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Palmchip is an Industrial IoT cyber security, secure cloud, and secure mobile app technology and design company headquartered in San Diego. They strive to stay ahead of the curve and continuously develop cutting edge next-generation technologies solutions.

They believe in innovation, continuous progress by learning from experience, human intelligence from customers, from each other, and advances in science and science fiction movies.

EXCLUSIVE:- We had a conversation with Jauher Zaidi, the Chief Innovation office of Palmchip, to learn more about the company and how its cyber security, cloud custom secure app development, and security expertise serve their customer better and more impactful.


1. Can you start by Interpreting what Palmchip does in a nutshell?

Palmchip is a cyber security, cloud, and mobile app design consulting company. We are known for helping our customers in designing high performance and secure applications. We offer offshore and onshore design consulting services in areas from semiconductors design and software design for cloud and mobile apps. We also help cybersecurity companies to develop customer security apps.

Palmchip customers are Deeptech, Fintech, Agtech, Medtech and Cyber security companies. Palmchip names come from Process and logic memory chip on a system on a chip. Now we have grown past the semiconductor chip and now we say its real meaning is Peace and Love for Mankind. Our mission is to develop technologies which make the world connected and safe.


2. What kind of team members do you have in your company? How are they contributing to the success of your company?

We have a team of highly intellectual, experienced and dedicated people. Our team consists of innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs who have experience in senior leadership positions in fortune 500 

companies and Silicon Valley startups.

Our team distinguishes itself by the security expertise and we have pioneered in secure multi-systems on a single chip and cyber security applications. In addition, our team strives to study ahead of the curve, continuously thinking inside and outside the box to develop next-generation technologies which can help our customers to differentiate themselves from the competition.


3. What are your inventions? Please elaborate.

Palmchip invented the world’s first System on a Chip CoreFrame(TM) on-chip network technology. CoreFrame technology provides high-performance and secure connectivity. Palmchip technology is enabling over 4 billion WiFi, SSD storage and Bluetooth devices. Palmchip’s Secure and Connected software technology is the core for many cybersecurity companies today. We also offer onshore and offshore design consulting services in semiconductor chip, firmware and software design for mobile apps, cloud apps and security applications. Our Cybersecurity Services group helps customers in Deeptech, FinTech, Agtech, MedTech, and CyberTech.


4. Tell us about your Artificial intelligence service?

At Palmchip, we do our best to deliver relevant and impactful custom AI solutions tailored to our customer’s unique business requirements. We provide artificial intelligence consulting for natural language processing, Image analysis, object recognition, predictive analytics, marketing personalization and Industrial IoT.

We believe in our vision: “To improve and enhance quality of life by creating leading-edge and wide- reaching technologies and solutions.” All our AI designs have one focus on our mission, which is to create technologies and solutions for a connected and secure world.


5. What type of Cloud Security service do you provide to your customers?

Palmchip helps businesses take advantage of the secure cloud technology to reduce business costs and improve work efficiency. Primarily during API penetration testing, we test API functions and methods on how they could be pentrated and how authentication could be bypassed. Our Cyber security audit team does the deep dive to find all vulnerabilities.

We can also test to see if we can cause any form of command injection or even XSS if the function responds and renders data on the page.
Our cloud security services include:-
● Cloud security assessment
● Cloud security testing and monitoring
● Secure data backup services
● Helping in-app our business data migration to Google or Microsoft.


6. Tell us about the challenges you have faced?

Performing security assessments and audits of mobile applications possess some unique challenges in front of us as there are hundreds of different models or smart devices. To solve this problem, we have to acquire and use dedicated physical devices and device emulators during the testing process. A code review is recommended to supplement runtime testing and can enable us to perform the most through assessment possible in the time allotted.


7. Give us a brief introduction on how you have expanded your Security?

We expanded our Security offering to include Cyber Security Solutions and Services to B2B and B2C markets by introducing Real-Time, data mirroring and data monitoring Cyber Security solutions addressing efficient and custom data protection requirements and challenges facing midsize and small Business to Business and Business to Consumer Market. Our Clients are in various domains, including Healthcare, Banking, Data Centers and Aerospace. With a simple cyber security audit we can tell what is needed and how companies can secure themselves. We work with our partners who have unique solutions to solve most of the security probelm.


8. Tell us something about your history of partnership with other companies?

In 2012, Palmchip solds its Pakistan Pakistan design group to Open-Silicon Inc, to focus on Cyber Security, Machine Vision and custom secure application development, and Industrial IoT applications.

In 2013, we partnered with Aerospace developers to develop autonomous airplane autopilot computer and navigation systems. These systems needed top security protocols, Artificial Intelligence ( AI), Deep learning and machine learning algorithms. We developed and deployed the solution in with budget and on-time.


9. How does your company help in malware scanning?

Our company helps customers by developing Custom Malware Scanning tools according to the requirements of our customers. We also offer a free malware scanner and other tools so that our customers can detect malware and ransom attacks in real time and mitigate the risks.


10. Give us a brief description of the Cyber security audit?

We know that there are many cyber security policies
in every organization. The primary purpose of the cyber security audit is to give a checklist to ensure
that securities tools are configured correctly and the IT environment and policies are in place and monitored on a regular basis by machines and humans.


11. Why is your company a smart choice for IoT security services?

Our company is an intelligent choice as for the last 25 years, we have a proven track record of delivering quality cutting edge technologies in cloud apps, mobile apps and providing complete cyber security solutions.


12. Briefly describe your Risk assessment and Network assessment.

Palmchip risk assessment technique is important in determining whether customer current network security procedures effectively protect the company from every possible attack.

The primary purpose of Network security is to find and fix network vulnerabilities before hackers find out. We deep dive and assess physical, network, storage, cloud and people access to find vulnerabilities.

What do we have to say?

Palmchip is a top 20 innovative company in the world. They provide cutting edge and secure solutions to their clients. They never fail to amaze their clients with their work in cloud, mobile apps, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Their highly-talented and experienced team has received many international design awards.

They continuously think outside the box to develop next-generation technologies and solutions which will help their customers a lot. They were also a selected participant in many high tech conferences as top leaders. The company’s primary focus is to fill the gap one organization at a time by simplifying cyber security complexities, keeping organizations secure, and helping them be more effective. Its mission is to create technologies and solutions for a connected and safe world. If any organization wants effective cyber security services or secure cloud and mobile apps, then they should always trust Palmchip.

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