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Vontelle Eyewear is a distinct and innovative eyewear company that mixes personality, innovation, and style. They desired to produce eyewear that went beyond plain functionality and became a fascinating reflection of style when they first opened their doors in 2019. They have become a source of inspiration in eyewear due to their persistent commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge designs.

Vontelle Eyewear is more than just a name on a label; it stands for taste, excellence, and individual expression. They are a forward-thinking eyewear company dedicated to improving people's perceptions of the world while making a stylish statement. Their passion is to design unique, avant-garde eyewear that communicates personality while improving visual perception.


At Vontelle Eyewear, they aspire to redefine the eyewear experience by seamlessly combining elegance and utility. They hope to be a market leader in the eyewear industry, known for their distinctive designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and dedication to empowering people to embrace their uniqueness.


Their goal is to develop eyeglasses that improve eyesight and increase self-esteem. Their goal is to offer a diverse range of eyewear that caters to various interests, lifestyles, and events while maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

More about Vontelle Eyewear

Vontélle was founded in 2019 to fulfill the demand for more comfortable, vibrant, and trendy eyewear. To celebrate their African heritage, their products and accessories are created with traditional colors and designs inspired by their African, Caribbean, and Latino traditions. Their designs feature fabrics from well-known, reliable, and easily identifiable sources, such as mud and kente cloth. These designs allow individuals to see the world from various cultural and global perspectives.

The French term vontélle translates as "there she goes" or "to go." Their eye-catching eyewear designs enable this level of control in every environment. "You GO" style. Their products are intended to offer you the confidence to move around the world easily—at work, at pleasure, and in every setting. Because eyeglasses are a daily requirement for medical reasons, their passion for ethnic eyewear fashion was driven by the desire to create better-fitting, long-lasting, bold designs.

Vontélle also works to bridge disparities in visual health in deserving communities. Every year, they set aside a portion of their earnings to help children and families with vision impairment.

They fill prescriptions (readers, single vision, and progressives) and customize lens colors/tints in any frame set, including blue light-blocking and polarized lenses. 

They provide optical frames and sunglasses in various shapes and sizes to fit various faces. According to their survey findings, many of us wear glasses that must be correctly fitted.

Journey Through Creativity

They believe that eyeglasses should be regarded as art at Vontelle eyewear. Their designers ensure that your eyewear is more than an accessory by weaving tales into every frame and lens.


Each pair of Vontelle eyewear is an innovative and precise work of art. their creative artisans cut premium materials into fascinating frames and lenses, resulting in a seamless union of form and function.

Characteristic Collections

Discover their hand-picked picks that cover every area of your particular style journey:

Chic Couture

Their haute couture range will boost your look by mixing luxury with cutting-edge design for a truly engaging experience.

Urban Sophistication

Enjoy urban elegance with their sleek, versatile frames that effortlessly transition from boardrooms to city streets.

Vintage Revival

Returning in time with their vintage-inspired designs that celebrate traditional styles with a modern twist.

Core Ideas

Vontelle Eyewear is known for its innovative designs. They continually challenge design standards, pushing the boundaries to create eyewear that mixes art, technology, and current fashion.


The core of their brand is craftsmanship. Because they meticulously pick premium materials and collaborate with skilled craftspeople, each pair of Vontelle eyewear is a testament to quality and longevity.

Personal Expression

They value each individual's distinctness. Their eyewear is a canvas for wearers to express their identities, with various styles that appeal to varied fashion interests.

Customer-Centric Approach

They base all they do on serving their consumers. They are committed to providing excellent customer experiences, from bespoke fittings to frictionless online interactions.

Commitment to Sustainability

They promote sustainable ways in their business, from ethical sourcing to ecologically friendly packaging, to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Product Range

Vontelle Eyewear's vast product line reflects its commitment to creating eyewear that exceeds expectations:

Fashion-forward Frames

They offer a wide range of frames that flawlessly integrate current fashion trends with timeless elegance.

Stylish Sunglasses

From traditional aviators to oversized glam, these sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and enhance your appearance.

Chic Optical Glasses

Embrace the ideal mix of style and utility with their optical glasses, designed to meet various preferences and conditions. Their premium eyewear collections, chosen for those seeking extravagance and exclusivity, will enhance your sense of style.

How to Begin Your Vontelle Adventure

Vontelle Eyewear is committed to improving your eyewear experience. Witness the unveiling of your custom-made masterpiece, which reflects both your individuality and your dedication to superior craftsmanship.

Personal Consultation

Their stylists engage in a creative conversation with you to better understand your style, tastes, and vision. Their professional stylists provide personalized fits to ensure that your eyewear complements your features and improves your appearance.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

By patiently and accurately handcrafting your personalized eyewear, their artists bring your ideas to life. If you're seeking one-of-a-kind things, they offer customizing options that consider your own likes and sense of style.

Simple online shopping

Their user-friendly web platform allows you to browse, choose, and purchase your favorite eyeglasses from the comfort of your own home.

Vontelle Eyewear anticipates the following future developments.

Global Elegance

Extending their influence to become a recognized international eyewear elegance and innovation icon.


Creating limited-edition collections with visionaries, influencers, and artists to redefine eyewear aesthetics.

Commitment to Sustainability

Leading in eco-friendly techniques and materials while blending fashion and conscious design.

Why to choose us?

Vontelle Eyewear serves as a portal to a parallel dimension where imagination is free. Join us on an adventure where your own style reigns supreme, your personality is acknowledged, and your vision is realized in each carefully created frame. You may experience eyewear like never before with Vontelle eyeglasses, where elegance meets ingenuity.

With Vontelle Eyewear, being seen is just as essential as seeing. We invite you to explore a world where frames tell stories, vision is elevated to the level of art, and your ability to express yourself is limitless. Welcome to Vontelle Eyewear, where you can learn about the art of eyewear while experiencing the spirit of personality.




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