GCSIT | A unique engineering firm which helps customers to create agility in the infrastructure.

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GCSIT is a unique engineering firm whichhelps customers to create agility in the infrastructure. We inspire and ready our customers to build a solid business infrastructure by using some dynamic elements like

● Hybrid and private elements ● Automation digital workspace ● Disaster recovery
● Software-defined networks

We ready our customers to be ready with challenges faced in the businesses and understand the complex business trends. We promote new trends, a unique relationship with the customer and understand them well. Our main motive is the bright vision, goals, and future needs of the company.


●  Silicone Review winner 2021 (50 most innovative companies of 2021)

●  CIO Review winner 2020 (Most Promising Dell consulting/services Companies)

●  VMware Innovation Award 2018 (Top Global Centre visualisation Services partner)Top Global Data Center Virtualization

●  VMware Innovation Award 2018( Top Solution provider Hyperconverged Infrastructure)
Top Solution Provider West Hyperconverged Infrastruct

●  VMware Innovation Award 2016 (Global Enterprise Solution Provider VMware Partner Innovation Award)

●  VMware Innovation Award 2016 ( American Enterprise Solution VMware Partner Innovation Award)


Q1. What role do we play in today’s business world?

We look at the long-term success of the customer. By aligning our corporate values for the company’s future and focusing on the various qualities of the business that need special attention.

We hustle to make GCSIT a place where people want to work, inspire and motivate themselves to come to the office daily. A healthy workspace which shapes and builds you in all aspects.


Q2. What are the correlations between technology and the worldwide aspects?

Few of the correlations which have an impact on the other industries-
How healthcare systems can help patients by moving to the cloud-

The Healthcare system was overloaded when the COVID pandemic hit and everything went helter-skelter. Keeping medical records, and storing data of so many patients burdened the technology too. Pandemic seems never-ending so do the solutions to it.

Cloud computing can help an overly taxed system to meet patients’ needs. Here are three ways cloud computing can help patients-

●  Data Accessibility- It is so messy and difficult to find medical reports of particular patients in a place like a hospital which has tons of files of several patients. Cloud computing helps easy access data within a few seconds with zero effort. It can be done by using SaaS and patients’ information in the cloud.

●  AI-enhanced treatment plans- AI is a boon to mankind. AI is proven to treat breast cancer in 87% of women as it helps in early detection. Using AI for tests, surgeries and diagnoses of severe diseases in the early stage can help save many lives.

●  Availability of telehealth- CDC showed that in 2020, the death rate increased due to late treatments and not getting the right treatment. Telehealth is a cloud-based treatment in which the patient can contact the doctor and talk about the problem occurring.

●  Another crucial article of theirs that talks about building Agile infrastructurePandemic gave rise to hybrid work models which changed the traditional working tradition. Building an agile infrastructure is better positioned which can help in better iteration and can improve working efficiency in both, the office and remotely.

It is deploying technologies which incorporate virtual technologies and digitizing the workspace. The main motive of Agile infrastructure is to help increase employment comfort, and capacity and to provide a friendly environment by scaling out their needs regarding their workspace.

There are many sectors where technology comes to play be it management, healthcare, corporates, etc. Digitization is the future of traditional workspaces and corporate trends. Here are the key ways to put Agile infrastructure

● Create a digital workspace.
● Leverage of Virtual desktop infrastructure for quality security.
● Creating investment flexibility with a hybrid model.
● Keep momentum by creating a continuous delivery Infrastructure.


Q3. What are the industries which we serve?

Education- To provide the right technology for students to study, communicate and score well. Strategies which can help increase interaction and makes learning fun.

Government firms- End-to-end solutions for long-term investments, finance and tax management, infrastructure compliance, etc.

Financial services and offices- Accelerate operations, management, consumption, and governance of hybrid cloud environment.

Business firms- Providing plans to manage financial records, non-interrupting cloud services and help create a better experience for customers with innovative ideas.

Healthcare system- Handling data of patients, and medical records, keeping track of regular checkups of patients, and managing hospital statistics.

Service providers- Help in communicating with people better with quality tactics.


Q4. What all work do we do?

Overview -

Build a scalable and agile infrastructure which is predictable as well.

Automation -

Navigate decisions related to automation of the business.


An approach to assess the steps and strategies been taken so far.

Digital workspace-

Ensure safety and security digitally through any device.

Disaster recovery-

Prevent any negative impact in case of a mistake.

Hybrid cloud-

Understanding of leverage public and private sectors.

Managed services-

Providing agile, flexible and convenient services.

Private cloud-

A popular and safer environment for businesses.

Public cloud-

On demanding computing services and infrastructure.

Software-defined networks-

Improve control and respond to changing business trends.

System Integrator

Technological solutions to make business better.

VDI storage solutions-

Enhances productivity, and customer experience and offers superior data security.


Q5. With whom we are partnered?

Every company gives a contribution in some or the other way. With some amazing partners, GCSIT is unstoppable. Our partners are-

●  Dell Technologies

●  Vietnam

●  Microsoft Partner

●  Amazon web services

●  VM ware

We hold ourselves responsible for the atmosphere and the quality of workspace employees are working in. We strive to make community connections and choose to focus on the voluntary activities required for business development.

GCSIT gives predictable, scalable and agile infrastructure-

The result of this is an adaptive, flexible, responsive, customer-centric organisation a creative lift and the ability to identify more opportunities and growth. Installing an agile mindset throughout the company’s journey can help in identifying opportunities, growth and protecting the bottom line. Our mission is to support companies and transform their infrastructure into completely agile.

It empowers the employees to become bold, innovative, agile and learn with ease. The organisation is equipped with the challenges
of tomorrow and resolves them smoothly as
soon as possible. Agile infrastructure maximises efficiency which can raise the bars of the economy tremendously. But, as the market is changing continuously and trends fluctuate up and down, the access to tools needs to be quick and faster.

What is Cloud agile infrastructure?

Ans- High work velocity equals faster work results and productivity. In software development companies we provide sources which enable people to untangle creativity and the work can be done faster. By adopting a continuous delivery infrastructure the business can give exceptional outcomes.

A Cloud Agile is a scalable infrastructure which minimizes complexities, and adaptability and improves workflow. We offer clients to optimise strategies and tools to grow their performance or company digits by digital methods. In all this, there is flexibility which makes it even better for employees to work more and improve their performance.

These are all dynamic tools and solutions which are implied easily in daily lives and make work easier by allowing us to tackle situations with any errors and helps in thriving. Process focused Agile IT infrastructure can enable to answer a question and solve a problem without losing any data.

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