This Year’s Housing Market Was a Roller Coaster. In 2022, Here’s What To Expect

housing market

The housing market in the United States of America has had a blistering year. With an anticipated 6 million homes sold in 2021, home sales struck their excessive level in 15 years. Nevertheless, whether you gained from the resonance was defined by whether you were selling or buying a home.

In the opinion of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the maximum property prices elevated about 20% in the third quarter when compared to a similar increase in the previous year. It was the biggest annual home price profit in the House Price Index’s history. In a few markets, the price increase was even elevated. Though homes that were dirty or destroyed were overtaken fastly.

It was a distinct storyline for buyers. While mortgage rates commenced the year at all-time lows, discovering a property to purchase demonstrated too difficult. Therefore, rental orders intensified and rents elevated all over the country.

Matt Holm, a Compass agent in Austin, said, “It was a crazy year.”. One of his client’s five-year-old properties went on the market in January for a higher price than comparable sales in the area, and a flurry of offers followed.

Counting stopped when 35 proposals came in. The house sold for $545,000, or 30% more than the asking value.

According to Holm, one buyer that paid $6 million for a lakeside luxury home in 2020 received offers of $9 million and $11 million afterward from buyers looking for lakefront properties.

The housing market in 2021 was hectic. Holm quoted his sellers as saying that was a lot of money. “They intended to sell their building and replace it with something better or similar but decided not to sell since it would cost about $18 to $20 million to get something a little nicer than they had.

With average rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages at 2.65%, the year began with the lowest interest rates on record.

Unfortunately, they did not last long. The peak for that year was 3.18% on April 1. Freddie Mac reports that 30-year fixed rates are currently at 3.05%. In the new year, rates are likely to increase even more.

 As it seeks to curb inflation, the Federal Reserve has frequently signaled that the pandemic monetary policy will end. This eventually will lead to higher interest rates.

Cohn predicts rates to rise by half a percentage point over the next couple of months, and remain range-bound around 3% by the end of the year and into 2022.

Rising mortgage rates and inflation are causing buyers to lose savings,” said Allison Salzer, a Compass agent in San Francisco. “This will be more of an impact on lower-priced and medium-priced homebuyers than on luxury buyers.”




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