MYngle | The leading companies in its field and has been continuously working hard for a few year.

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mYngle is one of the leading companies in its field and has been continuously working hard for a few years. They had been awarded for

their excellence as well as for their hard work too. The company was founded in 2008.

mYngle headquarter is located in Amsterdam, but their remote workers reside in Asia, South America, and Africa. The main focus of mYngle is to change the traditional world of education by delivering a genuine customer solution.

We recently had a chit-chat session with the founder of mYngle, MARINA TOGNETTI.


1. How can a good command of language skills affect the growth of a business?

In today’s age of fierce global competition, business expansion is critical for any company that wishes to remain competitive. Effective communication is crucial for a business to be successful in international markets; without language proficiency, a company cannot achieve success in foreign countries. In addition, when companies expand to foreign markets, they open themselves up to new opportunities for higher profits.


2. Can learning a foreign language enable you to better understand the world’s culture and norms of different markets?

Culture can be essential to the study of languages. 

A language is not merely a list of words and phrases, grammatical rules or sentence constructions—it is also the total of its social norms and systems.

Studying these two elements together—linguistic principles and particular cultural contexts—can help facilitate effective communication. Communication often breaks down when people do not understand these specific social norms and their meanings, a misunderstanding that can lead to unexpected and potentially embarrassing consequences.


3. How can language present a barrier to expanding a business into new territories?

When opening a business in a foreign country, the inability to communicate with customers in their native language poses an immediate and severe limitation. That’s what I feel! 


4. How do you make clients feel more trusting and connected to your business?

To succeed, we must align with our customers’ needs. Constant focus on satisfying customers is one of our pillars and key strengths.

Because many new players have yet to prove their value, it is advantageous that we differentiate by excelling in customer satisfaction. We nurture an obsession with customer satisfaction, one of our key strengths. We look to continuously improve our service by listening to user feedback, changing our approach accordingly, and leveraging new technologies to our advantage.


5. How would you like to create a space for your  employees, so they feel satisfied and retained?

In mYngle, we stimulate a culture of experimentation and allow people to make mistakes. Innovation cannot exist in a culture of fear of consequences. We try to develop people that think and not only do “jobs” by providing opportunities for them to develop their thinking skills, creativity, and confidence.

If you try ten new things, some will fail, some will be OK, and one will make a difference. We are looking for that “special one” that impacts this community.


6. What is your thinking about shaping the future of the company?

mYngle believes that the integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated, and online education will eventually become an integral component of education. We must continue to innovate and provide the best solutions to ensure that we stay ahead of other companies in this industry, educating customers on the difference between our products and our competitors to keep a leading position in this digital transformation.

Furthermore, new opportunities are opening up beyond 2022 as the education world evolves towards online solutions. This shift has opened our eyes to the untapped potential of the broader training market, which is less mature than language learning in this regard.


7. What services do you offer?

mYngle provides customized language training programs through real-time video conferencing in 45 languages. Our lessons are one-on-one and related to the learner’s job position. Our virtual classrooms enable learners to take classes 24/7.

mYngle is the solution for busy professionals who need language training to succeed in their international business. Companies that want great learning results and a transparent and controllable learning process make their investment a success.

mYngle is the solution for busy professionals!


8. What distinguishes your services from others’ offerings in the market?

I firmly believe that the key to success is not constantly comparing yourself with your competition but focusing on your customers’ needs. It is imperative when you are in an industry, like online education, that is in a state of transition or evolution, where the main challenge is not a competition but the general lack of awareness or inexperience of customers about what options are available to them and how those options can meet their requirements.


9. What are your roles and responsibilities in the company?

As CEO and founder of mYngle, I am responsible for leading the company to success through my ability to drive long-term vision, foster company culture and values, guide and align the team, represent mingle with the outside world, our investors and all stakeholders, and with the education industry in general.

With COVID, all has changed as the world embraces online education. Soon it will become the norm-setting standard in terms of quality and flexibility. we saw that before many others did.


10. How will you define success?

Success as an entrepreneur is not a straight line. It is how you deal with uncertainty and change that sets you apart. When we started, we were pioneering, amongst the first to provide one-to- one teaching of all languages over the internet. That meant that we had to bypass all sorts of resistances – those of a still immature market – especially the consumers’ stereotypes about education.

Because of this innovative positioning, mYngle won numerous awards and accolades from organizations, including the European Ventures Summit Award in 2011 and the Benelux Venture Summit Award in 2012. In addition, I have been recognized as one of Europe’s 50 Most Inspiring Women Tech Leaders in 2014 and 2013, the Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All in 2013 and the Most Inspiring Woman in the Dutch Technology Sector in 2012.


10. How do you view innovation in your industry?

In today’s fast-changing world, innovation is even more essential for businesses to stay afloat and thrive. The economic crisis has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, challenging how we unimaginably did business only a few months before.

The phrase “adapt or die” has never been more appropriate. Companies have been forced to change and innovate to survive in times of crisis and find a place in the new world.


11. How has the pandemic impacted your business?

Before COVID, the language training market
was already shifting from offline to online. The shift accelerated during the quarantine, social distancing, and remote working period of modern life. In many cases, online education has become the only possible way of learning.

Now customers are discovering all the advantages of virtual education compared to the traditional ones in a physical classroom: It offers the same results but is significantly more convenient in terms of flexibility—with lessons 24/7 and flexible scheduling—as well as the possibility of benefiting from skills of teachers who aren’t located in geographical proximity. These benefits go beyond the short-term limitations of lockdown situations, modernizing education.

What do we have to say?

As we all know, language is undoubtedly the key to success for your international business. A business can be promoted quickly if you know different languages today. No doubt it helps in boosting customer experience, productivity and marketing expansion. mYngle is always open up for businesses but also for private learners.

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