Leading the Way with Cybersecurity: Darktrace's Innovative Approach

Poppy Gustafsson OBE

Poppy Gustafsson is a leading CEO of a cutting-edge cyber security firm helping hundreds of companies expand globally with secure networking. Her excellent performance rewarded her with a number of awards and she was named the CEO of the year in 2021 Digital Masters Awards. She also received the honor of Tech CEO of the year at the Uk Tech Awards 2021 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in the same year.

The company Darktrace was launched in 8 years ago in Cambridge as several mathematicians came into an alliance, including former spies from GCHQ and the artificial intelligent experts who altogether laid the foundation of the cyber security firm, helping businesses to keep an eye on dangerous hackers and viruses while staying a step ahead to expand their reach smartly around the world.

Why is cybersecurity an urgent need?

As technology got the hype and computer screens became accessible, protection of electronic information from the hackers and viruses simultaneously became a requisite. However, after running from almost 3 years of the Global pandemic where physical contacts were rifted, online platforms rose immensely.

From education to businesses everything was done on the web which still continues to be the same as a more sustainable and accessible form of communication. This era of cyber fame blasted the game of hackers and viruses to easily rupture the network and do extensive harm. Hackers and viruses were present before as well but the recent activities and habits of consumers and businesses have given them the lead to make more damages and cause financial risks. 

All of this highlights the urgent need of cybersecurity in the digital world. A single security breach can shatter an entire business that was working just fine for a number of years and makes the customer lose trust apart from the financial loss. 

These hackers target the data breach to gain access to customer data including their confidential information such as credit and debit card details, resulting in making the customers pay out millions of dollars within seconds and making the company accountable for their theft.

The most known and common example of such data breach is the ransom attack of WannaCry, in which several businesses and organizations worldwide were targeted resulting in loss of data and money. The situation was so bad that many organizations were forced to shut down completely.

How does Darktrace make a difference?
Masterminds behind this firm market the brand as an equivalent for digital platforms for your business as an immune system is to a human body. Darktrace’s AI security provides an autonomous response capability to the businesses and organizations to tackle threats automatically as they are detected and keep the platform functioning safe and sound.

The chief executive of Darktrace, Poppy Gustafsson defines this new error of cyber security which is powered by AI innovation technology that not only benefits the businesses and organizations but also the attackers and hackers who are directly benefiting from the technological advancements. 

In such a space of high risk, it is difficult if not impossible to understand the functioning of such attackers by humans and therefore, the AI technology and innovations outsmart these brains by catching the turbulence spot on and defending the attacks of malware.

In the experience of working at Darktrace as Poppy Gustafsson portrays, she has seen attackers trying to sneak into the Teslas parked in the office parking lot, or fish tanks in the casinos that are internet connected or even fingerprint scanners on the warehouse doors. 

Services provided to empower networking!
Darktrace offers the services to prevent, detect, respond, and heal, all portals to your business online. The coverage includes enhanced security of the cloud, apps, email, and more. The services are directed to provide a strong defense to threats by reducing risk inside the organization. 

The smart AI tools designed to reduce the risks of external threats and vulnerability is by monitoring them continuously and providing an actionable inside to eliminate potential damage. Darktrace works E2E to autonomously implement measures that protect your system from getting exploited.

The designers behind the Darktrace AI tool have made it the way to be adaptive and flexible in order to understand your brand. It analyzes your matrix to evolve unique techniques acting against malicious and benign behavior. Self learning AI gains full insight of your organization and its functioning patterns in about a week evolving with every passing minute to respond seamlessly.

The woman in tech
Poppy Gustafsson grew up in Cambridgeshire. She got qualified as an accountant at Deloitte and started working for Amadeus Capital. In the year 2009 Poppy moved to Mike Lynch’s Autonomy, a tech firm, that provoked inspiration in her to launch her own cybersecurity firm.

She co-founded the company in 2013 when she was 30 years old and raised it up to the level it is now. With an average worth of £20m, she has been working her wave in the smell dominated take world by encouraging a gender diversity workplace where around 40% of staff is female in a total of 1500 employees globally.

The final words
There is no luck in the evidence showing several hybrid files cyber attacks that have been done in the recent years and have impacted devastatingly to the businesses and consumers. Social security numbers, bank account details, credit card information, and sensitive data lease are just a few sneaky links to the hackers to get access and rupture the entire business framework.

Darktrace provides a 360 degree view of the attacks and ruptures and aims to stop them where they occur. With smart intelligence the self learning AI transparently lets you catch on the systems and data efficiently as it automatically disarms the attack without any precise action to be taken from your side and that is what makes Darktrace an upskilled platform for your digital security needs.

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