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We cannot really imagine our lives without internet and technologies nowadays and in this growing digital world, there has been an immense growth in the engineering consultancy services. This is due to the fact that there has been a powerful drag in the technological advancement in the recent years and these consultancy services are outsourced to reduce the operational expenses.

From the thousands of similar consultancy services, what makes Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Stand out is its integrity, innovation and serenity. Founded in 2010, by providing the top-notch quality services, they aim to build a strong relationship with their clients. Their firm believe in transparency lead them to focus on every minute detail related to the projects, that helps in providing the complete satisfaction of the clients by fulfilling their needs and help  them creating a success story they remember. With the headquarters located across the whole world, as in USA, Canada, Argentina, Colombo, Mexico, Nigeria and India, they hope to be the first choice for their customers by providing expertise in specific domains and to help accelerate the value creation process for their clients.

In conversation with Dipti Agrawal, CEO and Co- founder of Tudip Technologies.


Q. When did you realize that you want to start your own company?

Looking at the world getting transformed due to the change in the IT industries and technology getting revolutionized every day brought up an idea about starting our own IT industry that will provide the best software solutions to our clients. Our aim was to provide services with Integrity, Innovation, and Serenity which will help our clients to grow their business.


Q. What was the aim behind the company?

Technology is changing every day with new advancements and making our lives easier. The growth that we saw in the industry made us think about a goal and vision for our clients where we can provide more innovative solutions to them. Ideally, the goal is that we provide the best software solutions to our clients.


Q. What is the vision behind the company or what do you see for the future of this company?

We want to see ourselves becoming the first choice of the customer by being the global partner by providing leadership in multiple domains to create valuable products and offering cutting edge integrated services across technologies empowered by innovation, best in class processes, and best in breed technologies.


Q. What was your vision while starting the business? How did it change through time?

Our Vision is to be a Global Partner and the first choice for our customers by providing leadership in specific domains to help our customers accelerate the value creation process. This was the vision when we started Tudip. It has developed a lot with our growing pace and we aim to offer cutting edge integrated services that can fulfill and satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients.


Q. What is your belief about achieving success in the business world?

The very first belief in me and must be in every entrepreneur will be that nothing is impossible. Even if it takes years to see, hard work pays off for sure. Risk will always walk with your hand - in - hand but, but have faith that you are not alone. With a team of such hard-working employees, I always feel positive about each new idea.
Keep learning, and rocking every day!


Q. What is the greatest thing you have achieved after starting your own company?

There were many big things which we had achieved. First of which was when NASSCOM joined our company. Another achievement was when we joined our company with Google and Palo Alto Networks. Our company eventually started getting fame and people started noticing us.


Q. What are the hurdles you faced while establishing the company?

We started as a 4-person company in a small apartment. With the excitement of new business ideas, we were tempted to launch something new but creating a detailed business plan that can cover marketing, staff, finances, and sales used to give a skeptical feeling with a bunch of doubts. But with consistency and hard work we kept striving and we were satisfied when it started showing results.


Q. How your life looked like before the company existed?

After completing my graduation in chemical engineering, I was functional as an ERP consultant. After working for 4 years at the same, I left the job and started to think about something of my own. I never knew about the entrepreneur hiding inside me for so long that I finally found, and invented Tudip.


Q. How did the COVID affect your company’s work?

Unlike the other big industries that got affected due to the pandemic, we stood with all the Tudipians
as a family and continued increasing the employee headcounts every year. We have provided an endless solution to the clients over time. Our employees also have shown constant hard work and dedication with an exceptional 24*7 service.

We also have started a CSR initiative “We stand by you” in which we provide a year’s salary to the family members of our employees if he/she dies during their work period and also educate their children (if any) till they graduate.


Q. How do you stay motivated when you feel that things aren’t going as planned?

We always see failures as a step closer to success.

We seek inspiration from others by always trying something different. Whenever we see things are not going as planned, I remind myself of the day when we started and why I was working so hard this far. The achievements of the company are the biggest motivation for us.


Q. What is your mantra to stay ahead of the competition?

The first important thing is to know your clients. Always have a pace up in dealing with them and marketing yourself. Keep targeting new markets and expanding your offerings, whatever you provide should be the best and unique so that the client must never feel downcast with your service.


Q. What is the company’s vision?

Our vision is to create a better solution for the clients and become a global partner by inspiring other young entrepreneurs each day and being the most compelling industry of the 21st century.


Q. What are your roles and responsibilities as a group of people in the company?

Our role is to make the best class solution for the clients. The client goes to sleep with a problem and gets the solution before he wakes up in the morning. Our responsibility is to provide the quality services that meet the exact expectations of our clients.


Q. How would you describe success?

Success is the accomplishment of your aim. It depends on teamwork only. The dedication and effort each one of them put is a collective accomplishment of one’s success.


Q. What tips would you give to someone before them starting their own new company?
You must have a plan ready in the first place. Then you need to think about who all you will be needing for a project to complete. Then, the most important part is the initial funding. Find the best solution for it and get it sorted. Marketing and infrastructure come in second place always.

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