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Copytalk is a transcription service to hear your voices which others won’t. Copytalk is led renowned financial company which promises accuracy, security, and privacy. Transcription services are been there always and in fact, play an important role when it comes to trade and making contacts with other nations.

Transcription scenario today -
In today’s world, there are so many freelance and corporate services which provide transcription services and are of very low prices which tempts more customers towards it first. However, as the transcription is cheap so is the quality
of the content provided. There is a lack of accuracy, failed transcript, and inaccurate voice recognition technology which hampers privacy. Hence, the need for transcription services is more but the solutions are not very accurate.


Q1. What does Copytalk have an indifference to these other services?

Copytalk takes only live transcripts and works with in-house workstations which manage everything securely. The scribes who transcript cannot access the subscriber’s information. The tools used a completely safe and won’t access any confidential information of the subscriber by following all the necessary protocols.

We accurately document the client meetings and plan out the transcription service. We help you harvest data by transcribing video conferences and insights you need to operate more effectively.

We know that the security of the information is necessary hence, we provide proper encryption  and do not take any chances with the protocols we follow. The work will be done only by US facility- based transcriptionist. Hence engaging with Copytalk is safe and secure.


Q2. Do we have to make a separate account or one account for all would do?

Everyone must make a separate account due to security reasons which are written in the terms and conditions of Copytalk. One should agree not to share their password and Copytalk account details with others.

EXCLUSIVE- For the third consecutive year, Copytalk has successfully won the award of the Bank and Security Association for their patented technology. The award ceremony was held in Florida in the year 2019.


Copytalk is different from other transcription companies with their top-notch team of experts who are trained to transcribe well. Transcription is important in business, educational, and professional aspects. One can understand things better if it
is spoken in a familiar language. Technologies like enabling one-touch dictation, audio-file submission, and transcript delivery ensure safe and high-quality transcription.


Q3. What type of services do we provide?

MobileScribe - Pick up your smartphone and dial the Copytalk number. Start dictating the content like any email, assignment, research paper, etc. we listen to you carefully, and then with the transcription tools we put in our magic to give you a perfectly transcripted copy that is accurate and of top quality.

This type of dictation is very convenient as it happens only on a mere phone call which only needs you talking to us and we type it for you.

DigiScribe - This produces fine transcriptions. We memorialize videos, audio, conference calls, and meetings and transcript them. As no one has one 30 min long transcripts the codes are used to permit search engines and the words spoken which interest viewers. The transcriptions can be customized according to the needs of the company and how the audio or video is needed.

Sync words- It’s an automatic transcription of words in form of subtitles and captions. It can help in movies, and series and can be translated into 100-plus languages. An easy process for industrial aspects and other professional requirements.

The transcription is just one tap ahead and this technique is completely software- based. A few of its characteristics are-
● Copy-talk generated transcripts.
● Closed captioning
● Machine translation
● Subtitles

Sync words- live caption

Delivers transcriptions in live meetings, video calls and conferences on call.
● Perfect for educational purposes
● Integrated with several video calling apps
● Send live captioning to various URLs on the phone
● Ready captioning is available at any event

Sync words- Copytalk videos

One can tell us our project needs and we can help you to our fullest.

● Upload media
● Upload a Copytalk transcript or we will create one for you.
● Review and edit online tools
● Download captions in any form and broadcast them on any show you like.



Business conversations get easier with Copytalker. With secure transcription of the conversation between you can the client, the confused and crooked conversation might not be the first good impression. Copytalk delivers the enterprises with precise, in-prompt, accurate and cost-efficient transcription that safeguards your information. There is a difference between security and privacy, it uses dictated information directly and creates transcriptions. We purge your data for up to 60 days. Copytalk is the best-in-class technology of conversation.


Copytalker is the leading company providing transcription services which provide a seamless user experience and the text will be transcribed once it is in the freeform format, We accommodate on any platform or app which means we not only create the transcript of recorded audio but also of any digital system. It can intelligently handle any type of content and give the required outcome, Copytalk has removed the last barrier of consistent and thorough documentation with one-on- one touch. The voice also transcripts financial terminologies and jargon which give an easy understanding. The dictation method allies the wealth managers to come up with more ideas. Copytalk has advanced fintech integrations and its strategies The best method to equip advisors with such menus of the most promising fintech.


Q4. What is the part of Fintech in Copytalk?

Copytalk is interested in collaboration with several fintech companies. Copytalk serves agility, interests, simplicity and security with new technologies which benefit you. As low mobility wouldn’t be of the best quality and convenient enough. Integrated with our product, the API will enhance our customer experiences and expands our partnership.


Q5. What is Copytalk Egnyte?

This app supports the delivery of transcriptions and manages documents with excellent quality for several purposes.


Q6. What is Redtail technology?

Easy and affordable, easy to implement integration with many of the industry’s most widely-used applications, Redtail is providing financial advisors with the core technologies that promote their day- to-day operations. CRM is ultimately about not only acquiring and managing clients and prospects – but it’s also about servicing them and extracting value from the relationships. At the same time, it’s about doing these tasks simultaneously while improving operational efficiency.


Q7. What is the purpose of Salesforce integration?

Create contact- Create a new contact with the message as a note.
Update contact- Add the matching contact. Update lead- Add a task to the matching lead. Create lead- Create a new lead.

Create task- Create a new task.
Enterprise- The Salesforce integration is only available to Enterprise and above level Salesforce subscriptions.
User access- Individual user access to the login information.
Customized versions- A limited set of customized versions of Salesforce to create additional speech mappings.
BAML - No integration available to Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.


Q8. What is the Reg-BI dictation template?

First, one has to instruct the operator,
● Instruct the operator that this is a Ref-BI template.
● Instruct the operator to make every question bold and your responses in regular texts.
● Instruct the operator to start each line to start with a new para.


Copytalk is taking over the world of transcription and so far the most reliable and safe source for transcription activity.

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