Leading with Innovation and Trust: PromoVeritas - Global Prize Promotion Administrators

Jeremy Stern

Leading with Innovation and Trust

Since its founding in 2002, PromoVeritas, The global prize promotion administrators, have overseen more than 18,000 sweepstakes and prize competitions across over 90 countries, giving away tens of millions in prizes on behalf of clients such as Budweiser, Amazon, American Express and Mondelez. With a US branch and a global presence, this London- based business is a key player in running prize promotions across the globe. PromoVeritas knows that rewarding consumers increases brand engagement and sales, and the company is dedicated to ensuring that they all comply with local laws and regulations in order to protect both brands and consumers.

Dedication to Compliance and Safety

Now, with its increased focus on global growth, the company has been named one of the "20 Most Benecial Brands of the Year of 2024".

In today's rapidly developing marketing environment, the role PromoVeritas plays is critical to guaranteeing that innovative marketing concepts are also compliant with the laws of the land whether it is through the use of AI for judging or quality data gathering for influencer sweepstakes run on social media.

Strategic Differentiation in a Competitive Landscape

Building Trust Through Experience and Scale

Founded in 2002, the company's in house legal team is supported by a handpicked network of marketing lawyers in over 90 countries from Chile to China, Australia to Austria. It is their ability to run cross border/ multi country campaigns that has fuelled its growth and attracted many top brands to use its services..


Consistent Brand Image with Committed Staff

Known as the "purple people," because of the striking purple branding in their distinctive 'shield of protection' logo, the colour represents wisdom and creativity. The brand name, a mix of " promotion" and "Veritas", Latin for truth, emphasizes their belief in running promotions fairly and honestly.

Amazon's Record-Breaking Prime Day Victory with PromoVeritas

PromoVeritas played a signicant part in Amazon's noteworthy Prime Day in 2022. The "Shop Small Businesses to Win Big" campaign ran in 8 countries from the USA to Japan and Germany and gave customers the chance to win over 500,000 prizes based on choosing purchases supplied by small businesses. PromoVeritas handled all the legal work in all countries, drafted and translated the complicated terms and created a digital entry portal (with high end security) to process the millions of entries and the hundreds of thousands of winners from around the world. All had to be completed within a limited timescale and to meet Amazon's high standards of customer care.


Results and Impact

PromoVeritas rose to the occasion and the campaign received over 40 million entries and the seamless processing of almost 500,000 prize claims that ranged from Amazon gift cards to trips to Las Vegas. PromoVeritas'ss Unrivalled skill and compliance knowledge ensured the success of a campaign that even Amazon were unsure could get off the ground in all markets. The success of this collaboration showcased PromoVeritas’ss capability to handle large-scale, complex projects and also contributed to the financial success of Amazon Prime Day.


Innovative Solutions by PromoVeritas

Other notable projects have included running an instant win for Kraft Dairylea that involved light activated cheese triangles hidden in packs. They Moo'd like a cow when the pack was opened and awarded the nder with a $12,000 holiday. PromoVeritas created fake Cornetto ice creams, identical in feel and weight to the original, that contained the key to a Vespa scooter and was run in 8 countries across Europe. The company is equally happy to help with lesser budgets, whether it is judging a social media led photo competition or a simple Play to Enter game or sweepstake. The key is that any campaign will always be run right, fairly and with integrity

Company Values

The company has strong values that are embedded in both their people and their processes.

Knowledge Leadership: To remain ahead of industry changes and also to share its learning with its clients.

 • Agility: To be flexible and adaptable, bringing new ideas to deal with old problems.

• Curiosity: Connecting the dots that other people do not see.

• Client Centric: Being supportive but also using their knowledge to influence and 'shape'.

• Quality; The buck stops with Them.

• Collaborative; Working closely with all parties but with no ego.


Long Term Relationships

It is a testament to the quality of the work and the team at PromoVeritas that over 60% of their gross income comes from clients who have with worked the company for more than 8 years. Establishing enduring ties with its clients is extremely important to PromoVeritas fostering improved understanding and consistency in quality, enabling both sides to work towards shared objectives. By retaining strong companies, PromoVeritas upholds its leadership position and conrms its reputation as a trustworthy and core player within the marketing industry.


Keeping Up to Date: PromoVeritas's 20-Year Evolution

Although a lot has changed over the past two decades some things have remained the same:

• The need to blend Innovation and Tradition: The ongoing popularity of Cadbury's "Hunt the Creme Egg" campaign that PromoVeritas have run for 12 years, is proof that they are adept at fusing both conventional and contemporary concepts.

• Recognising changing consumer preferences: The company has evolved from a focus on paper/postal entries to Text to win, to email, to online and now via social media.. PromoVeritas is versatile and can change to accommodate evolving customer needs.

• Using Technology Effectively and Efciently: Their Digital Division has developed front end tools that enable the rapid creation of entry micro sites, and when combined with a simple claim portal, can signicantly increase the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, improve the consumer experience and cut down issues and complaints. Yet another example of the company staying ahead of the technological curve.


Promoting Excellence, Reliability, and Progress internally

• 'Can Do' corporate Culture By encouraging open communication, continuous learning and a friendly work atmosphere the company seeks to create a culture of quality, innovation, reliability, and growth.

• Integrating values.All employees are trained in the company's values via detailed on boarding, regular training via PromoAcademy, and external training.

• Cutting-Edge Analysis. Real time dashboards and advanced Insight

 • Reports provide clients with important information on who is entering their promotions and what mechanics work best and provides direction for future planning..


Commitment to Ensure Client Satisfaction

Ensuring Exceptional Experiences: PromoVeritas places a high priority on customer satisfaction with a variety of feedback tools, personalized support, and rigorous quality assurance processes.


Future Objectives: Developing Around the World

With a consistent track record of 15-20% growth a year, PromoVeritas has signicant plans for expansion. It recently incorporated in the USA and is already trading with clients such as Klarna, Budweiser, McCain and American Express, but it is always keen to talk to new companies of any size and nature who want to run engaging prize campaigns that are safe and secure- and all protected by the company's unique $12m global indemnity cover providing a high level of security and back up. These qualities support

PromoVeritas's position as a critical company in 2024. Visit: https://www.promoveritas.com to learn more about their total service for the administration of any type of promotions, almost anywhere.

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