression, imprisonment, and discrimination. 

Liberation in education means a kind of education that inspires us to think critically and develops intellectual understanding. 

It helps in understanding things in a clear and intellectual way. The main purpose of education is liberation. And if education is not liberating, then there will no growth and development. 

Liberation from all kinds of dominance, dictatorship, and injustice is really the sole objective of education. In the absence of liberation, education will lose its importance.

If a person is educated, naturally he or she will put efforts to change all the negative societal norms which are oppressing them. 

According to Paulo Freire, “ education must be centered upon developing critically conscious, humanized, learners who act to liberate themselves, and the world from injustice “.

He also said that “ liberation is a praxis: the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it “.

He has also stated in liberation pedagogy is an anti-oppressive educational approach designed to liberate minds and level the playing fields between teachers and students.

If education is not liberating it will suppress creativity and innovations. Liberation in education always us to think rationally and to raise our voices against injustice.


Education is not just merely about textbook understanding, it stimulates the overall growth and development of our society. When education is not liberating it will stop students from thinking out of the box. 

It will reduce their capacity to act, think and understand. As we all know very well, the children of today are the youths of tomorrow. If they will not get liberation in education then they aren’t able to make a change.

Change is very much important. Education is something that rejuvenates us to improve our and well the life of others. Lack of education can lead to many destructive things such as war, poverty, and violence. 

Education is liberating because it enables us to overcome all the injustice, fear, and poverty. We need the kind of education which liberate us both mentally and morally. 

Education is a kind of liberating force. It inspires people to cut the barriers of caste and inequality. Liberation is very much important in spreading equality and peace in our society. 

Indira Gandhi also said that “ Education is a liberating force in our age it is also a democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of caste, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and circumstances “.

Liberating education enables individuals to think and examine the problems of society and provide a solution. Liberation in education is necessary for the betterment of our society.



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