Achieving for the Nation: Story of Guy Mincey

Guy Mincey

We have a life ahead of us and amazing people to improve it. There is one such person, Guy Mincey, the founder and CEO of COREONYX. We will walk through the success he has lived till now and know all the contributions he has made to the nation.

When protecting this great country in the United States Navy, Mincey understood early on that perfect execution, meticulous preparation, and unwavering devotion was required since anything shorter of mission accomplishment may cost lives.


These fundamental ideas served as the foundation upon which COREONYX was built, with "certainty of outcome" being the goal and creating teams that perform well to make satisfied clients the company's primary focus from the outset. These ideals served as the foundation for even the title COREONYX.


COREONYX was founded to give the value, excellence, and ethics government clients require from dependable service providers. Its foundations include a passion for assistance, unshakeable honesty, and a devotion to each client's goal.


They provide a proven history of success in designing, implementing, and providing mission-critical products and services for the Federal Government, managed by a senior management group with extensive expertise in both government and business.


COREONYX: What makes them Unique?


Mincey has proven till now that this is a mature company that believes in the cause. The idea of including digital technological advancement in government works is phenomenal. They believe in goal setting. While many industries have goals and different planning strategies, they still need to produce the outcome.


Guy has been the stem of this company, working to implement the right goals and produce amazing outcomes. The company works on some pillars like any other organization. So what makes it different?  The three essential performance pillars—technical demands, commercial attributes, and a company-wide change management strategy—are included in the company's strategy for IT Management & Development.


By tackling all three pillars simultaneously, they create an IT approach and roadmap that satisfies your technological and business goals and produces realistic implementation timetables that involve your team as you update your computer systems. The team of these experts has successfully achieved a digital shift in government using our tried-and-true three-pronged strategy.


Let's talk about the basis of the high achievement of the company. It is because their primary objective is to offer distinctive services while demonstrating strong knowledge, concentration, creativity, and devotion. They are aware that they cannot satisfy everyone's needs.


Instead, they are always focused on providing their core competencies and revealing the commercial value of digital disruptive innovation that revolves around the client's demands and expedites and delivers the effective delivery of the client's mission.


Therefore, COREONYX has established itself as a market leader in offering and handling some of the more sophisticated Enterprise IT operations available today while also reducing costs, enhancing dependability, and reducing the risk associated with current IT expenditures.


How does COREONYX assist the government?


One may ask this question as this is a complicated topic. The CEO and founder have grown the business and upgraded the technology used. COREONYX Government Solutions, with its headquarters in Virginia, is meeting this need by offering the next wave of digital technology to meet the demands of government agencies while offering the efficiency, agility, and user experience required.


In that regard, the business is creating and completing a few of the United States Government's biggest, most intricate, most revolutionary digital engagements. Using contemporary systems for managing content, the developers started the digital transformation path more than 20 years ago with large-scale fusion and website change for a number of the biggest government agencies, such as the U.S. government's Department of Interior along with, subsequently, the United States Social Security Administration ( i.e., SSA) and the United States National Institutes of Health, to mention a few.


To address these issues, they use proven tried-and-true methodology for digitally changing businesses, utilizing various tools, including the cloud, mobile apps, and sophisticated statistics. Barely any agency can provide all these solutions in one place.


Guy says, concerning the technical side of their products, "Our priority is ensuring each endeavor succeeds at all tiers. Most companies would agree that there is a lot of putting in the hours and performing the prep work. Our employees possess an unmatched level of zeal, desire, and skill, which makes a difference. Every time they work together, they carry on the client's purpose as their own and pay close attention to the final results and the steps needed to get there. Therefore, we are providing the value that our clients desire.


Success to be Grateful for


Guy has said in interviews about how grateful he is for the prestigious positions that the company has achieved. The businesses on this list exhibit an outstanding pace of development within the Mid-Atlantic area across every sector.


Private businesses saw a mean expansion rate of 381 percent between 2019 and 2021, while in only 2021, they helped the Mid-Atlantic area to create 14,439 jobs plus $2.66 billion. The biggest growth rates were among businesses headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, & Washington, D.C.


The most renowned rating of the Mid-Atlantic region's most rapidly expanding private enterprises, the fourth yearly Inc. 5000 Regionals: Mid-Atlantic chart, has COREONYX Government Services at the top. Who would have thought about such an honor? It was only in 2018 that the company took off with a vision of serving the government in the following - 


  • Solution Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Data migration
  • Cloud migration
  • Analytics road map


Facing problems and Finding solutions


When COVID hit, everything was online without any clue as to what we were supposed to do. The government also faced the same issue. That is when COREONYX came into the picture. Although the government launched its website, the website experience evolved into one that needed to be more relaxed, labor-intensive, and costly.


Users encountered a website with over 78,000 distinct data portals and no discernible content structure or navigation.  Furthermore, the old system needed more modernization to successfully and efficiently carry out its job. Due to the platform's reliance on physical infrastructure (information centers, equipment, etc.) & its usage of antiquated processes, methods, and software like HTML, it has an old and challenging-to-manage architecture.


Customers found it very difficult to utilize the website, identify what they were searching for, obtain and register for SSA advantages, and verify the current state of their SSA benefits online due to these obstacles.

Working in such a chaotic way was difficult, so they came up with solutions.


The team redesigned the SSA portal and converted it to a digital Content Delivery Network (CDN), which improved the website's infrastructure, adaptability, velocity, and security and allowed it to distribute information about SSA perks to Americans worldwide.


Additionally, the system was created to fulfill traffic and performance expectations with continuous hosting, prevent threats and assaults, and actively defend against them. As the CEO comes from a military background, it also gives the company an edge.


Who doesn't want to go for something other than something solely meant for the services of the government? Guy has been in the services and knows the value of serving the nation, which makes this company better. The experience brought into the workings of COREONYX is an essential component to the incredible successes achieved to date.


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