Dash Technologies | A multinational professional services firm that specializes in using tailored software solutions to assist organizations in optimizing their data.

Shani Bhavsar

Dash Technologies is a multinational professional services firm that specializes in using tailored software solutions to assist organizations in optimizing their data. We are technical specialists who are passionate about making ideas come to life. We transform business difficulties into technology solutions using a unique consultation methodology and an agile development approach.

Dash Technologies Inc. was established in 2010 as an innovator in new technologies and had been offering development as a service (DaaS) for more than ten years.

The company’s headquarters are located in Columbus. Shani Bhavsar, CEO of Dash Technologies and a highly successful businessman, runs the organization.

We’ll supply programming and coding tailored to your project, whether you’re a Fortune 500 firm or a start-up, so you can concentrate on the big picture while we take care of the details. Therefore, you may relax knowing you’re in good hands when working on a company’s growth.

Our Mission

No matter the technology platform, to be the most dependable technology supplier in the development as a Service (DaaS) industry while fostering positive transformation for our clients.

We are determined to be your most dependable technology collaborator moving forward because we know that change might be challenging to manage. We’re dedicated to upholding the same trustworthy and honest ideals that we were built on, even as we continue to experience fast growth.

Our Vision

Whether you’re new to technology or are proficient in all programming languages, we believe we can provide inventive solutions to every dialogue in our modern world, where technology is the universal language of business. We are your go-to resource for adding innovative problem-solving, cordial communication, and a relentless force of positive energy to all we do, regardless of where you are in your path.

The number of platforms expands, the number of programming languages doubles, and the complexity and volume of data increase as technology advances in the coming ten years. As a result, we believe there is a need for a business that can communicate everything and help our clients make decisions that will pay off in the long run.

Our Services

Our services cover the whole product lifecycle, from ideation to release, whether you want to design a custom app or integrate new technologies with a legacy system. Our portfolio covers various industries, including engineering, digital, and technology. “We wouldn’t be here without the committed workers who make up the Dash team and the amazing customers who have faith and trust in our service.”- said, Shani Bhavsar

Here we’ve listed some of our best services:

● Big Data Administration

To maximize the value of your data, establish a robust data ecosystem and automate the data collection, management, and analysis processes.

● Development of custom applications

Utilize native mobile, progressive web, and cross-platform applications that you created and that our team developed to meet your specific business issues.

● Integration of systems and enterprise mobility

Provide your business with various solutions to connect people, processes, devices, and applications.

● Building Design & Integration

Integrate vital information and various IT parts from several systems into a single, central area using cross-platform functionality.

● QA and testing

Deliver superior customer experiences by thoroughly and accurately addressing all potential defects and concerns.

● Windows Services

Take advantage of Microsoft’s extensive range of features and leave the hard work—including deployment and ongoing management—to our team.

Sectors We Serve

Using our agile development methodology and sprint project management, we provide programming and coding on a project-by-project basis that connects Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science to apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts. This aids clients in conceiving, developing, and managing more creative and effective businesses.

As an ISO 9001-certified company, Dash’s operations have undergone rigorous A-level verification. Our specialists examine business processes using proven industry-best standards, make recommendations for solutions, and create adaptable automation models that can increase productivity and enhance business operations.

We have experience producing outcomes for a varied pool of clients across various industries, including automotive, construction, retail, and more.

• Automotive


• Construction

• Education

• FintTech

• Food and Beverages

• Healthcare

• Logistics

• Manufacturing

• Oil and gas

• Retail

How can Dash Technologies help the business?

“Let Technology Take Care of the Hard Work” Dash Technologies’ AI-powered solutions enable customers to find fresh business insights and alter their procedures to streamline operations. Our cutting-edge technology collects valuable data to remove uncertainty from crucial business choices.

Why Choose Dash Technologies?

According to Inc. 500, we have the unique honor of being Columbus, Ohio’s fastest-growing private company. In addition, Dash has also been named the 12th fastest-growing private company in Inc. Magazine’s Top 250 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Midwest, with a growth of over 775% from 2020.

Dash is in a unique position to offer clients cutting-edge solutions. However, delivering something outstanding is necessary for our development and success. As a project-based business, our objective is consistently to provide a fantastic product. Our ability to satisfy our clients is how we gauge our success, and with each project that goes well, we hope to inspire them to request additional services from us.

We have:

● More than ten years of development experience

● 150 or more satisfied clients

● 450+ completed projects.

We are determined to be your most dependable technology collaborator moving forward because we know that change might be challenging to manage. So we’re committed to keeping things exact, honest, and authentic even as we continue to expand quickly.

Our Specialty

To consistently exceed the competition, “We Deliver flawless experiences, business efficiencies, and actionable insights.”

● Database Services

Utilize our experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to create a brighter future. We’ll gather pertinent information so you may make the wisest business decisions possible.

• Artificial Intelligence

We can assist your company in achieving highquality, economical solutions tailored to your unique business demands because we are a leader in AI solutions. Our experts offer top-notch artificial intelligence development services and are skilled at using AI to complete challenging tasks quickly.

• Machine learning

We provide and create cutting-edge machine-learning solutions to assist businesses in resolving numerous critical business difficulties. With the aid of ML-powered applications, our services help you make data-driven decisions.

• Development of apps

Enter the realm of mobility with your original concepts turned into amazing apps that meet your company’s needs. Our app developers can create a mobile app that meets your needs, within your price range, and by the deadline you specify.

Benefits Of Working With Dash Technologies

● Dash Tech is open to undertaking challenging and ambitious tasks.

● Our highly professional team is very technically skilled and informed across a wide range of topics.

● We take time to comprehend the project and all of its specifics fully.

● We assist in areas other than technology, such as business concepts and choices.

● Clients appreciate our dedication to ensuring that the client’s standards complete the project at all times.

● One of our greatest assets is their flexibility and readiness to take a novel or creative approach.

"Dash Technology offers a conducive and creative work environment for knowledge expansion. Both a healthy and competitive environment can find there. As a result, people will develop their talents, and the business will make money. In the list of INC 5000 Companies, Dash Technologies Inc. is ranked as the #1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in Columbus, Ohio, the #27 Nationwide Software Service Industry, and the #153 Overall Industry. We truly appreciate our clients’ unwavering faith in the caliber of our products and services and their ongoing support."



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