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Cheri Beranek

Cheri Beranek the President and CEO of the fiber management and connectivity company, explains behind the scenes of addition to the network capacity by tapping into new resources through a hybrid or open network where the ducting infrastructure is established for the community has an environment where they can get access to microduct infrastructure by the collaboration of alternative broadband and internet providers allowing them to provide their own fibers to cater the needs of connectivity.

According to Cheri Beranek this way provides the city to control their environment but to also remember that their service providers are working for profit businesses that need to control their networks. As a result the environment has taken a shape into a model that is modular, scalable, it allows the service provider to recognise their subscriber revenue as they manage their capital asset infrastructure.

Integration enabling a lifestyle

The broadband providers and the service providers of the community including your telecom and cable providers or even alternative providers all have their own assets which they want to protect.

Clearfield provides a fire backhaul environment that is managed and accessed by the city, allowing every other service provider to do their work to their maximum potential. Without getting directly a part of the fibers providing business, Clearfield works by enabling community members to get access to better services anywhere and everywhere.

Cheri Beranek

President and CEO of Clearfield, Cheri Beranek with her extensive leadership experience and unique management style is able to deliver outstanding corporate performance under the time lapse of 14 years. Clearfield has seen years of success under her management and the company has been recognised by the Forbes’ Top 100 Small Cap Company Listings with the rank 4th.

With extensive experience in non profit businesses that she gained while working at the Metropolitan Planning Commission of Fargo/Moorhead, the City of Fargo, and North Dakota State University, she was able to transition into networks and trichots systems to provide digital solutions impacting the community and environment.

With the vision to empower the fiber management by streamlining the vast cluttered network to provide quality, stability, and reliability of the connections, Cheri Beranek has led Clearfield to become a multinational business with more than 400 employees and more than 1000 satisfied customers.


Clearfield, a fiber management and connectivity company designs manufactures and distributes the fiber connectivity and management products with the aim to reduce high cost associated with network supply. The organization aims to market the fiber optic network to deliver the mobile residential and business services customers want in a reasonable price and accessible way.

Clearfield has designed a single architected modular fiber management platform with the vision to lower the cost of broadband deployment and maintenance services to enable other broadband providers, internet providers, and alternative providers to scale up their revenue by providing seamless services to grow subscribers.

5G rollout

Because of the small cell size, to switch on from 3G 24g 25 times more fibers are required and to get transferred from 4G to 5G 16 times more fibers on the quarterly are required. After doing the simple math the count of fibers for about 1 square mile of 5G coverage requires about 8 miles of fiber.

Clearfield came after the issue of antennas to roll out 5G broadband connections which requires the convergence between wildlife and wireless. To get complete access to powerful 5G networks and to provide the latency, there must be present antennas on every other light pole to effectively pass homes and businesses with a physical wired fiber.

As compared to the 4G, 5G network is a bit complicated. To upgrade the 4G networks, big towers, large areas with fibers were upgraded at the micro site level. To roll out a 5G network the biggest obstacle comes away in permitting which does not even take too long but because of the low expectation of the community the process is time consuming and there can be no planning or executing that can be done for permitting.

As an example, to set antennas on your own light pole if you are the municipality you will be required to take the permission. The process can go beyond the time if the career once the antennas to be placed on a building in that case the permission of the building on a must be taken which poses more restrictions and limitations to the broadband and internet service providers.

Why to partner up with Clearfield?

Aside from my innovative ideas and creative solutions to the network optimisation, Clearfield is a client oriented organization that listens to the problems of their clients before carrying out any decision making. The client needs are the top priority of the company that promotes collaboration and sense of community to celebrate the success. Recognising talent and skills of the team at Clearfield deliver best solutions by utilizing the outcome waste thinking to work towards the desired goal.

Clearfield brings quality to the table by delivering:

● Innovative designs: Scalable cyber optic management platform Clearfield is a leading provider in the industry with innovative designs that ensure maximum capital equipment growth meaning greater rate of investments.

● Speedy fiber deployment: Clearfield is continually expanding in terms of world class productions and operations to enable market access to the product designs that take vast engineering horizons and faster fiber deployments with shortened planning time.

● Remarkably low labor costs: Clearfield has equipped connectorization to reduce need of skill labor by a certain percentage as compared to the 70% of fiber deployment costs that take up using the traditional splicing method.

Final remarks

The competition between the broadband provider and the internet provider allows the community to get enhanced services that are required by them to survive in this modern world for better connectivity. The innovative solutions empowered general requirements of the houses and businesses such as, security alarms, cameras, sensors, and other safety requirements. It is all made possible through Clearfield.


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