Delante | Boost Visibility & Grow Your Businesselivering a practical SEO plan to amplify your online presence, Delante is a global SEO company that specializes in KPI-driven SEO procedures

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Delivering a practical SEO plan to amplify your online presence, Delante is a global SEO company that specializes in KPI-driven SEO procedures.

In 2014, Delante was formed by Micha, Mateusz, and Jacek in Kraków. Before then, each of them had prior experience in a different marketing field:

● Mateusz had built a sizable IT e-commerce business.

● Jacek was one of Poland’s first Growth Hackers.

● Micha was a multifaceted entrepreneur.

They all had marketing and SEO backgrounds and realized that no company could ever be practical, aware of consumers’ needs, and highly communicative while meeting client’s demand.

They have a team with several years of experience working in over 20 nations. Delante has grown and established a solid presence in the SEO and SEM services industry over the past seven years. Delante is globally recognized as they have been awarded multiple times and nominated for European Search Award 2022.

Team Of Top Professionals

They make investments in the top authorities in performance-based marketing and SEO. You get the most incredible people when you work with Delante!

The number of excellent experts DELANTE can claim to have 52, and they make up their professional team. The team has a wide range of knowledge as they have worked in over 30 industries, including CBD, Medical, and Erotica.

The team of experts gathers expertise in various industries and international markets, boosting their clients’ digital operations and taking care of their crucial business demands. Delante works closely with technological optimizations, keyword research activities, quality link building, and high-converting content development to deliver a practical SEO strategy that will yield predictable results.


Delante specializes in data-driven SEO. They work with businesses worldwide, helping them grow their businesses with KPI-focused SEO activity. Their staff has experience customizing SEO strategies to meet clients’ most pressing needs. They put in the hard work with technical optimizations, slogging through keyword research, acquiring trust-worthy backlinks, and producing content that converts at a high rate.

Delante Services Include:

Delante supports marketing strategies that are successful and improve website traffic and sales.

● International SEO

Are you taking it abroad? Do you need to translate your website into another language? Regardless of the market you choose, Delante will help you succeed.

Companies are attempting to enter brand-new international marketplaces in the age of global culture. DELANTE is implementing the best SEO methods globally and in different sectors of the economy. We conduct the procedure with clients in more than 20 nations and communicate with them online with excellent outcomes.

● E-commerce SEO services

Do you have an online store? See how Delante can boost sales and traffic to your online store.

They believe in efficient marketing that significantly affects the rise in website traffic and sales.

At Delante, they are aware of the industry’s difficulties as well as its enormous potential. They thoroughly research your company’s unique characteristics to create an SEO plan tailored to your site’s requirements, giving you the most outstanding results possible from the e-commerce SEO process.

● Long Tail SEO Services

Are you considering growing your web visibility and traffic? To attract high-converting visitors to your website, focus on optimizing for longer, more specific long-tail keywords.

Delante staked his money on long-tail SEO, the most sophisticated search engine optimization. With long-tail SEO, they want to elevate keywords’ long-tail position to boost the website’s overall organic traffic. Experience has taught Delante that it is ideal for every sector of the economy, including websites with a lot of content and online shops.

● Link Building Services

Do you want to increase Google’s perception of your website’s authority? Consider building a solid link profile with top-notch links. Check out Delante’s link-building services to see how they can help!

With link building, SEO is possible. Quality backlinks can be a powerful organic traffic generator, particularly in sectors with intense competition. You may boost your SERP rankings and expand your audience by combining technical, content, on-page, and off-page SEO. Delante is adamant that link development plays a significant part in the success of an SEO campaign.

Moreover, Delante can assist you in expanding your internet visibility regardless of the size of your organization. Businesses of diverse sizes, including large production firms, startups, eCommerce websites, and small service providers, are among our clientele. Working across a variety of global marketplaces and industries, Delante optimized for companies in:

● Lifestyle

● Finance and banking

● E-commerce

● Automotive


● Erotics

● Sports

● Gardening Industry

● Life goods and so on

Best SEO Powerhouse That Provides Proven Procedures

● On-site Planning and Improvements

DELANTE will carry out a complete SEO analysis at the start of our collaboration, based on which they will develop a Strategic Action Plan for your website. They select the most effective, highest-converting keywords and make the necessary technical adjustments.

● High-Quality\sContent

DELANTE installs high-quality material and optimizes the one published on your website based on the selected keywords. They do that to improve your website’s online visibility, which will help it draw in more visitors.

● Good Link Building

To establish links, Delantel uses links from various reputable, high-quality sources to create a value profile backlink profile. With this, they raise the perception of your domain authority among Google’s crawlers.

● Conversion growth and analytics

DELANTE provides detailed information on the effect the SEO strategy has on your website’s traffic and conversion rate. Only tried-and-true analytical technologies are used by us, enabling us to perform thorough SEO analysis and continuously improve the performance for you.

Grow Your Business With Delante

Their technically sound, time-tested SEO will increase organic internet traffic and, as a result, assist you in growing sales.

 1. Make an online presence Delante will work with you to improve your website’s online exposure and position it on the top pages of Google search results.

 2. Draw in new customers More consumers will visit your website due to improved internet presence, increasing organic traffic.

 3. Produce more lead Your website will receive more focused and accurate user traffic if you use long-tail SEO, which is their area of expertise.

 4. Take pleasure in increased sales. As your website receives more beneficial visitors, you’ll notice an increase in sales.

Ruler Of The SEO Industry

Both the Polish and worldwide markets benefit from the Delante SEO strategy. Why? Look at the features that give their clients the impression that they are in the best hands to experience the results in person!

● Specialization

Dante’s only area of expertise is long-tail SEO. With that strategy, they can deliver you improved outcomes and immediately impact the rise in your website’s conversion rate.

● Transparency

You can always keep an eye on the SEO work Delante does for your website. You receive monthly reports with the necessary information organized for ease of use.

● Freedom

Delante uses the subscription approach, allowing you to end the contract at any time if you are unhappy with the results.

Why Choose Delante To Take Care Of Your Site?

● An active SEO strategy

Delante became an extension of your team by taking care of the SEO issue, so you don’t have to. To put it simply, you can rely on their knowledge!

● The primary focus is SEO

They decided to concentrate on SEO years ago. Delante can provide you with first-hand knowledge of the subject and a broad source base because SEO is at the core of work.

● Direct communication only; no account managers.

You only communicate with the SEO expert who is actively working on your website and oversees the project at Delante starting on day one. Delante is always here to provide you with in-depth expert advice!

● Your KPIs are essential.

Every SEO plan Delante develops is centered on clients’ business objectives rather than merely considerable numbers in the reports. Every action taken as part of process aims to meet your business’ KPIs.


The goal is crystal clear: Your advantage is their top concern. Because of this, they avoid using a single method for all situations. The company places a high value on openness, so starting on day one, the dedicated SEO expert assigned to your project will be in close contact to address any urgent issues and ease any concerns.

In 2020, Delante, an SEO/SEM agency headquartered in Poland, ranked among the top 8 large SEO agencies worldwide. Since 2014, they have collaborated with businesses worldwide to develop their brands through specialized, sector-specific on- and off-site search engine optimization strategies. At Delante are a group of seasoned SEO experts who are passionate about what they do and work together to achieve the seemingly impossible. So, whenever you think about SEO Powerhouse, consider Delante!


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