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Joshua Sodaitis

MOBICARD is an exclusive and revolutionary Digital Business card platform exchange for seamless networking. It has been a game changer in the networking arena due to it’s exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform.

MOBICARDTM is a “ Dynamic Digital Footprint “ .

EXCLUSIVE:- We got into a conversation with Joshwa Sodaitis the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson of Peer to peer network, to learn more about the company and how its sensing solutions serve their customer in a better and impactful way.


1) Can you start off by interpreting to our readers what Peer To Peer Network does in a nutshell?

T flagship beta product of peer to peer network is known as the MOBICARDTM. MOBICARDTM is basically a combination of powerful mobile and web apps that have a wide ranging capabilities which includes linking of all kinds of user contact information. The CEO of MOBICARD is Mr. Sodiatis.

He has been the CEO of this company since 2018. Under his expert leadership and guidance, the company has created the MOBICARD mobile apps and all the enterprise solutions. For example – office and cell phone numbers, 

social media recorded voice message, website and video into one consolidated source.

2) What are the new changes in your company? Please elaborate.

One new development in our company is that I recently attended a Unfair Advantage Live event in New York City from May 10th to 12th.

Soon we will announce a plethora of new exciting news. This event has brought in some best producers and the journalists in the media such as :-

  • Ruth Umoh – Editor at fortune

  • Emilie Orozo – Senior Segment

  • Lydia Moneyhihen – Business Reporter at The

    New York Post

  • Marc Murphy – Editor in chief at ‘ Women Day’

  • Ashley Stahl – Host of the widely popular You

    turn Podcast

  • Bryan Solomon – Producer at NBC News

Gary G. Hamilton – Entertainment Journalist at the AP

About 150 producers, journalists, editors and influencers attended the legendary media mixer
on the second night. I was one of the 99 CEO’S or entrepreneurs that passed their application process qualifying to attend.  


3) Tell us about the Merits to a Company of having a digital platforms

There are many benefits of having a digital platform. A digital platform is easier to scale. We are able to have a higher profit margin the higher we grow.


4) Please tell us about the release of MOBICARD 2.0 ?

MOBICARDTM 2.0 will release within 130 days after I execute the contract with our technology contractors. I will make a press release on the day I will sign the contract.


5) MOBICARD seems to be a market disruptor of traditional print and paper business card industry and it is completely digital. Do you see this as a merit Or demerit?

Printing industry is dying. Adults are now spending more time in accessing things with their mobile phones than newspapers and magazines. The average time response of an email is usually 90 minutes.

MOBICARDTM is more efficient. It is also environment friendly and productive. It’s proprietary “ digital footprint “ uses the advancements in mobile technology to expand the market ability of the business card. MOBICARDTM is a upper- level advantage.


6) Would you like to tells us about your personal life?

Yes. I married in 2020 and I am proud to announce that my wife is pregnant with a son who will be named Johnathan James Sodiatis, due July 10,2022.


7) What will be the future of MOBICARDTM?

MOBICARDTM will take the digital communication
to the next level by soothing at the differences in people’s preferred modes of contact. It is also making these modes more easily shared. MOBICARDTM will be the real launch of our path to growth.

It will be the central hub through which everyone shares their contact information in the future. It is also easily shared as it organizes every point of contact hub / digital footprint and pushes all their contact information back to you.


8) We have noticed a new website www. Can you give a brief introduction about that?

We have built a forum where shareholders can go to talk to one another or directly to me, So that I can respond publicly. This helps me to more transparent.

Under former management the company experienced some setbacks including one particular hedge fund converting their toxic Since becoming CEO I have not taken any toxic debt onto our books as CEO and believe that with the announcement of some of our next big incentives we MOBICARDTM could outperform those types of prices.


9) How can new investors get involved?

Our stock is traded on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol PTOP. People can buy the stock in the open market.

Our company also offers shares to accredited investors with the help of a direct participation program where you can easily get the stock at a highly discount from the current market price.


10) Describe the steps involved in building a digital business platform.

Building a digital business platform requires continuous efforts and strategies. I would like to share a story with you all which PTOP’s security attorney had told me once.

He said “ Josh, a former CEO of PTOP raised $1 million to build an app and he kept changing things and trying to get everything perfect. As a result he ended up spending all the money and never putting an app in the store.

The lesson which I have learn from this story is that it is better to have something in the store that’s not necessary perfect and afterwards we can enhance it, And that’s the approach I have taken.

This is the reason why it is extremely important for me to get MOBICARDTM 2.0 . So the apps are ready for prime time. MOBICARDTM 2.0 development contract includes 130 days of support.

What we have to say?

MOBICARDTM is a trending revolutionary and an exclusive digital business card platform. Soon it will be an integral part of every modern business.

Mr. Joshua Sodiatis and his whole team is very hardworking and are continuously putting efforts for the success of their company.

MOBICARDTM will take digital communication to the next level. It has the power to centralize one’s entire digital network into an easy to share point of transfer.

MOBICARDTM will become the central hub through which everyone share their contact in future. It has many fascinating features. It is easily shared and organizes every point of the contact which we have in the digital world.

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