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Dr. John Norris

While dealing with the covid pandemic, one thing made clear is that Infectious Disease Management is very important! And we are thankful to the companies who are bringing us major areas of development in terms of Infectious Disease safety. Today, we are in conversation with the founder of Safely2Prosperity.

About the company

Healthcare and infectious disease risk management technology solutions are developed by Safely2Prosperity (S2P). The management of workplace immunizations, treatments, testing, quarantines, and exposure tracking is automated by S2P’s robust cloud-based technology.

An innovator in healthcare risk management and provider of infectious disease safety programs, S2P is situated in Boston. S2P HKSR compliant dashboard all in one. With the help of S2P’s userfriendly interface, enterprises can forecast and control infectious disease threats like COVID-19. and act quickly in times of crisis.

When did you launch this company?

S2P is the culmination of Dr. John Norris’ decades-long breakthrough R&D work in health, life sciences, and healthcare, particularly his work on innovations that integrate information technology. In 2020, Safely2Prosperity was founded.

John is a 20-time board member, a former Harvard faculty member, a former second-in-command of the FDA, and a successful serial entrepreneur.

What are the difficulties you dealt with while organizing safely2prosperity?

First, the propagation of infectious diseases on our digital risk-management platform is incredibly sophisticated and advanced. In addition, we are developing a brand-new sector of the economy domestically and internationally: risk management for the spread of infectious diseases. This establishment of a global industry is something we’ve done before. However, it takes a little longer this time.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) model is what we employ. From fruits to nuts, we help our customers. We conduct a needs analysis and then adapt, install, run, update, and improve their digital “Infectious Disease Safety Program.” Our safety program is comparable to the “Fire Safety Programs” that are already used all around the world.

What kind of employees does your business have? How do they support the growth of your business?

We have a team of intelligent and highly committed individuals. We have inventors and business owners with backgrounds in senior leadership roles. Our staff stands out for its knowledge and innovation in safe multi-system cyber security technology. In addition, our team continually pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking to create cutting-edge technology and solutions.

What are the products and services provided by safely2prosperity?

An MSP digital platform that helps us to prepare our customers to be able to:

(1) prevent

(2) mitigate

(3) control

(4) permanently record anticipatory

(5) responsive actions We also consider the dangers of infectious disease transmission within their premises and at the residences of their personnel.

Who are your competitors? However, S2P has no competitors. At S2P’s high level of detail, sophistication, and performance. We established a new market in the US and worldwide.

How does your company provide flawless data management with moretransparency?

We don’t provide flawless data management with more transparency. But we strive to perform at a high level of efficacy here.

What one-of-a-kind problems have you ever encountered from the client?

We have dealt with a variety of customer issues. But somehow price poses no difficulty. Our product is far more sophisticated and complex than most businesses could handle and maintain on their own. As a result, it effectively processes millions of data points per day. As a result, we changed to an MSP model that more closely matches their specific requirements.

Do you have any goals for your firm?

Yes, we do have some unique objectives for our company. Our main aim is to “save many millions of lives.” This is something we strive for every year in the broadest sense—physical, emotional, psychological, and economic—of that expression. Our product is well-liked by employers, investors, insurers, defense lawyers, employees, families, and unions.

How do you handle your clients, and what do you do when you feel things aren’t going as planned?

We have a professional team that perfectly knows how to handle customers. First, we carefully listen to every bit of detail provided by our clients. Then we act thoughtfully. Moreover, we listen again to get more clarity. Then we serve again with more effective solutions.

What are the main risks facing the company, how serious are they, and how likely are they to occur?

Each S2P employee is dedicated to enabling staff members, students, teachers, and others to return to work or school safely and productively while simultaneously safeguarding their families and homes from infectious diseases like COVID-19 and its variants. In addition, S2P is a provider of health and healthcare risk management services. Like any small business, however, there are not as many customers as we think there would be right now. Our efforts to create new markets will thus be more complex and take longer than we would want. However, we have grounds for thinking that we are correct for the long.

How frequently does the company update its ranking of the main risks?

We regularly update tour ranking of the principal risk.

How well does the company deal with its significant threats?

The marketing issues in the health and healthcare sectors are highly complicated, in contrast to those in other sectors. However, S2P is making every effort to develop an effective marketing strategy to achieve its ultimate aim of saving millions of lives and countless businesses. We have solid convictions.

Does the company define its risk tolerances and articulate its appetite for risk for use in managing the business?

Yes. We clearly define S2P’s risk tolerances and articulate its appetite for risk for use in managing the business. Organizations may predict and control infectious disease threats like COVID-19 using our simple interface’s strong data intelligence and analyses. And to act quickly in times of crisis. so that people are protected, and our customer’s business continues to be successful.

Who Is In charge of the process or enterprise Risk Management?

However, Our Executive Chairman and our CEO are the main person in charge of the process of enterprise Risk Management. As the company’s founder and executive chairman, John Norris supports John Cavender, who will take over as CEO and leads the marketing and reseller teams.

What was your vision at the time you started this company?

Did it vary through time? New insights, ideas, knowledge, and the practical applications they enable have been the focus of the S2P team. Our healthcare policies, practices, and tools continue to improve people’s lives significantly. Our field of vision spans the micro to the macro, and from now till fifty years. S2P aspires to be disruptive and transformational in a positive way. We want to provide more effective, safer, more creative, quicker, better, and cheaper solutions. By designing S2P’s new infectious disease safety programs, such as our COVID-19 safety program, and more widely and thoroughly, future whole healthcare systems, we want to solve insurmountable problems and significantly impact and improve future disease-prevention plans. However, we have changed our original vision of using a Software-as-a-Service (SAS) model to a new goal of using an Managed Services Provider model. However, the substantive contents, concepts, insights, ideas, strategies, and plans have changed little. We have stayed the course.

What brings you on top within this industry?

We have put together the nation’s, if not the world’s, most creative, accomplished, talented, and tireless health and healthcare digital risk management team. The advanced infectious disease risk-management software from S2P offers businesses wishing to outsource this crucial facet of healthcare in the COVID-19 era an affordable, simple-to-use solution. S2P helps its customer’s business plan and mitigate viral risks like COVID-19 and the impending Flu and Monkeypox.

How does your company save clients time and money?

Our clients know that they would have to hire twelve or more FTE equivalents for their executive and staff teams. And yet, they would be unable to accomplish what we do online. Additionally, human error can be significant when managing complex activities around the clock, especially considering how vital precision and sensitivity are to this kind of work and how timesensitive and stressful it is.

Where do you like to notice yourself and your company in 10 years?

We’ll be viewed as the top global infectious disease transmission risk management company by authorities, corporate executives, and political decision-makers in the US and abroad. As a result, we regularly save upwards of a million lives a year in the US and many more worldwide. Additionally, by doing this, we will prevent the whole or partial disappearance of numerous employers (as well as their shareholders and employees). Further, we will have established a new global industry (like we have done before) where “Infectious Disease Safety Programs” are commonplace all over the world, much like “Fire Safety Programs” are now.

How do we do this?

Our extensive and top-notch infectious disease safety programs, like our COVID-19 safety program, are powered by data intelligence. S2P has created an innovative SaaS platform for managing the risk of infectious diseases and a multi-dashboard solution, which we match with specialized sets of vaccines, medications, testing, authentication tracking technologies. S2P’s customers can maintain concentration and be ready to respond to viral threats by giving S2P their ongoing system management. Immediately. This extremely cost-effective technique is comparable to the now-commonplace fire safety programs used worldwide. Every large business or institution of higher learning will eventually require one.

“According to us, total success means annually saving 1M lives in the US and 10M lives worldwide, in every sense of that phrase, from physical, mental, psychological, to financial.”


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