P23 Labs | Healthcare service company dedicated to delivering molecular testing and clinical consultants

P23 Labs CEO

P23 Labs is a healthcare service company dedicated to delivering molecular testing and clinical consultants to assist their patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It has established a laboratory that focuses on enhancing patient-provider relationships by removing healthcare barriers.

EXCLUSIVE:- We got into a conversation with Debra Crouch, MS, MBA,  Chief Innovation Officer to learn more about the company and how its sensing solutions serve their customer better and more impactfully!


1. Can you start by giving a brief introduction to your company?

 At P23, we know that only through accurate and in-depth testing can we help people on their health journey. It’s why we are dedicated to providing molecular testing tests and clinical consultations to help our patients lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness or disease. 

Our laboratory excellence and cutting-edge facilities are also trusted by clinics and medical partners to run advanced tests and cut wait times through prompt results, allowing our partners to provide an even better service for their patients. 

             We have our office in 3 locations – Savannah, GA, Hilton Head, SC and Guaynabo, RR.


2. Tell us about your team. How many years of experience do they have in the medical and diagnostic industry?

We have a team of highly- dedicated! P23’s staff has a combined 150 plus years of experience in genetics, epidemiology business, finance, and clinical medical practice.


3. Please give us a brief description of how a molecular diagnostic lab works?

Molecular diagnostic testing connects laboratory testing with the precision of molecular biology. It helps us in providing fast and accurate results. With this, it is easier for us to detect some infections from harmful bacteria to viruses a little earlier.


4. What is your membership program? How will it help people in improving their health and lifestyle?

It’s a type of monthly membership program that helps people get insights about good health and lifestyle. In this program, customers can receive a health test monthly and become more focused on their health and wellness journey based on their genetic results.

It has a variety of testing available for practice, preventive health care, and screening, all from the comfort of your home.


We have also partnered with fitness trainers and gyms across the country to offer virtual workouts and wellness routines that include nutrition, diet, and healthy behavioral choices.

There are four levels of our membership program:-

1)            Takeoff

2)            Robust

3)            Rejuvenate

4)            Bespoke

People can get more information by visiting our website.


5. Can you describe the core values of your company?

P23 truly embodies 5 values which are:

  • Be Giving
  • Be Reliable
  • Be Excellent
  • Be Accountable
  • Be Trusted

Our main goal is to provide world-class healthcare services to our patients. We are doing this with the help of our core values.


6. How does your company get updated about healthcare development news?

We pay a lot off focusing on media journals, professional groups, societies, communities and governing organizations like CDC and WHO.



7.  How does P23 Labs provide the best service?

We put our best efforts into providing the best laboratory care and service excellence to our clients and patients. We always make sure that every test in our laboratory is processed accurately. Our test results are delivered within 48 hours.

We also put our patients first when coming up with our innovative healthcare solutions. Our membership program is also very beneficial for people. It helps them in boosting their health positively and healthily.

You can take our Puerto Rico Laboratory as an example of our excellent service. There we are positioned in a hugely underserved community. We saw an opportunity to impact the local communities and provide accessible healthcare facilities to them.


8. What makes your company innovative within this space?

P23 Labs is innovative within the diagnostic testing space because we offer our services outside the healthcare insurance system. We are making healthcare facilities accessible to everyone. We are also in the business of helping patients to stay healthy before getting sick.

 To make our patients aware of their deficiencies, intolerances and allergies. We are also conducting a lot of genetic and pharmacological testing.

Our main goal is luxury health care and growing our membership program into the Louis Vuitton of healthcare.


9. What are your views about the future of healthcare?

I cannot speak to the future of healthcare. However, the future of P23 is bright. We are so excited about what lies in our stores for all of us.

 From our mentorship program to our long-term goals, we are creating a healthier service on patient terms. We are continuously putting efforts into improving healthcare facilities for people. We want to create a healthy environment: Enter P23 Labs, a tell for future health.


10.  Healthcare is headed in the right direction. What are your views regarding this statement?

Elements of health are headed in the right direction. We see advancements in technologies. We can keep people generally healthier. Our company is continuously trying to provide excellent health care facilities.



11. Why does P23 Labs have a strong focus on helping people?

We always believe in giving back to people because we are nothing without them. Our founder is a philanthropist at heart. In 2021, we gave over $150 000 to the community–based programs and initiatives and local disaster relief. We love having a positive impact on others’ lives that is whole. We believe.


What do we have to say?

P23 Labs is one of the leading healthcare service provider companies. Being a part of the medical and diagnostic industry, they are continuously putting efforts into improving the lifestyle and health of people. They are now testing infectious diseases like STI, ‘s Bacterial Vaginosis, and Covid-19. They have a high–complexity diagnostic laboratory specialising in diagnostic testing of infectious diseases.

They are doing a great job by making people aware of the diseases and suggesting ways to improve their overall health and lifestyle through their membership program.

They are also launching a membership service to allow patients to take their health and wellness into hands-on terms. They want their patients to live long and healthy life. Their main aim is to provide world-class healthcare services to their patients. They will make positive changes in future also.

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