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Mohammed Abbas

Visitors to Saudi are spoiled for choice, with plenty of options to explore the beautiful city’s culture, sports, and entertainment events, top-notch restaurants, and luxurious hotels. It would benefit you if you picked an excellent application to help you to plan a vacation to Saudi Arabia. There needs to be a perfect guide to show you the way because you need to learn more about the country.

However, Wafy is one of the most trusted, top-grade platforms to offer an out-and-out guide to Saudi Arabia’s tourist, sports, culture, and entertainment events. It literally is a mine of data all packaged into one platform.

The Wafy was founded by Mohamed Abbas, who also launched and is the leader of GT Medical. He is a renowned businessman who has set up multiple businesses and attracted national and worldwide attention. Forbes recently listed him as one of the ten Middle Eastern business leaders to watch. We were not able to have a sit down due to a time conflict.

Wafy is the first-class content aggregator in Saudi Arabia!

With the addition of content in nine languages, including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Urdu, Balinese, and Arabic, Wafy has taken the initiative to expand its global reach. This new initiative intends to inform readers worldwide about Saudi projects that seek to raise investment in the Kingdom, attract tourists, and improve quality of life.

Wafy offers top-quality articles about entertainment, sports, tourism, and culture. Since its launch in 2016, the Wafy platform has offered online viewers high-quality Saudi-focused content focused on culture, tourism, entertainment, and sports. It contains complete coverage of all entertainment, sporting festivals, events, and articles on culture and tourism referenced from reliable sources.

Offers a Plethora Of Options

The Wafy App is a Super App with multiple features requiring more than 60 applications to cover, including coverage of events and experiences, tickets, and content to read along with. The website has become Saudi Arabia’s most popular and reliable content aggregator. It sends customers on a journey where they may read articles about Saudi Arabia, order tickets for their preferred events, and look for interesting places to visit using lists of different categories. In addition, the platform Wafy is an excellent substitute for downloading dozens of other apps thanks to its function as an aggregator.

Strength of Wafy

The incredibly user-friendly front end of Wafy is complemented by a solid back end that shows off the system’s strength. It equates to the platform having zero crashes and an exponential track record of traffic and download growth. In addition, the service tops at monetizing and being transactional, with a staggering conversion rate of more than 80% - that translates to hundreds of millions of Saudi Riyals in estimated revenue for event organizers.

Moreover, Wafy appeals to all audience segments, including readers, event attendees, and adventure seekers. Everyone who uses the platform can enjoy it, regardless of age or gender. The Wafy app and website have you covered, irrespective of whether you’re looking for an easily accessible event, a more profound and extraordinary experience, or simply attempting to learn about Saudi culture and other tourist sites. The app already earned downloads from all over the globe.

Find that needle with the help of Wafy!

Wafy uses sophisticated technologies, such as filters and a top search system, to offer clients access to a wide variety of information with the least amount of time and effort possible, as well as ensure that their overall experience is straightforward and enticing.

Wafy lists every archived article in its database, which contains thousands of them. The thousands of stories in Wafy’s database of articles, lists, experiences, and locations span a wide range of topics, including culture, heritage, travel destinations, and journeys throughout Saudi Arabia. The platform’s specialized listings also work to simplify your upcoming trip. Moreover, lists suggest cafes, restaurants, retail centers, parks, cultural locations, historical sites, or seasonal activities in various Saudi cities.

Offers client-friendly services

Wafy is often creating new goods and services to make traveling fun. The Wafy team constantly works to improve the services and introduce new products as part of the ongoing efforts to ensure that Wafy is the top Saudi platform specializing in culture, tourism, sports, and entertainment. It is done to ensure that visiting the Kingdom remains a pleasurable experience.

Great Mission Of Wafy

Marketing Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world is Wafy’s goal. How?

Generally, a search engine is the first place you think of while looking for local events. However, due to the overwhelming number of results that inevitably come off, you may only sometimes find what you are looking for; it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Wafy achieves this by streamlining and providing hundreds of millions of options for events, activities, and destinations for all Saudis, expatriates, and visitors.

It offers people a quick and convenient method to explore and learn about the Kingdom.

Everything recently happened or will soon in our fast-paced world. Regarding events and experiences, Wafy successfully performs a unique selling proposition. A crucial factor of their brand DNA, FOMO, is present throughout the whole Wafy experience. And it makes the Wafy a buzzing platform among its customers.

Content Methodology Of Wafy

Wafy’s content strategy is built on the following five pillars:

• To inform: Every day, journalists and authors create articles on hot topics.

• Remind: Lists with carefully chosen recommendations are published by content creators.

• Transact: Interest-based ticketing is used for experiences and events.

• Share, rate, and review: Increase exposure via user-generated content and reviews

Re-entice: Providing a rich and individualized trip increases user advocacy and re-attracts users.

Have a Great Global Reach

Wafy can never be confined to a particular region or nation. With the addition of new languages, Wafy will be able to connect with 63% of the world’s population. Wafy gets about 1.5 million views per month despite using English and Arabic as primary languages. Although there are currently no verified rumors or news, all evidence point to the platform’s growth and an earlier-than-predicted expansion into new regions. It may only be a matter of time before Wafy’s international goals become a reality and it begins to serve people outside of Saudi Arabia.




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