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Paul Yanopulos

Big Inventory, with its electronic Inventory System that uses the most current and cutting-edge premium services, is the leading name that promotes healthy living. Founded in 1985, with top EISassisted merchants in every state in the US, we transitioned from financial Inventory to UPC-based inventories. Located in Virginia Beach, VA, the company ensures that the customers experience the most excellent satisfaction using its products and services.

They founded BIG Inventory, Inc. and created a novel approach called BERTHA (Bringing Employees, Resources, and Technology to Hospital Audits) (BERTHA Implementation Group). Hospital inventories became a focus for Electronic Inventory System management after discovering a significant unmet need and finally dedicated all of their efforts to them.

To know more about the aims and objectives of the company. To learn more, continue reading!

When did you realize you wanted to launch your own business?

Even as a child, I had my own small “businesses .” From the beginning, we conceptualized a comprehensive and fully integrated company offering high-quality services to all customers.

How long has Big Inventory operated by you?

From the outset, we struggled to operate this firm and finally get successful. How do you think this enterprise will succeed?

The key to business success is to have a great professional team that strives to offer disruptive products that meet unmet needs.

What challenges did you confront in starting the organization?

We had to create all new techniques and software to improve and support those techniques because we were approaching the physical inventory process from a whole new angle. For example, we wanted to make it possible to guarantee correctness and give our healthcare customers a simple way to check that accuracy. As a result, we created a LIVE MONITORING mechanism in our program. A QA Monitor is always there to monitor the Inventory in REAL TIME while disputing counts and soliciting information to guarantee accuracy. Additionally, the hospital can perform as many spot inspections as they need because the QA Monitor can deliver Audit Reports minutes after an area has been finished.

How long does it take to get recruited at BIG Inventory from beginning to end?

What are the stages of the process? Several interviews are conducted by BIG Inventory to weed out prospective applicants. The candidate must know the amount of travel they will be doing during the process. After being chosen, the candidate must pass a thorough background investigation and have the PPD, FLU, and primary COVID immunizations. The newly hired person must be taught about our system, counting methods, and all expectations after being onboarded. They will be given the go-ahead to access our system on their own once they have mastered the fundamentals. Any suspicious entries will be closely scrutinized and questioned by our QA Monitor. The new hire will eventually be weaned from their mentor and work independently.

How would you characterize BIG Inventory’s working environment and culture?

Our people are quite diverse and are located throughout the United States. They travel extensively and work as a team.

How can you manage to make errors at work?

It is a real key to the success of BIG Inventory. We have an on-site Project Manager and an off-site Quality Assurance Monitor, each of which can see the Inventory in REAL TIME. They work together to identify potential errors and validate the accuracy of the Inventory progress rather than trying to figure it out in hindsight.

Have you ever put tactics into practice that enhanced inventory procedures?

BIG Inventory has a significant advantage in that we can quickly put new ideas or software improvements into practice when they would help a hospital or hospital. In addition, all our software is made internally, so modifications are considerably more straightforward than going through a separate software provider.

How do you figure out how much stock a company needs?

We do not figure out how much stock a company needs. Instead, we supply accurate on-hand inventory data in a comprehensive format— allowing the hospitals to make intelligent decisions about stock requirements.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment as an inventory manager?

We are inventory takers, not managers. But our detailed reports and supporting analytics aid our hospital customers in determining their current inventory status area by area, and their consumption data, they can accurately project their future needs.

What goals did you have when you first launched your business?

Did it change over time? Our initial focus was solely on perfecting BERTHA, our proprietary software. As a result, bringing Employee Resources and Technology to Hospital Audits is referred to as BERTHA. Our current objective is to offer this exceptional service to as many hospitals around the United States as possible.

What distinguishes you as a top performer in this field?

Since its founding in 1985, BIG Inventory has assisted national retailers with their transition from financial accounting to department/class inventories, internal SKUs, and ultimately to the then-little standard known as UPC. Small mall retailers to big box national merchants were represented in the inventories. BIG Inventory eventually started assisting healthcare facilities and is fully committed to serving that sector.

Today, with its unique and proprietary software, BIG Inventory has positioned itself as the leader in physical inventories in the hospital setting. Based on a number of inventories performed at different facilities, the estimated market share is growing at the rate to make BIG Inventory not only the technological and system leader but the market share leader.

Most of the growth is related to the advantage BIG Inventory’s system brings to the Inventory taking solution.

How does your team manage to deal with and adapt to certain situations that occur unexpectedly, and what do you do when things are not as purposeful as intended?

Many course corrections are expected with any business, and the goal should always be to stay focused on your customers’ needs. It is non-negotiable. Suppose there are necessary modifications, no matter the complexity. In that case, it is the CEO’s role to ensure that these changes occur so that there is little to no disruption to the business, its affiliates, or stakeholders.

We deal with problems systematically and deliberately so that once it is determined that an issue is on the horizon, we assess the scenario from a 360-degree angle. Hence, we are ready to pivot accordingly. In addition, we approach these types of situations as a team and work through changes in real-time, so we do not lose valuable traction.

At what stage is your company?

We are a Virginia-based Corporation.

In 10 years, where do you envision your business and yourself?

Nothing but the continued rise in our market share is what we observe. Our objectives are straightforward: remain within our specialized field, develop, and put it into practice. We are giving as many facilities access to this first-rate service as feasible.

Our Vision to have the best products, created and managed by the best team, drives us every step of the way. Therefore, we operate with a very systematic approach and are committed to continual improvement every day.

What are our thoughts?

Big Inventory was founded on the unique vision with the aim to fulfill unmet medical needs that are literally changing people’s lives. Some people have claimed that what we are doing is a true miracle. Through millions of products and thousands of services, BIG Inventory gives a platform where technology is responsible for miracles, and it is the most conclusive way to make the claim that they are exceptional in nature.

Before your hospital inventory’s scheduled date, BIG Inventory decides to rigorously work on your data to eliminate or reduce duplication, manufacturer naming errors, and UOM problems. Each company was developed to meet specific needs, but this platform technology envisions endless possibilities. Please give the appropriate point of the contact information or decision maker’s contact details below for marketing chances for your business.

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