The Contest to Develop China's First Level 4 robo taxi production line is won by AutoX

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Robo Taxi

AutoX, financed by Alibaba, has won the bid to create China's first Level 4 robotaxi production line.

Level 4 "mind off" driverless vehicles are totally automated and capable of navigating difficult metropolitan environments.

However, if necessary, a human driver must be present and in a competent state to take charge.

A Level 4 vehicle must be capable of safely pulling over if the human driver does not respond adequately to a request to intervene.

AutoX purposefully designed and built its production line to build its robotaxis with “an extremely high level of accuracy and consistency.”

AutoX’s Gen5 system is able to safely navigate China’s complex urban driving situations using its 50 sensors and a vehicle control unit packing 2200 TOPS of computing power.

28 cameras are combined to capture a total of 220 million pixels per second, six LiDAR modules collect 15 million points per second, and a 4D RADAR system packing 0.9-degree resolution delivers a 360-degree view around the vehicle.

In January, AutoX became the first commercial robotaxi service in China to operate without a safety driver. Since then, the company has kept a spotless safety record and now covers 65 square miles (168 square kilometres) of Shenzhen.

The company also wants to expand internationally, and it was only the second company to get a driverless robotaxi permit from California's DMV last year.

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