Plastpro: The product stands out because of its meticulous manufacture.

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Plastpro, a company situated in Los Angeles, California and founded in 1994, has always been committed to offering its clients outstanding fiberglass doors at the best possible price with the greatest available technology. They released the first fiberglass door on the market that features composite stiles, rails, HydroShield technology, and composite Polyfiber (PF) Frames. Their solutions are the ideal choice because they are resistant to weather damage, need less upkeep, and have higher performance ratings.

The company works towards the mission of working as a family with its team members, vendors and customers towards a shared goal of providing state-of-the-art products that lead in quality, design, and innovation that they are proud to be a part of. And they intend to achieve this mission by keeping a vision to define the industry standard for lasting and sustainable building materials.

Company History

The history of this company rightly justifies its growing pace and success in the arena. Driven by the aim to provide flexibility and innovation, the Plastpro owners set out to create a gateway that was client-focused and offered options to the sector. Before, fiberglass door manufacturers required that you purchase everything from the size of the door to the location of the hinge from them and that you purchase the entire system. The manufacturer also set the design parameters. Nevertheless, when Plastpro arrived, they told the customer, “We can manufacture it to your size, and you may source from other vendors to design your own system.” In the light of the same, they have managed to develop their own technology, called Hydroshield, which prevents water from penetrating any of the door’s six sides.

Products and Services

The PlastPro product stands out because of its meticulous manufacture. Their doors are consistently made in accordance with specifications and quality requirements since they operate the industry’s most fully automated plant, every time and on every door.

PlastPro specializes in making doors that are the best fit for everyone. They allow us to pick a door based on its aesthetic appeal, yet doors have so much more to offer than just beauty. When friends visit, your front entrance serves as a pleasant proclamation as well as a welcoming, familiar spot for new visitors. They are how we navigate through life. When we begin our day and are prepared to seize fresh chances, our front door greets us. It’s also a warm welcome to our house and family at the end of the day. Doors are more than just doors; they are a window into who we are and how we live. They make it easier for us and our families to feel secure. Plastpro is aware of how crucial it is to pick a door that accurately captures your personality, gives you security, and meets your requirements.

● Glass Fiber Doors Our fiberglass doors are just as beautiful and versatile as wood doors, but they last longer and need less upkeep.

● Particular Doors We offer Fire certified, HVHZ Impact, Residential ADA, and Trimmable fiberglass doors.

● Door Frames PFTM PF Frames from Plastpro outlast and are more resilient than conventional wood door jambs.

● Doorlites Our unique glass designs enhance your home’s appearance and value while bringing beauty into your daily life.

● Accessories Plastpro has created a variety of ornamental door accents so you may add your own style to our doors. Choose from clavos, hinge straps, and other options to give your house more finishing touches.

● Staining Kit Make it on your own! Staining your new Plastpro fiberglass door is simple and practical with our Pre-Finish Stain Kit.

Backbone of the company: The team

Needless to say, one of the biggest contributors to the success of a company is its team members and their efficient contribution towards the same. With PlastPro, there are no exceptions. In the fiberglass door sector, their management team has been in place the longest; other businesses have changed their management teams throughout time. Because of the connections they have made and the combined knowledge and expertise they have in the field, this provides them a significant advantage. Furthermore, they remember what they say and keep our word because we have been around for a while and intend to continue doing so.

Plastpro Sustainability

Plastpro also contributes to environmental protection by developing sustainable goods. We define sustainability as striking a balance between our environmental, economic, and social objectives. For customers looking for environmentally friendly, long-lasting building materials, fiberglass makes sense.

Because they are strong, have a longer lifespan, are energy-efficient, and are environmentally friendly, our fiberglass doors make a terrific green solution. We take particular pride in our proprietary foam core, which not only offers superior insulation but also complies with SNAP 20 regulations for cleaner air, is free of volatile organic compounds, and uses more environmentally friendly foam blowing agents whenever practical, including zero-ozone-depleting and low GWP blowing agents.

PlastPro Energy Efficiency

Plastpro is dedicated to offering environmentally friendly goods to our clients while upholding the integrity and harmony of the natural world’s resources. By selecting a Plastpro door, you are maximising your personal savings and reducing your long-term environmental effect.

Among the most energy-efficient building materials on the market today are fiberglass doors. Because of the insulation offered by their distinctive, high density Polyurethane foam core, our fiberglass doors are energy efficient. One of the best methods to lower energy bills and construction operating expenses is to insulate well. In order to save money for homeowners, our ENERGY STAR Qualified Doors reduce energy use and utility costs while also enhancing comfort and preserving the environment.

Plastpro Technology

To suit the needs of our customers, Plastpro introduces the most recent technological breakthroughs to the sector. Vertical integration and in-depth research support our commitment to quality, resulting in consistently creative goods. We have complete control over the development process thanks to vertical integration, prioritizing advancement from raw materials to the end product. Since the start-up of our Ashtabula, Ohio, facility in 2005, Plastpro has improved quality control and gained the freedom to develop new products in response to consumer demand. We can provide homeowners with the broadest selection of product designs and sizes. Plastpro makes sure everything we do adheres to our high standards, from our design process through the assembly and shipping of our products.

Barriers and Challenges facing the industry

The condition of the construction sector is a great challenge for the industry at present. People cannot afford to purchase new homes because of the high interest rates. They won’t purchase new doors if they are unable to purchase new homes. The raw material and vendor prices also rise as a result of inflationary pressures, and it’s not quite apparent whether consumer salaries have caught up to the price rises brought on by inflation.

There weren’t many SKUs when we first started, but there are now many different designs. It’s difficult to enter the sector right now. The company still continues to experience logistical problems, price inflation, and a lack of raw materials.

However, Plastpro has found a rightful way out of their challenges and this has been possible by keeping in sight their mission and vision, among other things. Some of these include working with an attitude of quality, enduring relationships, wisdom, and originality and encouraging others to do so too. Further, they do not treat their vendors and customers any less than they would to a family member. Conclusively, they have an edge over their counterparts since the frequent introduction of new goods and concepts into the market makes their rivals bent on imitating them.

Final Words

In order to keep improving the operations, PlastPro has robotics and is incorporating machine learning (AI) in their manufacturing. Because they pay attention, their clients are aware that they will always have their backs. In the coming years, OlastPro claims it is going to grow bigger and better, offer more job possibilities, open more doors, and establish itself as a leader in its field.


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