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R2C Inc is a distinguished technology solutions provider committed to supporting the Warfighter by delivering the highest quality and responsive solutions. With unwavering dedication to service, professional competence, integrity, and a "Can Do Attitude," R2C Inc has earned its reputation as a trusted partner in providing advanced technology tools to empower those defending freedom and way of life. Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, R2C Inc is led by its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Robert R. Wilson.

Core Focus

The objective of helping the Warfighter by providing the best goods and services is at the center of R2C Inc. The company's dedication to offering cutting-edge, technologically enhanced tools that help Warfighters fulfill their goal of protecting freedom and our way of life encapsulates this key purpose. The provision of adaptable solutions that enable the Warfighter to perform in their crucial duties is how this dedication is demonstrated.


The dedication R2C Inc. has to the Warfighter and to national defense is at the core of its mission. The company's goal is to deliver the best goods and services possible so that warfighters have access to the most cutting-edge equipment available. These tools let soldiers carry out their tasks successfully, defending our freedom and way of life. R2C Inc promises to provide adaptable solutions that meet the needs of the Warfighter. Collaboration, continual progress, and an uncompromising dedication to acting in a legal, moral, and ethical manner are the hallmarks of the company's approach. R2C Inc seeks to go above and beyond what customers anticipate.

Core Values

R2C Inc. is governed by a set of basic beliefs that outline its ethos and strategy:

  • Service: R2C Inc looks for chances to play both personal and professional responsibilities in serving God, the country, and communities.
  • Professionalism: The business is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of technical developments and constant process and employee improvement.
  • Integrity: Behaving morally upright, upholding ethical norms, and upholding confidence in others.
  • Being trustworthy requires being open, truthful, and determined to do the right thing.
  • Can-Do Attitude: Working together with consumers to accomplish shared objectives by maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Loyalty: Fidelity to one's country, family, and mission, creating a solid team dynamic.
  • Family: Sharing in triumphs, developing a close link, and focusing on helping America's Warfighter.


A leadership group that embodies knowledge, vision, and commitment leads R2C Inc.


Robert R. Wilson, the company's founder and CEO: Wilson, who has over 27 years of experience in the aviation sector and a background in project/program management, has played a key role in making R2C Inc. a leader in the sector. The company's success is a result of his innovative leadership and commitment to vision.


Chief Financial Officer Richard White White is in charge of the financial plans that support the expansion and goals of R2C Inc. His business sense guarantees the company's stability and capacity to provide top-notch services.


Paul Bannister, R2C Aerospace's vice president: In order to ensure that R2C Inc. offers cutting-edge technologies to improve defense capabilities, Bannister leads the aerospace solutions market. His proficiency with intricate undertakings fosters innovation and excellence.


Vice President of R2C Support Services Christopher Scaife: Facilities engineering and resource management are carried out seamlessly thanks to Scaife's leadership in support services. Both his clients and the Warfighter gain from his emphasis on effectiveness and quality.


Vice President of Special Programs Robert Gibson: Gibson's leadership on specialized initiatives is a testament to his dedication to quality. His strategic guidance improves R2C Inc.'s ability to handle difficult problems.


Vice President of R2C Inc. Mark Cellarius Cellarius' management of the business's operations and client satisfaction reaffirms R2C Inc.'s dedication to producing outstanding outcomes.

Services and Products

R2C Aerospace

R2C Aerospace offers an array of services and products designed to meet the intricate needs of modern aerospace and defense:


  • Mechanical Capability: Services include 5-Axis CNC Milling and Turning, Computerized Measurement Machine (CMM), Certified Welding, Hardware Installation, and more.


  • Electrical Capability: Delivering Mil-Spec Cables, Custom Electrical Harness Manufacturing, Complex Control Assemblies, and more.


  • Program and Project Management: Expertise in Program Management Plan (PMP), Risk Management, Cost Estimation, and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


  • System Engineering: Compliant with MIL-STD-499B, ISO/IEC 15288, and other standards, ensuring excellence throughout the system lifecycle.


  • Design Engineering: Offering Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Designs, Reverse Engineering, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and more.


  • Modeling: Using finite element models (FEM), simulations, animations, and 3D modeling to develop new products.


  • Training: Providing computer information science competence, system integration, and live training analysis.


  • Maintenance: Circuit board repairs, missile radar repairs, aerial mapping camera repairs, and technical documentation repairs.

Technical Solutions from R2C

R2C Technical Solutions provides a range of services designed for sectors driven by technology, including:


  • Program and Project Management: Proficiency in creating company goals, supervising significant projects, and guaranteeing timely completion.


  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical designs, as well as reverse engineering and safety evaluations, are provided by design engineering.


  • Modeling: Using finite element models (FEM), simulations, animations, and 3D modeling to develop new products.


  • Rapid prototyping: Using innovative techniques like 3D printing and prototype fabrication.


  • Software Integration: Providing cutting-edge software solutions, using Object-Oriented Programming, and designing software.


  • Support: Providing component-level repairs, technical orders and manuals, and documentation for maintenance planning.


  • System engineering: Managing the lifecycle of the system and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

R2C Support Services

R2C also offers support services and they are an expert in providing full infrastructure and logistics support:


  • Facilities Infrastructure Engineering: Value-driven architecture, cost estimation, and modeling services.


  • Construction management: providing direction, assistance with staffing, and qualified inspectors for construction projects.


  • Logistics and Material Management: Using material science to create requirements and manufacturing procedures.


  • Integrated Logistics assistance Planning: Providing thorough system requirements planning and logistics assistance.


  • Repairing parts, updating technology, and keeping technical documentation are all examples of maintenance.


  • Program and Project Management: Proficiency in managing extensive, complicated projects.

The Legacy of R2C Inc.: Pioneering Innovation and Excellence

Innovation and excellence are the cornerstones of R2C Inc., inspiring a relentless pursuit of improvements in aerospace, technology solutions, and support services.

Jumpstarting Innovation

R2C Inc. succeeds through embracing innovation in a technical environment that is continually changing. Teams create futuristic simulations that reflect real-world situations using tools like SolidWorks® 3D Modeling, raising the bar for ideas and solutions.

Continual Excellence

Excellence is a standard engraved into the very fabric of R2C Inc. Teams make sure that every attempt, headed by seasoned specialists, follows strict processes for precision and on-time delivery. Teams are guided by values like professional competence and integrity.

Partnership Synergy

When cooperation is prioritized, innovation thrives. The "Can Do Attitude" mentality of R2C Inc. transcends barriers and promotes a collaborative atmosphere. This strategy is demonstrated through Integrated Logistics Support Planning, which works closely with clients to design solutions.

Shaping the Horizon

R2C Inc's legacy of innovation and excellence shapes the trajectory of aerospace, technical solutions, and support services. Anchored in the commitment to supporting the Warfighter, empowered by technology and collaboration, the company stands as a dynamic pioneer.


With visionary leaders at the helm and an enthusiastic workforce, R2C Inc is poised to redefine technology's boundaries while fortifying the nation's defense.

Contact Information

For inquiries about R2C Inc's services and products, please reach out:

- Address: 200 Clinton Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801

- Phone: (256) 585-1292

- Email: business.development@r2c-inc.com

Future Outlook

R2C Inc. is well-positioned for the future thanks to its dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and technical advancement. R2C Inc. is committed to helping the Warfighter and supporting national defense even as technology advances.

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