SocialRise | An On-Demand Lead Generation Marketing Agency

SocialRise is a digital marketing department for businesses and organizations.

They are experts in developing lead-generating blueprints for their clients to guarantee them potential success. It is headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario. This company was founded in 2016.Their philosophy is that “ Leads are the new currency “

SocialRise operates as an on-demand marketing department.

When our clients win, we win! – said, Mr Cannor LaRocque

EXCLUSIVE:- We got into a conversation with Connor LaRocque, the Chief Executive Officer of SocialRise, to learn more about the company and how its sensing solutions serve their customer efficiently and effectively!


Can you start by giving a brief introduction about what SocialRise Inc does in a nutshell?

SocialRise. Inc is a national media agency specializing in lead generation and social media marketing agency for our clients. We have worked across North America for several years in the planning, education, retail, insurance, financial, planning, education, retail, automatic entrepreneurship, personal development, and wealth and wellness. Our goal is not just to make you good online but to increase your income in your business through digital marketing strategies. SocialRise. Inc works with a number of B2B and B2C clients. We have drone operators on staffs, an HD camera, and a team to put you in – front of that camera.


Tell us about the specialties of your company.

We are specialized in the broader area such as –

●          Marketing

●          Social media

●          Local management

●          Personal management

●          Web

●          Content

●          Ads

●          SEO

●          Facebook

●          LinkedIn

●          Twitter

●          Instagram


Tell us about your journey. How did you start this company?

I started my journey after I was selling door to door for ADT alarms and selling construction blasting mats across North America. At that time, I had a keen interest in social media and followed someone named Tau's hopes. So it was the perfect time for me to start a social media company.


Tell us about your team members. How are they contributing to the success of your company?

I have a highly- dedicated team. We are experts in developing lead-generating blueprints for our clients to guarantee them potential success. We are a team of social media experts driven by results. We turn massive attention into revenue for your business through digital marketing. We have a team of lead generation experts. We have the best team in every way.


When did you realize that you wanted to start your own company?

I was always interested in entrepreneurship. From the age of 11, I bought and sold toys on eBay. After graduation, I thought it was the perfect time for me to start the company.  I have fulfilled my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.


What are things which are essential to know before d starting any company?

One thing that should be clear in mind before starting any company is that you will have to be self-motivated. You have to create your path. Always remember, deals are not going to fall in your lap. You have to work harder. You have to be hungry and grind, and one of the most important things is to "Create your own opportunity ".


What is the greatest thing you have achieved after starting your company?

The greatest thing I have achieved is being able to grow a million-dollar company by helping people to do their marketing. Since we are working as a marketing company it’s our responsibility to serve our client always in the best way.


What is the vision of your company and how you stay ahead of the competition?

Our vision is to impact the online business industry by helping them increase their online presence and get quality leads. We are continuously learning and trying to find what is relevant. It has a lot to do with the talent we are having in our office. This makes us to stay ahead of the competition.


What makes you the best among the rest of your competitors?

We are continuously investing our time and energy in our start-ups. We are learning from the best marketers in the world. These things are enhancing our work and helping us to serve our clients in an excellent way.  We build all kinds of marketing campaigns using content creation, graphic design, and video production to position our client's brands. We help our clients to reach thousands of people fast   . These are our unique features. These things differentiate us from our competitors.


Do you have any short-term goals?

We want to continue to grow our salesforce. This will enable us to help more people.  And my main objective is to help more and more people. So, these are our short-term goals.


What kind of life did you have before joining the company? Did you always want to achieve something like this company?

I started my career as a motivational speaker and as an author. I always wanted to help other people and be awarded for doing so. I am so humbled and grateful for where we are now.


Tell us about the effect of COVID on your company. How do you stay motivated when things don’t work according to plans?

We grow through covid because of the nature of our business. We are on the frontlines helping companies to go digital. When things don’t work according to plan always remember why you started and don’t stay the same. It’s all the journey at the end of the day.


Tell us about the roles and responsibilities in the company.

As a CEO, I am in charge of all public relations b, sales, and growth of the operation. As a Chief Executive Officer, you should be as active as you can. I am continuously trying to improve my company and help more people.


Where do you want to see your company in a decade?

We will be a Canadian leader in the industry across the world. I am proud to be a Canadian. I want to showcase it on a digital platform


What are the essential things for achieving success in the business world?

The main focus should be on building great relationships as it will be vital for the business growth and give many opportunities. Be ready to take some hits because you will not always win. Winning and losing is a part of every business.


Tell us about your plans.

SocialRise will be the biggest multimedia company in Canada within the next decade. We are going to combine outbound selling services and multimedia. We will also do marketing for the companies, and will also do sales on their behalf of them.

What do we have to say?

SocialRise is a digital marketing department for businesses and organizations. This company is continuously putting efforts into helping people in growing their businesses. They are doing a fantastic job with their expertise in developing lead-generating blueprints for their clients.

The whole team of this company is highly determined toward their goals.

Mr. Connor is a very humble man and is putting his best efforts into helping people in digital business and marketing.

SocialRise will be the biggest multimedia company in Canada in the next decade. They will combine outbound selling services and marketing and will surely rise.



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