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As the healthcare industry grows increasingly competitive and regulatory complexity rises, U.S. Oral Surgery Management- a specialized management services organization, collaborates with top oral and maxillofacial surgeons across the United States to provide a partnership solution for continuing and accelerated practice success. By preserving clinical autonomy and emphasizing patient care and excellent patient outcomes, USOSM functions as an extension of the clinical mission of its surgeon partners. U.S. Oral Surgery Management offers administrative, marketing, and operational support services make resource reinvestments, and employs best practices to enhance clinical and financial performance and create more steady, profitable growth for everybody.


However, it’s a great success. U.S. Oral Surgery Management was founded in 2017. Now, USOSM office locations are around 24 states and 164 locations.

Oral surgeons who work with U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) have a rare chance to partner, work together, and expand their practices. By investing in USOSM, you’ll be collaborating with a distinguished team of oral surgeons dedicated to promoting clinical and financial excellence, practice expansion, and operational efficiencies.

USOSM management service company develops a long-term collaboration model that encourages creativity, clinical excellence, and more steady, lucrative growth for everyone.

Grow With Our Best Services And Products

Healthcare practices can align on a platform created by our tried-and-true partnership model to support excellent patient outcomes. With a focus on shared financial success, USOSM has a network of approximately 156 partner surgeons spread over 21 states. The largest and quickest-growing network of oral surgeons in the nation belongs to our partners.

USOSM administrative leadership and backing are seasoned and trustworthy. To promote growth and expansion, we offer best-in-class marketing solutions to our partners. Finally, we provide scalable solutions that streamline business processes so our partners can concentrate on patient care.

Even though oral surgery is one of the most lucrative dental specialties, spreading other specializations into areas that overlap with it poses new problems for surgeons. Joining USOSM as a partner enables our partners to increase productivity and recoup lost revenue, allowing them to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

How USOSM Can Back Our Partners

So That You Can Concentrate On Your Oral Surgery Practise, We Focus On Your Business.

We know that our partners’ time is best spent caring for patients. Therefore, the USOSM team will handle all aspects of the business, including daily billing, office management, marketing strategy, and implementation.

Human Resources: In addition to assisting our partners in oral surgery with staffing, recruiting, and credentialing, we also keep your employees informed, involved, and content.

Scheduling and Insurance: Your customers want every interaction with your business to be favorable, and we can help by providing a dependable, approachable front-office administration.

Finances : USOSM manages all aspects of your financial operations, including supplier negotiations, billing, and fee schedule optimization.

Compliance and Reporting: We take compliance very seriously, and you can relax knowing that resources are set aside and a compliance policy is in place.

Sales and Marketing: USOSM will market your brand through well-researched, ROI-driven campaigns and initiatives to increase sales and boost customer loyalty.

Information Technology: Our dental partners can concentrate on helping their patients rather than worrying about I.T. upkeep, HIPAA breaches, or cyber security.

Inventory Management: Thanks to USOSM’s expertise in inventory management, you’ll have the goods you need when you need them without excessive spending that kills your budget.

Resources Available To You: You will experience these advantages as a USOSM oral surgery partner and many others.

Boost Up Your Practice Level

U.S. Oral Surgery Management was established to support oral surgeons in surviving and thriving in the evolving healthcare environment. As a sharedresource company, USOSM provides surgeons with an equity part in the network, the potential for quick expansion through direct marketing to consumers, and increased operational efficiencies to boost patient volume and care.

When you join as a partner, you retain ownership of your company while gaining access to the nation’s most extensive and fastest-growing oral surgeon network.

USOSM provides scalable solutions that streamline business processes so you can concentrate on providing excellent patient care. Our extensive resources, which cover everything from acquisition and management knowledge to skilled marketing and recruitment, satisfy your requirements.

Your clinical practice will always be yours as a partner with U.S. Oral Surgery Management. While we, your partners, take care of the rest, you continue to concentrate on providing your patients and their families with the finest care possible.

Work With Professionals Of USOSM

USOSM Partners wants to handle all the grunt work so you can focus on running your practice. To ensure high-quality collaboration and a sustained legacy of excellence for our oral surgery partners, U.S. Oral Surgery Management only invites the most elite professionals in the sector to join forces. We take great satisfaction in managing our oral surgery practice effectively and wish to collaborate with you to develop the best operational procedures. However, when the focus is constantly on caring for your patients, the demands of operating a practice might sometimes feel overwhelming. Following a preliminary meeting, USOSM will start working for you and only follow up as needed. We also take pride in being excellent communicators, so you can get in touch with us whenever you want and always know what’s happening with your company.

USOSM Support Your Success and Clinical Mission Expansion

A wide range of operational, financial, and marketing services are available from U.S. Oral Surgery Management to assist you in building your practice and leaving a lasting legacy. We take care of the rest, leaving you to concentrate on your patients and family while we handle the clinical decision-making.

USOSM provide established oral surgeons nationwide with a unique chance to work together, expand their practices, and maintain control over their clinical judgment. We’re here to help you achieve your long-term objectives, not destroy the reputation and legacy you’ve already established for your business.

Using the methodology allows our partners to spend more time with their patients, which has improved their already excellent results and patient satisfaction. USOSM has an average NPS score of for our patients 80 across our partner practices. We are proud of that figure.

Our Vision And Mission

Vision: USOSM’s goal is to become the oral surgery management firm that is most esteemed for its workforce, philosophy, alliances, and output.

Mission: Our mission is to work alongside top oral and maxillofacial surgeons to support them in advancing their clinical goals and successes in the present and future. It is the practical application of our vision.

USOSM supports innovation, clinical quality, and steady, more lucrative growth through its sustainable partnership approach. It is achieved by reinvesting funds, offering shared clinical best practices, and operational, marketing, and administrative support services.

The obstacles faced by oral surgeons include the following:

● Never-ending administrative work.

● Fierce competition from other specialties.

● A need for marketing or business analytics capabilities.

A partnership with U.S. Oral Surgery Management enables you to expand and future-proof your practice without ceding control, immediately resulting in a noticeable improvement.

Benefits We Offer At USOSM

● Competitor advantage

Because you have access to our priceless network of clinical resources, being a part of an extensive network gives your practice a competitive edge over solo clinics.

● Long-Term Assistance

When you work with U.S. Oral Surgery Management, you can count on us as a long-term partner. In whatever role you require, you can rely on our ongoing guidance and support in the everevolving healthcare environment.

● World-class competence

Leading industry professionals and top oral surgeons make up our practice management team, which provides world-class care you won’t find anywhere else. As a USOSM partner, we’ll work with you to make your practice more productive while assisting you in growing your revenue.

● Clinical Development

Expanding your practice to serve more patients is simple with the help of our focused marketing campaigns. Due to your ownership interest in our business, you will profit from the expansion of your practice and the expansion of other oral surgeons in our network. Let us lead you in the proper direction as you prepare for a better future

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