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Brad Paladini

Paladini Law has been helping clients in New Jersey since 1998. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal work most cost-effectively and efficiently for you, the client. At Paladini Law, our team of experienced tax attorneys and paralegals will assist you with all of your tax-related questions-- such as:

Which deduction is right for me?

How do I claim my eligible dependents on my taxes?

How can I lower my taxes?

What are some of the most common tax mistakes that people make?

Their focus is to help you avoid those mistakes, get back more of what you deserve, and ultimately save money on your taxes. We have been providing legal representation in New Jersey to individuals and businesses since 1984. Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal work most cost-effectively and efficiently for our clients.

At Paladini Law, our legal team is dedicated to serving the needs of clients by providing them with personalized service and expert advice about the law. We understand that each client’s case is different and that each situation requires a unique approach to ensure you receive the best outcome possible.

What does the organization provide? How people are helped with this organization?

Paladini Law offers individuals and businesses with their IRS and State Tax problems. Paladini Law attorney, David Paladini has over three decades of experience in the legal field and has dealt with many federal tax cases in all courts in New Jersey, including the Tax Court.

Paladini Law has provided tax and other legal services to thousands of New Jersey individuals and businesses for over a decade. We have firsthand experience in dealing with risks due to IRS audits or other types of tax problems.

Our professional attorneys are well-versed in IRS issues, including defending parties against IRS liens and levies, providing business advice on such issues as asset protection and employee benefits, protecting small businesses from audits, representing clients facing forensic and examination audits by the IRS, criminal investigations related to suspected tax evasion, advising on how best to preserve assets during litigation with the IRS or state tax agencies, negotiating favorable settlements with the IRS, achieving favorable rulings on tax court applications –and many more challenges facing taxpayers.

Paladini law will help you with all your new jersey tax problems by helping you protect yourself from the IRS, advising you on the most common tax problems at the state and local levels, and giving you advice on how to prevent those taxes in the future. We have helped people across the state with their NJ tax issues.

Paladini Law helps people and businesses free themselves from the burden of having tax problems. Brad Paladini is a certified specialist in tax law and has worked as an attorney for more than 20 years. He understands how difficult it can be to understand your federal and state tax obligations, so he has dedicated his life to helping people avoid having to file tax returns that they cannot pay.

Paladini Law, a tax law firm, helps individuals and corporations by providing advice and representation from the year 2000. We handle all types of business transactions and legal issues, including real estate transactions, asset management, business partnership disputes, divorce issues, estate planning, and probate matters, and international tax issues including state & federal income tax planning strategies. Among other services we provide in this field – is assistance with preparing client taxes using an established methodology based on the latest laws and regulations. We also prepare accounting audits and sales experience reports on commercial real estate sales as well as commercial lease transactions.

About the owner of the company – “Brad Paladini”

Brad Paladini is an attorney who has helped thousands of people with their tax problems. He has been practicing for more than 30 years and has a high success rate at helping individuals avoid IRS penalties and the IRS get their tax money back.

As an expert in all aspects of law and tax, Mr. Paladini and his firm assist with all types of tax issues. He has helped numerous clients manage their taxes and prepare for future compliance. His involvement in the community gives him an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing residents, businesses, and professionals – particularly about business formation, payrolls, employees, and taxes.

Of all the things that we cannot control in life, tax troubles are surely one of the most frustrating. At Paladini law, we aim to lessen your burden by providing quality legal services at a reasonable price.

Brad Paladini is a tax attorney who has helped thousands of people with health and wealth issues. He has extensive experience in all areas of estate planning, business planning, tax preparation, and representation before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department of Labor, Small Business Administration (SBA), and other agencies.

Brad has been recognized by his peers as one of the top 10 largest performers in his particular practice area by CPA Magazines’ Best Tax Lawyers for 18 years running. In addition to negotiating a favorable tax settlement for clients, Brad specializes in helping entrepreneurs structure their business plans to minimize risk and maximize profits. He also works with individuals who wish to minimize their tax liabilities in preparation for retirement to help them protect their assets

Brad has been in the tax and business practice area for over 36 years. He is a Certified Public Accountant, graduated with honors from Michigan State University in 1977, and received his Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) degree from Florida State University in 1982. Brad joined the firm in 1983 and served as a partner and senior counsel before being elected to the office of CPA, Inc., a comptroller in June 2001.

As a tax attorney and former IRS Assistant Commissioner, Brad has helped solve complex tax issues for thousands of clients. Brad is also an accomplished author, who has published numerous high-quality articles on the business and tax issues facing Americans today.

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