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              Naveen Bachkethi

Who thought a startup service-based company founded in 2018 would be hugely successful? Well, This company provides solutions to other businesses across the globe. Let me reveal the secret- we are talking about CBNITS today!

EXCLUSIVE: - We got into the conversation with Naveen Chand, the CEO of CBNITS, to learn more about the company and how its sensing solutions serve their customer better and more impactful.

How hard did you work to establish CBNITS?

CBNITS was started in July 2018 when Naveen and Rajdeep met; since then, we both with our employees have been working hard to get things growing, and we are proud to say that our YOY growth since inception has always been more than 100%, we are already in target to meet 100% growth target of 2022 comparison of the year 2021.

“With the help of technology making the business work effectively and helping it grow exponentially, that is the Digital Transformation for me. And this is what we are doing with our clients which ranges from smaller startups to fortune-500 companies.”

Isn’t it amazing? Let me show you the Services they offer;

CBNITS provides end-to-end solutions from the requirement to UX design, UI developing, backend developing, testing, uploading to the cloud, and even maintaining the solutions.

Along with that, we also work in staff augmentation, we work in cutting-edge technologies in Mobile App Development (Flutter, React Native, Native IOS), Frontend (React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS), Backend (Golang, Python, Node JS), Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud Monitoring), NOC Engineers, QA Automation (Python, Java, Selenium, Cucumber), UI Path & SAP (RPA, CAI, Hana).

What ideas and strategies do you suggest to your clients to grow a firm?

CBNITS uses the latest and most remarkable technologies to create the customer’s products and has a technically skilled and hardworking team to make a durable product.

When asked about What kind of cultural shift is required for digital transformation?

The CEO said, “Always ready to learn new and adopt new technologies and always believe that anything and everything can be improved."

What proficiency and skills are needed to complete projects involving digital transformation?

Technical expertise, dedication, and commitment to execute.

What words of wisdom would you offer others looking to start their digital transformation company?

First, build your tech expertise and then expand.

Digital Transformation helps companies make things faster and scalable, one of the most critical factors in any business’s growth. The advantages that digital transformation brings to society are that exposure, scalability, and execution become much faster.

How do you deal with the issues, and what do you do when you feel things aren’t going as intentional?

Most of the time, our firm and skilled planning help us not to have these issues at first, but if there are still some, we work on the mitigation plans and fix those.

What was your vision at the same time as starting this company?

Did it differ through time? “Innovation with Excellence,” Vision is identical; we started with the vision of innovating and executing with excellence and continue to do the same.

Where do you see yourself and your organization in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself and CBNITS will keep growing and serving their clients with commitment and passion.

What do we have to say?

CBNITS is not only a startup but an emotion. Emotion of people’s hard work, their intelligence, and what not! If you are looking for any software development help, turn-key mode or staff augmentation for your company, kindly share the right point of contact/ Decision maker’s details below

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