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Parry Malm

Struggling with customer engagement? It is time to reconsider the content you are providing. Your content is the main scaler of your business, and understanding the language of your audience helps you serve them the content they actually like. This can become more convenient with proper techniques and technology that is only possible with Phrasee.

Brands need customer engagement and Phrasee helps them deliver that. Phrasee is a digital marketing platform evolving with the everchanging trends of the market and industry. With its AI-powered SaaS platform, Phrasee helps transform customer experience, through AI powered content.

Helping streamline your language just as your customer understands

For companies to reach their target customers by understanding their language better and streamlining their services according to it, Phrasee contributes to the enhanced customer experience with the right techniques and digital brand channels.

Phrasee has integrated artificial intelligence and computational linguistics into a single functional software that replaces the time hassle with smooth working optimization that helps in the generation, automation, and analysis of the language all in real-time. Phrasee lets you walk with authenticity speaking your brand definition in your style, while they speak the language of better customer engagement and enhanced user experience of your digital platform.

The CEO of Phrasee, Parry Malm defined the future of marketing as data driven rather than what traditionally market is relied upon, that is intuition. Gut instinct does not always work when technology is advancing at such a pace. Phrasee is therefore moving forward with the approach of modern technology that can never compare to the gut instincts and always offers the guaranteed results.

Content drives brand communication which drives success

Content is the most effective and crucial source of driving brand communication. With Phrasee you can achieve creative brand messaging that lets you capitalize on operational efficiencies. Experts at Phrasee believe in marketing using cutting-edge technology that makes communication and engagement with customers more transparent than ever, eventually leading to the growth of your business.

Learning the brand language that your customers understand is made easier with Phrasee, who put their best foot forward in working with you to help shape how appealing and interesting your goods and services look to your target audience, which eventually leads to the growth and enhancement of your platform.

Combining the technology of artificial intelligence with MO has made it possible for Phrasee to create a platform that generates human language for the companies in their brand’s voice. The platform helps create tailored language that is understood by the target audience and enhance the campaign goals for the ultimate success of the organization. Not only does it deliver better marketing performance through optimized messages to the customers, but also encourages the target audience to boost up the sales of goods and services.

What Parry Malm has to say about it?

Started the company in 2015 with the aim to combine language with technology, Parry Malm is of the view that it is a big task to keep the audience consistently engaged across all your platforms and channels and that is why he shows advanced technology to start optimizing marketing campaigns in the language the audience understands. The work described by Parry Malm reflects change in the functioning and behavior of how an enterprise works that create new paths of revenue.

In simple words, the Phrasee uses real-time optimization for language in such a way that is easier for your audience to understand resulting in better engagement across all of your platforms and channels eventually leading to higher sales. The platform gives authentic results with calculated customization that is unique to your brand.

Random clicks and opens can be accidental, bots, and even frauds. Phrasee confronts such sneaky links and tactics and uses deep learning to collect multiple data points and combine them in one score that represents your email impact more accurately.

Creating trends!

Parry Malm suggests that even when we are living in the digital era customers including the younger generation prefers in-store shopping. To create a balance between digital innovation and the in-store sales can be bright uniquely using technological advancements into the benefits of customers.

Recognising the pattern of your customers and acting upon them with empathy makes your brand unique and stand out in the hoarded list of emails especially during the time of peak retail season. A clear concise tone can reach your audience’s heart generating better engagement and scaling of your organization.

With new restrictions being introduced in the data privacy for email marketers it is still required to have a good layout, organized list, and a subject that catches the eyes of your customer. Email tracking is a factor that needs to be more smarter and adaptive to fit the policies. Phrasee makes this easy by eliminating the need for multiple sources to give customers one single noted information and streamlining the process to keep it aside from the extra noise of KPIs.

But why Phrasee?

Working with Phrasee will help you brush your knowledge about the functioning of the market with the fastchanging trends. Every interaction with the expert technicians will surprise you with the bulk of knowledge that you never knew it existed.

Not only the master in their trade, but Phrasee also defines their relationship with their clients to be sustainable and seamless with their strategic partnership practicing good listening, better understanding, empathy, and creativity.

● With Phrasee you learn to generate your on-brand messages that are not only authentic but reflect your brand’s voice.

● Artificial intelligence helps identify and predict patterns of messages and allows the users to improve accuracy and reliability. Trusting gut instinct is not supported by the modern algorithm, but trusting Phrasee for the accurate data is.

● Phrasee uses AI that alters your message before sending to create a stronger impact.

● Using the latest trends and technologies, Phrasee recognizes appropriate sentiments, emojis, and words that catch the attention of your audience just in a click.

● Phrasee, an authentic platform providing guaranteed results to the trusted customers has steadfast focus on ethics that remain subtle since 2015, the year in which it was founded. The company does not interfere or target vulnerable populations to force tasks or actions on them but just remain limited to what the AI does.


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