Education vs Knowledge

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Education plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It empowers individuals for facing any kind of challenge in life. It develops intellectual understanding whereas Knowledge is an informal experience.

It is a process of acquiring skills through one’s own experience and how someone learns anything. We gain education from any formal institution like schools and colleges whereas we gain knowledge from our own life experiences.

Knowledge is power. It sharpens our skills and helps us in understanding life. With the help of our knowledge, we become smarter and it is useful in day-to-day activities. It helps us in solving complex problems


Education and knowledge both are interconnected with each other. There’s not a very big difference between these two. Education is a process and Knowledge is the product.

Both of these play a significant role in shaping the life of human beings. However, someone differences are there between Education and knowledge.

1) We get education under the guidance of an educator or mentor while knowledge is gained with good education, experiences, efforts, and with peers.

2) Education is a process of gaining knowledge while Knowledge is something we get from understanding life.

3) There are no boundaries while gaining knowledge but education is only gained within institutions or schools and some rules and regulations.

4) Knowledge has no growth rate. It is something we acquire with our understanding, good education and experiences whereas Education has growth and it increases with age and also with the courses we study

5) Knowledge is free, we can gain it from anywhere but education is gained only in institutions and it is not free.

6) Education is a structured process as it is divided into primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels. Whereas Knowledge is not a structured process, it is a continuous process of understanding things. How we learn and perceive things depends upon it.

7) Knowledge means understanding things and Education means learning things.


Knowledge is the awareness anyone has about things, facts, and information and it is the product of education whereas education is a systematic process of learning and is passed from generation to generation.

According to Kofi Annan “ knowledge is power, Information is liberating, education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family “.

According to Mahatma Gandhi “ True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances

Education is a process that transmits skills, morals, values, beliefs, and norms to people in a formal and systematic way. It is like a weapon that we can use to change the perspective of the whole world.

It also refers to the knowledge we get from others and also the knowledge we teach others.


We can never get education from experience but we get Knowledge through experiences. We usually get education from books and mentors. Knowledge is acquired through age and the experiences we face in life.

If we have knowledge about things we can understand them in a clear and impactful way while learning about them.

Knowledge is very much important in education as it helps our brain to function smoothly and develops problem-solving skills which help us in education.

Knowledge is like a treasure house and nobody can steal it from us. The more we know about things, the more chance we can make for the growth and development of our country.

Education gives us a sense of control. It teaches us the difference between good and bad. Education and knowledge both are correlated which each other and both plays an important role in the growth and development of our country.



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