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IOS is a service provider with a reputation for excellence in mineral exploration. IOS houses the largest firm of geologists in Quebec, a very effective project logistics service, and a cutting-edge geoscience laboratory all under one roof.

For almost 30 years, IOS Services Géoscientifiques has assisted the global mining sector in finding mineral occurrences. The team characterizes the sediment samples’ mineralogical composition to identify the type of future deposits from which the sediment samples may have been eroded. The business moved the idea of using the mineralogical imprint out of the academic sphere and into mass production.

IOS Services fosters Canadian innovation through successful collaborations that provide answers to the most pressing issues. By promoting economic development and productivity, we bring about significant change that enhances the standard of living for all Canadians.

A Rapid Evolution

Since its founding in 1999, IOS Services has expanded significantly beyond its initial emphasis on applied and industrial mathematics research. We have broadened our initiative to include college and undergraduate students, recent graduates, and postdocs. In addition, we have increased our network of businesses, hospitals, municipalities, and organizations that are not for profit, regardless of their size or industry. IOS Services offices are in Saguenay on St-Paul Boulevard, while operational facilities and laboratories are outside the city on Talbot Boulevard.

Today, IOS Services support various disciplines, from STEM to social innovation. We are a crucial component of Canada’s innovation ecosystem, with nearly 400 workers and regional centres in Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Work With The Effective Team

IOS SERVICES GÉOSCIENTIFIQUES’S team is committed to establishing and fostering new collaborations, has a strong leadership team, and has multiple spread around the nation. Along with having a main office in Saguenay, IOS SERVICES GÉOSCIENTIFIQUES also maintains regional offices in Ville de Saguenay, Province of Québec, Canada and other important regional cities. In addition, your needs will be met by the IOS Services Géoscientifiques interdisciplinary team of geologists, engineers, scientists, technicians, laboratory assistants, employees, and cooks.

Top Notch Services Of IOS Services Géoscientifiques

IOS provides routine services like sample and drill monitoring at the regional level, but we have also created sophisticated, patented techniques that we can now provide globally. With demand coming from all over the world, IOS Services Géoscientifiques have grown our clientele from beloved enterprises like Osisko Mining and Midland Exploration to big players in the sector like Rio Tinto, De Beers, Anglo-American, Agnico-Eagle, and Teck Resources.

As the industry transitions from chemistry to mineralogy in exploration approaches, IOS offers unique technology that centres on automated mineralogy. Mines don’t generate metal, only mineral concentrates, except for gold. We rebuilt these technologies in our unique platform, which is five times faster than MLA and QEMSCAN and delivers hard chemical data on minerals, not only proxies, to switch from tests to mineral abundance.

A wide range of applications, including automated petrography, alteration mapping, metallurgy, and environmental evaluation, has been made possible by such performance. IOS Services Géoscientifique’s best results come from automating the sorting of detrital minerals for drift exploration (gold, PGM, Kims, etc.). Consequently, this results in lower costs and prices, greater detection limits, and more insightful data. Also, geological knowledge, artificial intelligence, and fundamental machine engineering must combine.

Creative Solutions And Innovative Ideas

In Canada’s innovation ecosystem, IOS SERVICES GÉOSCIENTIFIQUES acts as a catalyst. We establish a top-notch, diverse community of innovators by luring and deploying top people to the industry and connecting needs with the ability to provide ambitious solutions to real-world problems.

IOS has a lot of specialties, including Laboratory services, Mineral, Consultant, GIS Services, Geology, Petrography, Mobility, Geochemistry, Electron microscopy, Mineralogy, Camp, and Diamond exploration.

We primarily provide project development-level support to the mining exploration sector. Even though most of our operations occur in Canada, most of our clientele are foreign corporations.

Although IOS Services, Géoscientifiques’s team have a wide variety of skills, administration, and execution of distant exploration projects. However, our two key specialties are highly specialized high-end geochemistry and applied mineralogy expertise.

IOS Services Géoscientifiques is regarded as the global pioneer in applied mineralogy for experimental projects. However, advanced technologies had to be developed due to the complexity of these methods. Moreover, Geology is a natural science, and determining its variability can be challenging. However, we most likely offer the most precise forecasts in our area of specialization.


From Forming Alliances To Fostering Talent

For more than multiple years, IOS SERVICES GÉOSCIENTIFIQUES has helped businesses achieve their goals, supported ground-breaking research, and provided jobs for postdocs and students. We have a strong commitment to training the researchers of the future who will support Canada’s knowledge-based economy.


IOS services géoscientifiques’ goal is to improve rather than to grow. IOS is a business that resolves issues. We are skilled at coming up with answers to complex technical, scientific, and practical issues. We purposefully decided to take advantage of this and made the right decision.

Bottom line

IOS services géoscientifiques have a variety of experiences, are resourceful, and heavily invest in technology and innovation... and we only work with serious clients!

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