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Julia Klingspor

We know that manufacturing is not a “one size fits all” industry, so this software is designed for businesses to increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

Technical wordings! Well, today, we are in conversation with PROXIA Software AG.

About the company

PROXIA Software AG develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and production enterprises worldwide and is among their sector’s top innovators and trendsetters. This has earned them several awards, most recently the TOP 100 prize. They have made it their core task to consistently network production with modern and innovative MES software solutions and to support companies in the sustainable expansion of their production IT into an intelligent factory.

Additionally, they offer a broad spectrum of integrated and detailed solutions for optimizing different process flows, production processes, and sectors. Their self-developed, transformable standard software products form the basis of sector-specific solutions. Their core product palette includes MES planning, acquisition, monitoring, analysis, evaluation, and controlling production figures.

When talked about software products, they said:

With our software products MES control room, shop floor management, MDA, PDA, ETKS, CAQ, TPM, online monitoring, and OEE/KPI key figure acquisition, complete MES process structures can be mapped and merged with the ERP/PPS level in a targeted manner - on course to the intelligent factory. With the vertical and horizontal integration of MES solutions from one source, we achieve data consistency from the business processes to the shop-floor level.

We regard ourselves not only as mere manufacturers and providers of software solutions - we want to establish long-term, sustainable partnerships with our customers. Our service spectrum comprises development, sales, support, installation, training, and advice from a single source. By deciding on our MES, production companies lay the cornerstone for the sustainable improvement of their production processes.

The desired and achieved added value includes higher availability, better performance, and better product quality. We have offered our customers high strategic competence and power for project realization for more than 30 years. We develop the most modern, sustainable software solutions with professional specialists and knowledge of the latest trends and future technologies.

Well, PROXIA would like to holistically support the production industry on its way to the “ideal production”, the intelligent, digitized manufacturing of Industry 4.0, with our flexible, modular MES software building blocks and practice-oriented MES concepts. Continuous information exchange between planning and production levels, real-time knowledge of the status of all machines, and the current position and condition of every product in the value creation chain is crucial.

They uncover potential for more transparency and more efficient production processes in the relevant company, and we know how to use them. After thorough analysis and evaluation, we find concrete solutions and implementation approaches and develop an individually tailored, clear roadmap with our customers.

In this way, the team works as partners, step by step, towards the “ideal production” goal. When implementing the respective solution, the focus is on business aspects and the optimization of technical processes.

Who is your look-up person?

Our experienced IT consultants provide advice with their high level of sector knowledge. Our implementation expertise, in combination with our powerful MES products, guarantees fast project successes such as improved quality, shorter delivery times, more efficient use of resources, and more extended machine and system runtimes.

The modular structure and high integration capability of PROXIA MES software form the basis for a sustainable, future-proof solution. All MES modules can be implemented, used on their own, and expanded step by step to reach the total solution. As a holistic production system, this total solution then achieves top performance. The crucial factor is a central database with which all the MES modules are networked. Individually adapted to various industries and companies and configured according to the requirements of the individual company value chains, we create more transparency, consistency, and efficiency for the various production flows and processes - always on course to intelligent factories and Industry 4.0.

When asked about outsourcing, they said:

We develop our modern, easy-to-operate software products locally in Germany. As technology trendsetters, we offer transformable, self-developed MES products with a modern design, ergonomic user management, and modular conception for a sustainable, coherent total MES solution that grows with companies’ requirements.

With our MES, we offer one solution for the most varied applications and production deployment areas. In this way, the whole company can benefit from MES. The great advantage: Our software is designed so that the individual modules can be easily expanded in stages as required. In addition, it’s easy to integrate our MES quickly into existing system landscapes - horizontally and vertically. A smooth and short introduction time ensures quick, productive use and a short amortization period for the company’s MES investment.

The company’s motto is “From practical experience, for practical application.” Their project experience in many different sectors makes them a competent partner for the production industry. In addition to the highest IT and MES software competence, their focus is also on the specific solution approach for the respective industry. To offer practical solutions, knowing which requirements are relevant for the respective industry is essential.

How do you keep your focus?

In product development, consulting, and implementation, our focus remains on the sustainable success of our customers, and we know what they need - today and tomorrow. Our software not only enables production companies to avoid errors and waste, but it also allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Because of rising energy costs, it is crucial to be familiar with all potentials and use them efficiently, especially in production. We support the sustainable optimization of energy consumption and energy costs in all production processes through the optimal planning of resources and machine allocation. With our MES solutions, our customers can control machine switch-on and switch-off times and thus also stand-by operation, which reduces energy consumption in production in the long term.

As an independent family enterprise, with our flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths, combined with the technical expertise of our committed staff, we can guarantee our customers tailor-made and quick solution proposals and implementation. In the continuous further development of our products and each project, our focus is always on: The benefit to our customers!

Last but not the least, they said, “Our claim: We want to be the trendsetters and pacesetters in our industry and lead the way technologically - with building blocks for sustainable, efficient green production, for value creation and a secure future.

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