Angela Mustone: Empowering Women to Self-love and Self-care

Angela Mustone

Persistence is a virtue that distinguishes the ones who carry on from those who give up midway. For entrepreneurs, it is one of the key success indicators and it is what keeps one’s burning desire to succeed. alive And in the continuously evolving world, these entrepreneurs must be motivated and willing to work hard to make their businesses successful even when things look the absolute bleakest.

Angela Mustone is a stellar example of such an entrepreneur who took her business, HighOnLove to heights of success with her determination and persistence. Even though she never thought of becoming an influential leader, her belief in her brand and her consistent pursuit to bring it to life made it easy for her to earn that mantle.

Let’s dive deeper into Angela Mustone’s success story and explore how she took her business to the zenith of success and what makes her an influential leader in the modern business world.

An Idea to Empower Women

There were two primary reasons for Angela Mustone to introduce HighOnLove to the market. One, she truly believed in the product. And second, she wanted to empower women to realize their sexuality and take control of their life into their own hands.

With the idea in place, Angela took the approach of using the power of cannabis in the sexual wellness realm, creating an intimacy blend formulated with cannabis oil. The result that came out was nothing short of a winning combination. Now, all that was left was giving the product a name that resonated well with Angela’s vision of empowering women.

For the brand’s identity, Angela made sure that its name resembled women’s sexuality and the unique characteristics of cannabis that we are all familiar with. Hence, with the help of a little word play, the HighOnLove name was chosen to become the identity of Angela’s products. The word ‘high’ represented a form of elevated wellbeing — from self-care or self-love to romance with a partner.

All-in-all, the name became the perfect combination of feeling good about oneself, taking pleasure from these outlets, all the while being shameless about the subject.

And today, HighOnLove has become a brand that empowers women to understand that self-care and sexuality are crucial for living a healthy, happy life. Among the products, the brand’s Stimulating Sensual Oil and Stimulating O Gel have become cult favorites among the masses. They are well-known to be transformative for women experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort, or decreased libido, and overall helping women around the world reclaim their pleasure.

Ultimately, HighOnLove has come out to be such a brand that has shattered the walls around the stigma surrounding women’s sexuality, self-love, and cannabis.

Withstanding Challenges

One of the core challenges Angela faced when bringing her products to market was the initial market share dominated by the male gender. She describes the market to be more of a ‘boys club’ when HighOnLove was founded.

As such, Angela faced the common challenge of women not being taken seriously in business and strong-willed female leaders were frowned upon. While, in contrast, strong male leaders were admired. “I still face this outdated stereotype, but I now realize I have nothing to prove. My expertise and integrity speak for themselves,” asserts Angela.

While Angela overcame the gender-biased challenges with her determination and integrity, hurdles related to funding and raising capital remain prominent as one part of the initial challenges.

And last year, the global coronavirus pandemic became Angela’s primary obstacle challenging her determination and persistence. Already mastered these skills, Angela wasted no time in adapting and evolving and secured a seamless transition for her products from retail stores to online transactions.

During the pandemic, Angela quickly put the emphasis on e-commerce offerings, as the retail boutiques selling the products were temporarily closed due to social distancing and lockdown protocols. With a quick turnaround, the brand refreshed its website and put more energy into harnessing its social media community. As a result, the shift paid off and now Angela even feels even more confident in the ability to sell more of her brand’s products online than ever before.

When asked what she would have done differently while starting up, Angela states that every mishap, every challenge has brought her closer to success and there is nothing that she would do differently, ever given the chance of starting all over. We’re so proud to have been a pioneer in the realm of female intimacy topicals, even though I did face many challenges. Every misstep I’ve made has taught me something valuable and brought me closer to success,” she elaborates.

A Multi-faceted Approach Towards Clients

To ensure the utmost client satisfaction, Angela Mustone has placed a multi-faceted approach which caters to all clients’ needs whether big or small. On her personal end, Angela has set up a small but powerful team that shares the same vision as her towards the brand. Pieced together, the internal collaborative approach resonated well within the team and through the way Angela handles the partners and suppliers.

The multi-faceted approach consists of four primary robust touchpoints that provide helpful information and support. The approach comprises:

  • A tight-knit, really engaged social media community

  • Quick turnaround on customer service requests

  • A blog catering to sexual wellness and intimacy, written by the experts

  • A community hub to answer all clients’ answers and providing support to their needs

This four-pillar approach of client satisfaction ensures that every client is covered for, and no issue is undealt, regardless of the platform being used by these customers.

Believing in Yourself is the Key

Carrying a determined and persistent personality, Angela guides young and aspiring influential leaders to believe in themselves and their industry offerings. According to her, taking control of determination and courage is the way to success.

She asserts, “Stick to your guns and lead with conviction. You must believe in yourself, and your project – if you don’t, how can you convince anyone else to invest in or buy your product? You need an endless supply of determination and courage to propel you forward.”

Future Expansion

Angela is all set up for the expansion of her brand and empowering more women than ever. This year only, she expanded her brand’s grounds to Colorado with the launch of various products including HighOnLove’s THC lip balm, sensual pre-rolls, and THC Stimulating Oil at select dispensaries. She’s excited about this expansion as these products are the first line of their kind in the market.

For the forthcoming years, Angela Mustone shares her plans of expanding to the UK with a large distributor for the regular non-THC line. Additionally, the plans are on for spreading the wings of HighOnLove’s THC collection into other states.


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