HeartFlow | A medical technology company with non- invasive and personalised cardiac tests is indeed a medical advancement.

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Cardiac arrests are getting more common day-by-day. Earliest detection can help in preventing fatality and complications.

For good health and life, HeartFlow is a medical technology company with non- invasive and personalised cardiac tests is indeed a medical advancement.

Provision of unprecedented coronary arteries tests, enabling physicians to create awareness and technology to help identify diseases.

There is no company around the world which does tasks and operations which we do.

We are passionate and visionary about how to make diagnosis easier. Innovative ways to maintain coronary management, pushing into new frontiers.


Our mission is to create awareness about heart health and ways to keep heart healthy. Physicians get critical information they need without any risks or invasive procedures. CEO John Farquhar and his team has brought an exquisite combination of AI and Analysis techniques which makes cardiac tests faster and easier. Dr. Gregory Mishkel, Dr. Vincent Zata and hospital administrators at Prairie Heart Hospital, HSHS St. John’s Hospital share how HeartFlow had embrassed the accuracy and appreciate the advancement in cardiology. It has impacted organisation with Heartflow analysis and AI based advancement.

Our motive is to make society filled with healthy hearts with intuitive, safe, convenient and seamless techniques. Achievements -

●  Innovation and Technology Payment Program Awarded by NHS England

●  Received reimbursement approval in Japan from  MHLW

●  Launched PRECISE Randomized Clinical Trial

●  Named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company

●  FDA Clearance Received for HeartFlow Planner


What features of cardiac tests make HeartFlow stand out?

Heart flow FFR CT Technique- FFR Technique is a computed which creates a 3D model of arteries. Computer models whih stimulates blood flow and assess whether the flow is being restricted or not.

Heart flow planner- An interactive tool that let’s you model multiple treatment strategies before you land the cath lab.

Preview heart flow- A demo and live experience of heart functioning, HeartFlow, Analysis and Interactive 3D model.


What does our Cardiologist say about HeartFlow?

Cardiologist and director of Cardiac Imaging Research Kavitha Chinnaiyan at William Beaumont hospital has claimed Heartflow will transform the practice of Cardiology.

Cardiology is complex and lack of technology makes is even more complex which can lead to inaccuracy and delay in treatment. HeartFlow is a mission to take care of hearts around the flow and encourage people to take up tests and live a healthy lifestyle.

Upcoming technologies when combine with medicine it forms a unique invention which can save lives. AI and Artery analysis has made it possible to understand human heart and perform operations with ease.


What are strengths in numbers?

With 2x more likely to identify diseases and heart disorders. 40% reduction in layered and repeated testjng. 83% of unnecessary coronary angiograms cancelled. HeartFlow has reduced faulty ngiograms, wrong diagnosis and has overall increased the accuracy of heart reports to a greater extent.


What are the proven outcomes?

Long term studies with data out to 5 years. New findings and functionalities of the heart are understood and studied well by this technology. Finding new theories about how environmental and biological factors impact heart health. 100,000+ trials are conducted with real-life patients in hospitals and clinics which have recieved impeccable results.

Few extraordinary characteristics of advanced cardiology-


A path which is used to diagnose Coronary disease which hasn’t been cleared or reliable by any another technology.

With CT-Flow technology one can enable physicians to diagnose CAD more accurately and efficiently. By combining the two powerful non- invasive technologies- Coronary CTA(CCTA) and Heartflow Analysis.

●  It delivers per vessel diagnostic over non- invasive technology.

●  Provides anatomical and lesion-specific information.

●  Identifies functional disease which might be overlooked.

●  Limits invasive testing and allows physician to identify which can be treated with optimal healthcare.

In CAD, there are high chances that patients might get misdiagnosed. In CT-Flow the accuracy is higher.

HeartFlow Analysis is considered to be a dominatnt strategy which supports Clinical validity and Accuracy. Heartflow Analysis combines anatomical and physiological information to give accurate resuslts.

Real word clinical tests have shown the following results-
● Safely impact clinical decision making
● Conservatively treat patients with a negative HeartFlow Analysis
● Reduce unnecessary ICAs with no reduction in revascularization rates
● Increase cath lab efficiency
● Identify long-term patient cardiovascular risk

After multiple demonstrations it is concluded that HeartFlow is strategic way to take care of patient’s health and give them appropriate treatment.
An advance yet cost saving technique which provides security and accuracy of future.

Improved outcomes-

● 6 months longer and perfect life.
● Better identification of patients needing treatment

●50% increase in cath lab.

Lower cost of care-

● Decreases total cost by 10%.

● Long-term cost effectiveness.


CCTA provides 98% negative predictive value and is a definitive test to help find reasons behind minor chest pains and discomfort.

It is effective for diagnosis of CAD, risk stratification, and guiding treatments. By understanding the 3D model it can provide

● Highest diagnostic accuracy.

● Diagnose CAD that can be missed due to stress.

● Reduce diagnostic cath.
● Not resulting in revascularization.
● Ensure that right patients are advised with right

● Enable revolutionary technology to optimize care in an effective way.

● Provide a simplified patient experience.

Triple Aim Achievement
● Health of Population.
● Experience of care.
● Per Capita Costs of Care.


How Fear of Unnecessary Hospital Tests is Impacting the Patient-Provider Relationship-

Pandemic struck and health became top priority to every one. In this life full of stress around, heart health is degrading. Patients spend more and more on tests, diagnosis and other healthcare expenses like medicines.

The fear mongering which is promoted via fake advertisements is creating a sense of danger and anxiousness amongst people. This concern is rising but people are educating themselves to not impact such fear mongering.

42 percent of respondents know that they have a family history of heart disease and another 77 percent admit to worrying about their heart health, yet most (67 percent) have never sought diagnosis or treatment.

Beyond technology, here are few ways by which one can take care of their health
● Ask for Test Options to be Explained Clearly and Concisely.
● Request the Costs for Tests.
● Request Additional Resources.

By assuring the accuracy with heart health, it builds trust between doctor and patient.In the short term, patients get a better experience, and in the long term, the hope is to help improve outcomes.


What do we have to say?

HeartFlow is visionary in making cardiac treatment advanced day by day. Technology is growing and combining with medicine to give people the boon of cureness and good health.



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