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Raghav Kapoor

financial technology business called Smartkarma has created a cloud-based platform to upend the conventional research market. As a top supplier of independent investment research, the company is revolutionizing how investors access and use research by making it more open, simple to use, and affordable.

We recently got the chance to speak with Raghav Kapoor, the CEO and co-founder of Smartkarma, to find out more about the business and its goals.

About SmartKarma

Kapoor talked about Smartkarma’s goal of developing a marketplace where independent analysts may share their findings with investors directly without the use of middlemen throughout the conversation. Investors have access to a broad range of independent research through this platform, encompassing numerous markets, countries, and asset classes.

According to Kapoor, huge financial institutions dominate the traditional research sector and generate expensive, frequently biased research that is primarily available to institutional investors. By offering a more diversified and transparent ecosystem of research providers that meet the demands of all investors, Smartkarma seeks to democratize the research sector.

Instead of relying on institutional clients to pay for their research, Smartkarma’s distinctive business model enables analysts to monetize their work by sharing it directly with investors who respect their knowledge. As a result, analysts have greater control over their content and income sources, while investors have access to a wider variety of research that is catered to their particular needs.

Mission and Vision

Kapoor emphasized that Smartkarma’s goal is to give independent analysts an alternative venue to disseminate their research, not to displace established research providers. He clarified that the company’s objective is to level the playing field for all investors by offering a more affordable and effective means to get timely, high-quality research.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology, Smartkarma has built a community of analysts who can work together and exchange findings. This pushes analysts to conduct more useful and accurate research and promotes a culture of knowledge sharing.

Smartkarma is a cutting-edge platform for investment research that is revolutionizing how the sector views, appreciates, and motivates research. The company’s basic principles, which include entrepreneurship, teamwork, craftsmanship, and honesty, serve as the foundation for how they conduct business.

Areas of Focus

Smartkarma places a high importance on entrepreneurship and promotes trying and learning from errors. Smartkarma may continue to innovate in their industry and expand their business by taking these lessons to heart. This kind of thinking has enabled the business to challenge established investment research models and provide the market cutting-edge alternatives.

Another essential aspect for Smartkarma is cooperation. The business understands how crucial it is to share information and ideas in order to develop a better product for its customers. The platform encourages cooperation among its staff, Insight Providers, and subscribers so that they can all contribute to a larger amount. This strategy has enabled Smartkarma to offer top-notch research that is adapted to fit the particular requirements of their clientele.

Smartkarma is a company that places a high importance on craftsmanship. The business takes pleasure in all that it does, and it makes sure that all of its work, goods, and services are of the best caliber. Smartkarma is able to provide their clients with research that is thorough, insightful, and beneficial thanks to their attention to detail.

Integrity is a basic principle that is essential to the culture of Smartkarma. The business supports people owning their work, taking responsibility for their choices, and celebrating their achievements. They encourage an inclusive, courteous, and diverse workplace that values honesty, openness, and decency. Smartkarma has acquired the trust and steadfast support of their customers, staff, and business partners by upholding a culture of integrity.

Industrial impact

Professional investors, private investors, corporate investor relations, corporate customized, and research providers are just a few of the clientele that Smartkarma offers a variety of solutions to. The platform of the organization is accessible in a number of nations, including Japan, the United States, China, Korea, Australia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia. Due to its widespread presence, Smartkarma can offer insightful research on a variety of topics.

Consumer, industrial, healthcare, TMT and internet, finance, energy, and utilities are just a few of the industries that the platform covers. Furthermore, Smartkarma provides verticals in areas including equity bottom-up, event-driven, IPOs and placement, thematic and strategic, macro, FX and rates, and technical analysis. Due to these verticals, Smartkarma is able to offer a thorough research solution that addresses a variety of investing techniques.

Along with a variety of strategies, Smartkarma also provides all insights (real-time), growth, M&A, multi-strategy, and value. With the use of these tactics, individuals can tailor their research options to suit their particular investing goals.

In conclusion, Smartkarma is a cutting-edge platform for investment research that is revolutionizing the way the market for investment research sees, appreciates, and promotes research. Their approach to doing business is guided by the company’s basic values of entrepreneurship, collaboration, craftsmanship, and honesty, and their solutions are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele in a number of sectors. Smartkarma is a dependable partner for clients wishing to make knowledgeable investment selections thanks to its extensive research offering, which includes a variety of industries, business verticals, and investment techniques.


The strength of Smartkarma is in its capacity to offer top-notch, unbiased financial research that is tailored to the requirements of its clients. The organization can provide a degree of flexibility, speed, and cost-effectiveness that is unmatched because of its cutting-edge business strategy and technological foundation.

The distinctive business strategy of Smartkarma, which is founded on the idea of “unbundling” research, is one of its main advantages. In contrast to being restricted to a single provider, clients can now access a variety of research providers and specialists. This strategy gives clients more control over the research they get while also enabling Smartkarma to provide a considerably wider range of insights and viewpoints than conventional research suppliers.

Another significant advantage is the technical platform of Smartkarma. Clients may quickly access and filter the information they require thanks to the platform’s user-friendly design. Smartkarma can quickly increase its service offerings and coverage thanks to the platform’s strong scalability.

Another key asset of Smartkarma is its staff of knowledgeable experts. The company’s insight providers have years of experience conducting research and are leaders in their fields. As a result, Smartkarma is able to offer its clients fast, pertinent insights that are based on actual experience.

The dedication of Smartkarma to innovation and collaboration is a key strength. The business aggressively seeks input from its customers and partners and is always looking for new ways to enhance its platform and services. By consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Smartkarma is able to stay at the forefront of the investment research sector.

Final word

In general, Smartkarma’s goal is to revolutionize the research sector by building a more open and transparent ecosystem that is advantageous to both investors and analysts. By enabling investors to make more educated investment decisions and giving analysts a more adaptable and lucrative way to disseminate their research, the company’s platform offers a distinctive value proposition. The traditional research industry is ready to be disrupted by Smartkarma’s novel business model and dedication to openness, which will benefit all parties.

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