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Pieter Danhieux

Pieter Danhieux, the Chief executive officer, chairman, and co-founder of the company secure code warrior. It is a gamification setting where software testers and developers can gain knowledge on how to find and fix security flaws in software correctly. He was in charge of Delivery for the Advanced Intelligence business unit at BAE Systems APAC from January 2014 to January 2015 and was a member of the executive team. Before that, Pieter spent seven years as an information security specialist with Ernst & Young in Europe, where he oversaw a team of strike and permeation resources working in the telecommunications and financial sectors.

With over a decade of expertise as a security specialist and eight years as a chief instructor for SANS, Pieter Danhieux is a recognized security expert around the world. He teaches offensive methods on how to strike and assess organizations, systems, and people for security weaknesses.

He received the Cyber Security Professional of the Year award from the Australian Information Security Affiliation in 2016 and was named one of Australia’s Coolest Tech People by Business Insider. He also holds the GSE, CISSP, GCIH, GCFA, GSEC, GPEN, GWAPT, and GCIA certifications.

About the Company

Secure Code Warrior stands out due to the fact that it was founded around seven years ago with the intention of helping developers rise to the challenge of producing code that meets higher standards of quality. The culture surrounding the developer’s role in security industry standards needs to be improved in most organizations. However, companies can activate a desire for online security through secure coding with true developer enablement. No other network security platform provides the breadth of linguistic knowledge that Secure Code Warrior does, with more than 6,000 platform challenges across nearly 60 language frameworks. Additionally, the platform offers developers over 300 hours of material and playtime that span 159 various risk types, including the crucial OWASP Top 10.

The platform makes a developer-led security strategy possible and provides real-time secure coding guidance, which is essential for quickly finding and resolving vulnerabilities. Developers find and fix vulnerabilities while advancing their security knowledge thanks to the actionable advice they receive throughout their workflows. Secure Code Warrior’s platform disrupts the market by providing developer training that empowers and incentivizes designers to think and act with a protection mindset. This shifts the emphasis from reaction to prevention. Additionally, organizations can write secure code while learning new skills thanks to Secure Code Warrior’s toolkit and learning platform, which offer extensive contextual learning and hands-on missions.

The Warriors team is distributed throughout the world and offers top-notch support to organizations as they develop their plans to eliminate lousy coding practices. To help our customers’ development teams deliver high-quality code more quickly, a devoted Customer Success team offers support. They assist them by providing the following:

● A unique approach to customer success that enables the best program implementation and setup

● Proven enterprise-ready playbooks that influence best practices in the industry

● A data-driven strategy for implementing a top-notch secure coding program

● A comprehensive help center with all the tools you need to roll out complete security software to your teams, including access to educational videos, practical how-to guides, and communication and reporting template templates.

As an expert-driven company, Secure Code Warrior is fortunate to have access to some real industry titans’ extensive knowledge and expertise.

Designers view themselves as constantly advancing, so they spend much time researching and developing new characteristics and content as the service industry requires them. Researchers also tackle more complex problems that many companies can work toward as their developer-led security strategy develops. They carefully consider customer feedback to improve and tweak our goods and services.

They will keep uplifting developers to learn the best secure coding methods and establish a security mindset from the start. Secure Code Warrior’s newly introduced Secure Code Coach, the latest go-to public microsite for building security skills and awareness, has been available to development teams since last month. Secure Code Coach provides the latest best practices in secure coding regulations, hands-on operations, and video content to equip designers with all they require to ship secure code quicker.

Overview of Secure code warrior.

Developers have chosen Secure Code Warrior as the best tool for developing robust and secure coding skills. Secure Code Warrior’s human-led approach reveals the security superstar inside every coder by making security an enjoyable and engaging experience. This allows development teams to ship quality code more quickly so you can concentrate on developing excellent, secure software for our planet.

They are motivated to make secure teaching coding a good experience by bringing our distinct brand of creativity, approachability, and fun to this cause because we care about the effects that poor security coding has on the world. Their goal is to establish a people-first approach to security upskilling by encouraging an international society of security-conscious designers to adopt a precautionary secure coding approach and permanently eradicate lousy coding practices.

With interactive coding challenges highly relevant to specific languages and frameworks, your developers will be eager to advance their secure coding knowledge and abilities.

Learning Resources: Begin with concepts of application security and security fundamentals. More than 160 e-learning videos and briefing resources cover security basics, mobile security, and web security flaws.

Education: Develop secure coding abilities through engaging framework- and language-specific coding challenges. Gain knowledge of security flaws and how they operate, develop your ability to spot them during code reviews, and then learn how to reduce and fix weaknesses.

Lessons: Selected learning paths that will help you advance your cybersecurity program’s overall competency. Create and assign training programs to fill specific skill gaps or help meet compliance standards like NIST and PCI-DSS. Tournaments: Promote secure coding by raising awareness and encouraging ongoing participation. Create fun, competitive events that involve the entire coding community.

Assessments: Confirm secure coding proficiency in a completely customizable and manageable setting. Be sure your developers can secure your code at least to a basic level. Determine and establish a baseline for the secure coding abilities of your current developers, offshore developers, new hires, and recent graduates.

Information & Analysis: Disclosing to monitor and track training progress throughout your organization, such as evaluation results for conformity auditing needs. Individual, team, and organizational performance and skill development can be easily measured and analyzed thanks to role-specific dashboards, pre-built reports, and reporting API.

Connect with your primary business systems using open integrations to organize your workflow. You can access control and save time by automating user management and creating monthly reports within your current toolkit using RESTful APIs.

With the Secure Code Warrior Platform, you can immediately equip your developers to produce high-quality code. Better productivity and reduced rework due to quality code ultimately result in time and cost savings. With practical, framework-specific coding challenges and missions, Secure Code Warrior helps developers develop their software security skills positively and enjoyably. A software delivery model known as “software as a service” entails the vendor hosting and managing the software system over the Internet. Customers don’t own the supporting infrastructure; they only pay for the use of the software. The learning platform, which is used by the top financial institutions in the world, has proven to be effective in the field and can assist organizations in upskilling coders from awareness to adherence status and beyond.

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